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How to Manifest Love With Rose Quartz

by Jason L.
Rose Quartz manifestation

Crystals are powerful as they carry piezoelectricity through their crystalline structure. Piezoelectricity is the ability to generate an internal electric field. There are many different crystals for different purposes. Specifically, for love, there are three main crystals you can use in manifestation: rhodonite, pink kunzite, and rose quartz. In this article, we are going to learn more about manifesting with rose quartz.

Functions of the rose quartz crystal

Rose quartz is the most known love manifestation crystal. It can help encourage self-love, attract new love and even improve existing relationships. It also balances and heals the heart chakra. The heart chakra, also known as Anahata, is in the center of the chest. It’s responsible for kind-heartedness, dedication, and generosity. When you have a healthy heart chakra, you are able to love more and be thankful. Rose quartz also brings you peace and unconditional love. It makes you understand true love; you achieve inner healing and self-love. It gives you deeper levels of self-acceptance which gives you the power to attract good things to your life.

How the rose quartz works

Once you get your rose quartz, the first step should be cleansing it of any negative energy. Remember that the crystal has been through places you don’t know since it was mined, and it could have gathered some negative energy. You’ll cleanse it by holding it in your left hand, the receiving hand, and cover it with your right one. Imagine the universe being filled with a white light that brings healing. Talk to the crystal and ask it to be cleansed by universal love and light. Stay like this until you feel that the cleansing is complete.

Next, you need to connect with your rose quartz crystal. To achieve this, you’ll need to know your crystal. Hold it and ask to be connected with its energy on the highest level. Ask it to work with you to achieve the purpose you want. Ask it to do it for your good and the good of all concerned. You can ask it to help you achieve self-love, attract new love or even deepen the love with your current mate. After this connection, every other rose quartz you get will automatically connect with you. You’ll only need to cleanse it.

You can wear your rose quartz crystal as jewellery. You can make rose quartz earrings or a ring to always keep it near you. It works even better if you wear it as a pendant and keep it close to your heart and heart chakra.

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You can also place it under your pillow or bed to help attract new love and renew your present love. It will also attract gentle dreams of love, peace, and calm.

A rose quartz can also be placed in your home, office, or sacred place. When placed in the center of your home, it will encourage compassion and heart-healing in every member of your house. Placing it in the relationship corner of your house will attract new love or deepen the love relationship you are in currently. The relationship corner is the furthest right rear corner from the front door.


In conclusion, while people believe there are many benefits of the rose quartz crystal, they aren’t scientifically proven. It wouldn’t hurt to try because there are no known side effects. You can check out this best selling rose quartz pendant that works for manifesting love.

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