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How to Use Law of Attraction to Be Cancer Free

by Jason L.
to be cancer free

The law of attraction is like gravity. You cannot feel it, but it is existent.

People use it for different things. Some to find love, relationships, money, and all that to live a better life. But, did you know that this law can also attract perfect health and heal us from chronic diseases?

Sure it is not magic or science. It requires that you focus on what you want, and it will expand. Today, we learn how to manifest to be cancer-free.

Can Using the Law of Attraction Help Boost My Energy Levels?

Can using the law of attraction really be effective in boosting energy levels? Many proponents believe so. By focusing on positive thoughts and visualizing desired outcomes, individuals harness the power of their own mindset to attract more energy into their lives. By consciously directing their thoughts towards boosting energy with the law of attraction, followers hope to experience increased vitality and motivation.

5 Steps to Using the Law of Attraction to be Cancer Free

Being diagnosed with cancer can be one of the most devastating things. It can lead you to endless thoughts, feelings, and actions. But, while we don’t have control of the final outcome, we can control our thoughts and focus.

The law of attraction states that you attract what you focus on in your life, whether positive or negative. If you are diagnosed with cancer, here are steps to help you take control of your emotional, spiritual, and mental health using the law of attraction.

1) Choose Your Words Carefully

Humans are possessive. Unfortunately, this possessive behavior can lead them to attract negative things in their life. Often you’ll hear someone refer to the condition they have as theirs. Words like “my cancer,” “my diabetes,” my seizures.”

Without knowing, you are taking ownership of that condition. It’s like you are fully welcoming it to be part of you. Cancer is not your disease. Unless you asked for it, you don’t own it. Therefore, stop calling it your cancer. Instead, refer to it as “the cancer.”

Also, start using positive words like “my healing,” “my recovery.” These are the things you’re supposed to own.

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2) Ask Exactly for What You Want

For the law of manifestation to work, you have to know what you want and ask for it specifically. Most times, we are confused and vague about what we want. It’s why most of us fail to manifest our desires.

If you want great health and to be cured of cancer, you must start seeing yourself as healthy and free of this condition. Then go further and think about the positive effects of having great health.

For instance, if you are cancer-free and healthy, you will travel with your family, work on your career, etc. It would be best to focus on the good things that will come after being healed of cancer.

3) Practice Visualization and Affirmation

Visualization and affirmation can help align your energy with your desires. Your mind makes things real through visualization. Affirmation, on the other hand, changes your perception of the situation.

So when you incorporate both techniques in your life, you program your mind consciously to attract the healing you desire. As a result, your subconscious mind makes things real and aligns your thoughts to your desires.

However, for this to happen, you have to repeat the process again and again. Doing it once won’t get you the things you desire. You must constantly program your subconscious mind about your desired health.

4) Be Grateful

Have a journal and write down the things and people you are grateful for. Express gratitude for your healing and perfect health, for your spouse, friends, doctors, body organs, family, etc. You can do this daily, before going to bed, before the chemotherapy, while waiting for the doctor, and just any other place and time.

5) Believe

This is the most important of all. Believe with everything you have that what you want is possible. Now, this can be hard if you are facing an incurable disease. However, be reminded that all diseases were at one point incurable.

Read stories of people who overcame prognoses and did the impossible. And know that they did that because they believed. You are probably thinking cancer is serious. It is real, and people die from it.

But think positively. Keep yourself open to miracles. Although you don’t have control of your physical body, you can control your mental, emotional, and spiritual states.

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