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How To Manifest Happiness While You Sleep?

by Jason L.
Manifest Happiness While You Sleep

Are you interested in knowing how to manifest happiness while asleep? Yes, whatever your desire is, you can achieve it using these simple to follow steps and make your sleep desires come true. Create a vivid mental image of anything you desire to materialize using the power of law of attraction.

Dedicate fully to that image so that you can visualize it in your mind as your new reality. Learn how to ignore the physical evidence that could contradict your imagination. Your imagination will have no other choice but to materialize into your physical reality. This includes health, wealth and relationships.

5 Steps To Manifest Happiness While You Sleep

Although our techniques are relatively straightforward, the good news is that they are compelling and mighty, but you must capture and understand all concepts accurately. Below are simple steps that you will be required to follow keenly?

STEP 1: Resolve something specific that you want to manifest

In this case, all you want is to manifest real happiness while sleeping. Note that for this technique to be 100% effective, then the desire must be 100 %. Yes, it shouldn’t be something you aren’t sure about or what other people expect from your wants.

STEP 2: Conceive a mental image of you being happy while sleeping.

being happy while sleeping

Preferably, avoid making those static images in your mind. Try to figure out a clear short mental video of a scene where you are delighted and feeling positive while sleeping. For instance, you can figure out a short video of a happy wedding you desire to materialize in the future.

Step 3: Create powerful emotions that help you get connected to your desire using law of attraction.

It is important to note that emotions can be so powerful that they can help you feel connected to the imagined happiness. This allows it to interlink your desires with your physical sensation hence making your imagination appear so real. Feel that kind summer breeze blowing over you and your partner as both of you celebrate your recent achievement.

Yes, feel your job promotion and the comfy and spacious office you have been thinking about for a while. Besides, feel that happiness, joy, and excitement that you would otherwise feel has already materialized in the physical world. Make sure that the mental scene you have already created does evoke your happy feelings, and if not, ensure to keep your imagination active until you come up with such a setting.

Step 4: Sleep Meditation To Manifest While You Sleep

Sleep Meditation To Manifest While You Sleep

Sleep meditation is a great way to manifest while you sleep because it allows you to be in a state of deep relaxation, which is one key component of the law of attraction. To begin you need to find a comfortable position. It can be on your back, side or stomach but whatever you do make sure your spine is aligned straight and not curved.

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You might want some light music playing in the background as well because it will help relax your mind and body even more while doing meditation. You need to lie still for about 15 minutes without touching anything and you will reach a state of deep relaxation known as the alpha wave.

The next step is to try and relax your body, starting from the top down: Start with tense muscles in your forehead then on to those around your eyes and so on until you have relaxed every muscle in turn. What’s important here is that you need to do it slowly so that you don’t tense up the muscles again.

The next step is to focus on your breath: Breathe in deeply through your nose, hold your breath for about five seconds and then breathe out slowly through the mouth. You will need to do this for three minutes at a time with a two minute break before you start again which helps make it easier.

You can apply these steps to achieve sleep meditation which will help you manifest while you sleep.

Step 5: Ensure you have a relaxed conscious mind to access a 100% of your subconscious mind

We highly recommend developing a routine of meditation or guided meditation whenever you are on your bed, precisely 20 minutes before you finally fall asleep and 60 minutes once you wake up. For instance, most of us here, within the first 10 minutes after getting into our beds, we ensure to close our eyes and focus on the particular scene that had already been constructed in mind.

Let the scene keep on playing until those powerful emotions start evoking your feelings. Replay these scenes as many times as possible, and always you can feel those emotions related to your desire in case it has already manifested. Ideally, you will fall asleep while your imagination is still playing in the conscious mind, and once you fall asleep, they extend to the subconscious mind.

This is how your imagined happiness while sleeping end manifesting in your real life. However, this is only achievable when you keep repeating this every night to train your subconscious mind to process your desires once you fall asleep. Read our Midas Manifestation article for more advance training on this.

How do you train your subconscious mind to act on your desires at all times?

train your subconscious mind

The secret is by creating a habit whereby your mind is experiencing life-based on your desires. Besides, avoid those thoughts that try to make your mind question the validity or time it might take to make it a reality. Yes, if such an idea comes into your mind, shun it immediately by connecting your conscious mind with the powerful feeling of joy and happiness associated with your previous mental scene.

It is very critical to note that physical reality manifestation may take some time, depending on how committed you are. Initially, we discourage you from focusing on the physical evidence to prove that your desires are manifesting. The earlier you master how to suspend those doubting thoughts, the earlier your desires can manifest.

However, don’t feel as if you are the only one encountering the issue of focusing. Most of us indeed had the same problem during those early days before we managed to train our minds to believe in the manifestation of our desires, thus creating our destiny. Once you understand how your subconscious mind functions, you have mastered how to shape your future with accuracy.


Sleep manifest combining with meditations is a technique you can use to manifest happiness or even health, wealth and relationship. It also gives you spiritual abundance and improve your overall well-being. Remember to apply the steps above before you sleep every night and you will see positive results and success!

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