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How To Manifest Not Being Pregnant in 7 Steps

by Jason L.
manifest not being pregnant

Manifesting not being pregnant is a technique that has been around for centuries. It is a powerful way to use the Law of Attraction and can be seen as a form of self-hypnosis. The exercise works by first imagining yourself in the future to the situation of not being pregnant. By mentally simulating this scenario you can start to manifest the reality of not becoming pregnant.

It is important to understand that this technique is just one manifestation technique among many. Whenever you practice the Law of Attraction it is important to do so with a positive attitude. You can use the following tips to not get pregnant with the Law of Attraction;

7 Steps To Prevent A Pregnancy Through Manifestation

1. Think positively!

You might be reading this expecting your period and thinking “I think I will get pregnant”. Of course negative thoughts such as these just work against you manifesting your desire and get an opposite outcome, so try to avoid them.

2. Visualize your life in the future

When you visualize the future what do you see? Do you imagine yourself without children or do you see yourself raising a happy, healthy family? Start visualizing the desired future and you are well on your way to manifesting the situation that you want. If not, don’t worry! Just start seeing yourself living the life you want without a child and it will very soon become reality.

3. Speak to the universe with your thoughts and feelings

Every day affirm that you are not going to get pregnant, share what you would like for the future, and ask the universe for it. Every night before you go to sleep visualize your future and ask for what you want. Make sure to share it through words, pictures, or actions.

4. Say thank you!

When the universe has granted you your wish say thank you every day, whether it’s by writing a letter to yourself or finding other creative ways of showing gratitude! Your positive attitude will encourage the universe to help you move even closer to your dreams.

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5. Be grateful for what you already have in your life

When you stop focusing on what you don’t have and appreciate all that is good in your life it will be reflected at you in an even bigger way! Enjoy your life, friends, and family to the fullest. This will keep you in a positive vibration to attract the outcome that you want.

6. Love yourself

When you love who you are it will be reflected in everything that you do. Let go of negative thoughts about yourself and stay positive. This is another amazing way to help bring what you desire so much closer to you!

7. Believe in yourself and your dreams

Just like any other dream if you don’t believe in it or yourself it will never work out. You must stay positive and confident that whatever you desire now will become a part of your reality!

Can the Steps for Manifesting a Glow Up be Applied to Manifesting Not Being Pregnant?

Manifesting your glow up in 5 steps is a powerful technique to transform your life. However, when it comes to manifesting not being pregnant, the steps may not directly apply. Pregnancy involves biological factors beyond manifestation. Seek professional advice and consider alternative methods like contraception. Focus on manifesting other aspects of your life instead.


If you are thinking “I do not want to get pregnant”, then these steps will help you manifest the outcome that you want. Miracles do happen every day and there is nothing more miraculous than getting what you have always wanted!

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