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How To Write A Manifestation List In 10 Steps

by Jason L.
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During the last few years we have become aware that we can build the life of our dreams according to our will. There are several techniques to manifest our desires in material reality. One of them is to write a manifestation list, in which we put our wishes on paper.

This method is incredibly effective, since it correctly orders our mind in pursuit of our desires. We must remember that we have thousands of thoughts during the day and this disorder harms our goals. A manifestation list focuses our mind on what we want to see materialized in reality. You can even include grabovoi numbers in your manifestation list. Here’s how to write a manifestation list.

Manifestation List: The Key Is A Good Organization

Writing a manifestation list requires to think well what we want to materialize in our reality. The key is to be well organized to follow some simple steps that lead us to achieve what we want.

1-Appropriate place and time

Before writing our manifestation list, we have to choose the right place and time to do it. We should be relaxed, nothing and no one should interrupt this task. we have to take a deep breath and we must think about our desires. That will give us the inspiration we need to start writing a manifestation list.

2-Use a manifestation journal or write on a piece of paper

manifestation journal

Our manifestation list must be handwritten, as this process must be imbued with our own energy. Writing down our desires is the first physical manifestation of them. Then we synchronize with the energy of the manifested desire and finally it materializes on the physical plane.


We must allow all our desires to pass through our mind. Then we must choose the ones that are most important to us and finally write the list in order of priority. This method focuses and orders our desires so that they materialize according to our needs. Prioritizing our desires shapes our reality exactly the way we want to live it.


Every desire must be described in a specific way so that the universe materializes exactly what we want in physical reality. Let us take the time to write down precisely what we desire. We are going to be pleasantly surprised when we see that the universe materializes exactly what we want.

5-Expressing correctly what we want in present tense

Manifestations are written in the affirmative and in the present tense. For example: “I enjoy living in my big and comfortable house”.

Then we must visualize ourselves experiencing what we want to manifest. We have to feel the pleasurable sensations of the desire fulfilled. Finally, we should feel gratitude for the manifestation of our desire.

6-Our signature

Once we have finished writing our manifestation list we must sign it. This reconfirms our intentions and gives an impressive force to our desires so that they materialize in reality.

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Furthermore, our signature empowers us, as we are consciously choosing the reality we want to experience.

7-Reading our manifestation list

Once our manifestation list or manifestation journal is written and signed we should keep it near our bed to read it every day. It is advisable to read it as soon as we wake up in the morning and at night, a few minutes before going to sleep.


In addition to reading our manifestation list in the morning and at night, we can make copies of that list to hand them out in different places. It is convenient to choose places that we use daily such as the kitchen, a desk, the bathroom, etc. Rereading our list will inspire us knowing that these desires will soon manifest in our physical reality.

9-Living our life normally

Once we have followed all the steps described above we should continue with our normal life. We now have the certainty that our desires will manifest on the physical plane. There is no need to obsess about it. Let us simply allow the universe to work in our favor and manifest anything we want in life.

10-Update the manifestation list

As time goes by our manifestation lists will inevitably materialize because our manifestation list is very powerful. When a wish is fulfilled, we simply cross it off the list. That desire is no longer a desire, but a materialized reality. Once the desire has been crossed off, we write a new desire on our list so that it will also manifest.

Recommendations For The Law Of Attraction To Work

-We must maintain a positive mental attitude from the moment we write our manifestation list until our desires finally materialize.

-Let us never think about how our desires will start manifesting; that is the task of the universe.

-We have to keep ourselves in a permanent state of gratitude, since our desires are a reality in the quantum field. We must align ourselves with the vibration of the fulfilled desire to manifest it in physical reality.

-We must be unlimited in writing our desires, since nothing is impossible. Let us ignore the reasoning that indicates that such a desire is difficult to realize, that it will take a long time, etc. We have to focus on what we want, nothing else.

-We must have faith during the whole process, since doubt keeps us from materializing what we want. We must ignore the reality that indicates that our desire is not fulfilled. That is temporary, the only thing that matters is our mental attitude. That means that our desire is a reality within our mind power and that will manifest in the physical plane inevitably.

Final Thoughts

Writing a manifestation list is a process that leads to the fulfillment of our desires. This technique works on ourselves to discover, define and manifest our authentic desires. The mind is ordered in our favor and the universe wisely designs the events that will lead us to the realization of our goals. The key is to control what we think, so that our reality is configured in our favor. Writing is the most powerful tool for our desires to take shape and manifest in physical reality. Let’s take advantage of this resource to create the life of our dreams.

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