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Can You Manifest Someone’s Death?

by Jason L.
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The law of attraction suggests we can manifest whatever we desire, except death itself. Unfortunately, this is not true: manifesting someone else’s death cannot be done through our thoughts or intentions – either directly or indirectly. This article seeks to dispel this misconception and demonstrate why it goes against the sacred laws of life and death.

The Sacred Law of Life

The sacred law of life states that we cannot create something in someone else’s reality, even with our best intentions. This principle explains why we cannot manifest anything in someone else’s life – including their death – even with the best intentions. Life and death are sacred things in this world and human beings do not possess dominion over them. While we can work within nature’s flow of creation, we cannot directly influence it.

Why Manifesting Life and Death is Impossible

When creating life, we may think we can create it, but in reality we are simply working with nature’s laws which direct it towards its inevitable goal. On the other hand, taking someone’s life involves violating one of God’s most sacred commands: interfering in someone else’s right to live.

Life Is Sacred

All cultures throughout history have recognized and upheld the value of life as sacred and irreplaceable. Even our best efforts cannot create death; rather, human beings do not possess dominion over life or death – though we may think otherwise. There is a great karmic debt to pay when someone takes our life, which may require many lifetimes to repay.

Why You Cannot Manifest Someone’s Death

Life sustains our bodies, fuels our minds, and maintains light within consciousness. Ultimately, it was given to us by The Source when it created us; when we pass away from this life, we simply return to where it came from and exist as pure spirit. However, that does not diminish the sacredness of human life; it remains sacred and of great worth. We cannot bring someone’s death about with thoughts or intentions without physical actions that take their life; thus it never becomes something we need to worry about or spend any time contemplating.

Contemplating death can create an energy within us that only brings forth negative, ugly and destructive things. Many people worry that they have directly or indirectly manifested someone’s death through the law of attraction. Let’s examine three common scenarios when it comes to manifesting death through manifestation.

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Three Common Scenarios When it Comes to Manifesting Death

  1. You Worry That You May Have Manifested Someone’s Death

We may have harbor a lot of ill-will towards someone we once loved or still love sometimes. When this person passes away, people often feel responsible. They may worry and remorseful that their actions had contributed to someone’s demise in some way; however, we cannot truly be held accountable when someone passes away – it simply means they have fulfilled their purpose in this life and are ready to move on to new challenges.

  1. You Worry That Your Anxiety and Thoughts Might Manifest the Death Of Someone Close to You

Sometimes anxiety can hit us hard and fill our minds with an intense fear. We begin worrying about those we care about, feeling responsible for their safety and well-being. A common worry in such moments is that our thoughts could ultimately bring about their death.

It’s natural to worry about those closest to us, but we must remember that the power of our thoughts is limited. While they can influence emotions and behavior, they cannot cause physical harm to another.

Life can be unpredictable and there are certain things out of our control. We must learn to accept this reality and not let our worries take over us. When feeling overwhelmed, reach out for support from loved ones or mental health professionals for assistance.

Caring for yourself is essential if you want to foster strong relationships with those closest to you. By developing healthy strategies to cope with fears, you will be better able to be there when your loved ones need you most.

  1. You Worry That Someone Else Is Manifesting Your Death

Finally, some may worry that someone else is actively plotting their death. While this seems unlikely, it’s understandable why someone might be concerned. Perhaps you have enemies or people who do not like you and believe they are actively seeking ways to harm you through their thoughts and intentions.

First and foremost, remember that you cannot control what others think or do. Focus on your own thoughts and intentions so you put out positive energy into the universe; doing this creates a protective shield around yourself which repels negative energies from others.


Unfortunately, the notion that one can control someone’s death is simply not true. Life and death are sacred and beyond our direct control; while physical force may be used to take someone’s life, this does not constitute manifestation and goes against Divine law.

If you feel as if you may have manifested someone’s death, it is essential to remember this is not possible and instead focus on sending positive energy and thoughts out into the universe. Doing so will create a protective shield around yourself which attracts positive experiences and outcomes into your life.

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