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How to Plead ‘Dear Universe Please Help Me’ and Get an Instant Answer

by Jason L.
Dear Universe Please Help Me

Dear universe please help me. Are you facing challenges or going through times of uncertainty and aren’t sure what to do or how to get yourself out of the situation?

You have come to the right place.

Everyone faces challenges in life and sometimes we find ourselves in a fixed situation. However, when we plead, dear universe please help me, the universe can answer our request. The challenge is in the way we seek guidance.

In this article, you’re going to learn simple ways on how to ask the Universe for help and guidance.

Before we get into the real meat of the article, let’s address the elephant in the room.

Can You Ask the Universe for Help and Get an Answer?

The reality is that you can seek help from the universe and get a divine answer. However, the universe responds to your request based on the energy you emit through your consciousness.

The quantum physics Law of Attraction states that every action attracts a certain reaction. This implies that the action you create in your thoughts comes back to you depending on the energy you emit.

When you plead, dear Universe please help me, you send a request. The Universe responds to your request depending on the energy, devotion, and commitment. When seeking help from the Universe, you must do it with the right intention.

So, in reality, when you ask the universe for help, you will receive an answer but you must listen and receive.

What You Need to Know Before You Plead, Dear Universe Please Help Me

There are several things you ought to understand when seeking help and guidance from the universe.

The Universe Isn’t a Force Outside You

When pleading, dear universe please help me, there is a mistake most people make. Most people perceive the Universe as an outside force thus they don’t receive the answer they anticipated.

After all, you can’t expect to ask someone else to do something for you and expect to get what you wanted. Relying on someone else to do something for you is the same as relinquishing the energy, power, and abilities you have.

The universe responds to your request based on the powers, energy, and abilities you have inside you.

To put it into perspective, the universe is inside you. When you become aware of the potential that’s within you, you don’t have to depend on an outside force to get help or guidance.

The Response When We Plead, ‘Dear Universe Please Help Me’

For many years humans have been made to believe that prayer is verbal communication between us and God. That’s why every Fridays and Sundays, millions of people across the globe gather before their spiritual leaders but their prayers go unanswered.

Perceiving the universe as an outside force is part of the reason many people’s prayers aren’t answered.

The other reason why our prayers aren’t getting answered is the way we ask the Universe for help.

The universe or God doesn’t respond to words.

The response you get depends on the intentions you set.

When seeking help from the Universe, you must be specific. What kind of help are you seeking? This is your intention anyway.

For instance, when struggling with financial problems, you have to clearly state that you want the universe to help you with cash.

Most people don’t receive answers when they plead with the universe for help because their intentions aren’t specific. This can leave the universe confused about what to deliver to you.

Besides, most people focus their intentions on the problem they are facing instead of the help they want.

The Universe Responds Non Verbally

When you plead, dear universe please help me, chances are that you expect some divine voice to come down. This is partly because, in the Bible, we read that God responded to people with a divine voice.

The reality is that the Universe or God doesn’t only respond to our requests using words only.

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How the universe communicates is different from the way we communicate without people. The Universe communicates to us through our feelings, intuition, or synchronicities.

The universe can use other people, signs, messages, and a myriad of other external vehicles to communicate to use when we plead for help.

You have to be open to all possible forms of communication from the universe.

How to Ask The Universe for Help and Guidance

In a nutshell, when you plead, dear universe please help me, you aren’t seeking help and guidance from some outside source. You’re using the greatest part of you to manifest itself through you to help and guide you.

You can ask for help silently, in writing, or through actions.

All you need is to set clear intentions for your question.

That said, here are the simple ways to ask the universe for help and guidance.

Ask the Universe for Help and Guidance

When we’re faced with a difficult situation, we ask questions like “Why always me?” “Do I deserve this?”, “Why is this happening to me?”.

While this is human nature, asking such questions makes us adopt the mindset of fear that can send negative signals to the universe and block us from receiving the help and guidance we need.

Instead of focusing on the problem or situation, you’re facing, ask the universe for help and guidance.

Here is a simple format of how you can seek help and guidance from the universe.

I’ am asking for help and guidance about..(mention the situation, problem, or the reason you’re seeking help and guidance).. because…..”

Be 100% Sure of What You Want

One of the reasons why people don’t receive help and guidance from the universe is because they aren’t 100% sure what they want and why.

Saying “I want to get a job or I want to be rich isn’t enough if you aren’t sure exactly the kind of job you’re looking for or the kind of riches you’re looking for.

Ask generic requests from the universe can make it difficult to receive the answer you’re looking for. You will also not know the signs to look out for to know whether the universe has responded.

In this case, your feelings should guide you in determining exactly what you want.


Meditation is a manifesting technique that has been shown to be powerful in blocking distractions.

We’re living in a world full of distractions. As a result, it’s impossible to be present in the now at all times. Besides, our minds are consumed with doubts, fears, regrets, anxiety, and other negative feelings.

All these thoughts can keep us from receiving help and guidance thus we need to abolish them. The best way to abolish negative thoughts is through meditation.

Meditation will help you to suspend unwanted thoughts, be in the present now and connect with the Universe to receive clarity and guidance.

Let Go

Once you have asked for help and guidance from the Universe, relax and let go of your request.

The universe is working to deliver your request. As long as you ask for help and guidance with the right intentions, you don’t have to worry about when, how, or in what way the universe will answer you.

Ask the universe and get on with your day.

Be Patient

Once you have pleaded for help and guidance from the universe, understand that the universe will deliver in its way and time. You cannot dictate how the universe will deliver your request or determine the time it will take to get an answer for your request.

Ask for help and guidance, be 100% sure of what you want, meditate, let go, and allow the universe time to respond to your request.

Pay Attention to Signs

As stated above, the universe can respond to your request through different vehicles. It could be through other people, your feelings, or other vehicles. That means that if you don’t pay attention to signs, you might not know when the universe has responded.

You have to pay attention to every sign that guides you to where you want to be or what you want to get.

Trust That The Universe Will Deliver

The reason why you asked for help and guidance is that you trust that the universe will answer you. For that reason, there is no need of doubting the universe. Trust that the Universe is working for you and will deliver even if on the surface things seem different.

Send Reminders Every So Often and be Thankful

When you plead, dear universe please help me, the universe might respond immediately or take some time before you get an answer. Even though it’s important to be patient and let the Universe act as it wishes, it’s also important to remind yourself of the request.

When you remind yourself of the request you sent to the Universe, you also stay vigilant of any signs that could tell you that the Universe has responded.

Once you have pleaded for help and guidance, be thankful for everything and show gratitude in your actions.

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