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13 Powerful Manifestation Methods & Techniques To Achieve Anything

by Jason L.
Manifestation Methods Techniques

When it comes to how to manifest everything in life, there are countless methods to use. But what is the most powerful manifestation technique? In this article, you’re going to learn 13 manifestation methods that get results.

You must have heard of the Law of Attraction principle that states that we attract what we focus our thoughts, beliefs, and abilities on. That means that if we think and believe positive and work towards our goals, we’ll get positive results. Similarly, if our thoughts and beliefs are negative, we attract undesirable results or circumstances.

The Law of Attraction teaches us that our thoughts and beliefs can influence our lives greatly. Using the Law of Attraction helps to uncover powerful manifestation methods that can help us achieve our dreams.

Whether you want to manifest money, lover, or career development, there is a ton of manifestation methods you can use to attract what you want in life. So if you’ve been asking yourself “what is the best way to manifest?” then this article is for you.

Does Manifestation Actually Work?

Truthfully, manifestation alone doesn’t work. So, if you’ve read manifestation success stories to the extent of thinking that you can become Bill Gates after manifesting, then think twice. Well, let you not be put off by this statement though.

Actually, what manifestation does is to keep your thoughts aligned to your goals. That means that as you put your thoughts into becoming what you want, you also need to think about what you can do to actualize your thoughts.

This explains why many people don’t get results even after manifesting for a long time. You cannot get any results by manifesting and doing nothing.

For instance, if you believe you have the potential to achieve your goals then manifestation acts like a tool to help nurture your beliefs so you can attract what you want in life. That said, let’s us learn how to manifest what you want.

1. The Gratefulness Method

The Gratefulness Method

When it comes to how to manifest your dreams you need to start with gratitude. In a nutshell, you need to create a gratitude journal.

This manifesting technique involves being thankful for what you have or the circumstances you’re in. If you’re manifesting money, you need to be grateful for the wealth you already have no matter how small it is.

When you show gratefulness for the things around you or the present moment, the universe responds by giving you more things to appreciate. In simple words, gratefulness attracts more things to keep you grateful.

So if you have been manifesting career development for many years but you’re not seeing positive results then chances are that you’re not grateful for the career success you have already achieved.

The moment grateful you are for the present moment the more blessings you attract because you’re emitting a positive message to the universe. Being grateful is no easy thing though especially if you don’t know what to be grateful for.

You see, you don’t need big things to be grateful. Even the smallest steps you make are enough to keep you in a state of gratitude. Keeping a gratitude journal could help you understand what blessings the universe has given to you.

Making a gratitude journal doesn’t have to be complicated. Just take a pen and a piece of paper or notebook and write down several things you have or experiences you got so far. Once your list of things to be grateful for is ready, schedule your manifesting time- whether before bedtime or every morning before you get up.

As you manifest, channel your emotion into the things you have on your list. When you keep emitting feelings of thankfulness every day, you keep your energy vibrations raised so you can receive what you want from the universe.

2. The 555 Method

This is one of the best manifestation techniques on the internet today. But the question is does the 555 method work? First of all, before we find out whether the 555 manifestation method works, let’s understand what it is.

Generally, this Law of Attraction technique involves thinking about what you want in life and then turning your thoughts into affirmations. You then repeat your affirmations 55 times for 5 straight days.

So yes, the 555 technique works as long as you have faith or energy toward the things you’re manifesting. Typically, when you’re dedicating some time every day for 5 days practicing this manifestation method, you’re setting a clear intention.

You’re directing all of your faith or energy on the exact thing you want badly. And because what we focus on grows, by focusing keenly on your affirmation for what you want, it begins to happen in reality.

A good rule of thumb is to practice this Law of Attraction technique one affirmation at a time otherwise having too many affirmations could distract you from focusing intently. You want to make sure your mindset and emotions are positive before practicing this manifestation technique as well.

Be joyful and excited as you would be if what you’re manifesting becomes a reality. Ensure that the feeling doesn’t go away during the entire manifesting time.

In a nutshell, to practice this manifesting method, follow the steps outlined below:

  • Decide what you want then turn your thoughts into an affirmation.
  • Stick with the affirmation.
  • Write down your desire 55 times at one time.
  • Repeat what you have written 5 days without stopping focusing all your faith and energy on your affirmation then watch as your desire becomes a reality.

Just ensure you focus on a specific goal during the entire manifestation period as changing your mind in the middle of the manifestation time will send mixed signals to the universe.

3. 17 Second Manifestation Technique

With this Law of Attraction method, you just need 17 seconds of undistracted focus to ignite the motion of your manifestations. In fact, of all the manifestation methods in this article, this one is the simplest to practice. It is also the fastest manifestation technique that you can apply immediately.

And when done right, it can help you attract the life you want fast. Once you put your desires into motion and keep the momentum you can achieve your dreams fast.

Instead of reaching for your phone immediately you get up in the morning, spend 17 seconds daydreaming about things you want in life. Just make sure you’re not interrupted while daydreaming.

Remember that sitting or lying quietly to daydream about your desires for 17 seconds doesn’t mean you will achieve your dreams right away. This 17 second manifestation method is meant to help keep you on the path and align your thoughts with what you want to achieve.

4. The Movie Method

The movie method of manifesting is also simple as it involves visualizing what you want to achieve or the life you want before it happens. Arguably, the situation can be difficult when starting with visualization especially if your desires aren’t clear to you.

You might know your goals or what you want to manifest, but how to imagining the scenario could be challenging. And this could make you feel anxious and stressed making it difficult for you to manifest your desires.

Fortunately, the Movie Method” helps to make visualization super easy. To practice this method of manifesting, you just need to watch your favorite movie that mirrors the desires you intend to manifest.

Then imagining yourself becoming a certain character in the movie. For instance, if you wanted to own an expensive car, you could watch a movie that reflects the desire you want to manifest then visualize yourself driving the expensive car one of the characters in the movie is driving.

Or you could watch a movie related to weddings then imagine yourself having found your loved one as mirrored by a character in the movie who has spent years of terrible relationships but has finally found his true love.

You can watch as many movies as possible while visualizing what you want to manifest. Just make sure the movies reflect the desire you wish to manifest.

5. The Pillow Method

This manifestation tactic implies that the time you fall asleep and the moment you get up in the morning are vital parts of your day when it comes to achieving your dreams. The “Pillow Method” is also one of the easiest powerful manifestation techniques to practice.

All you need to do is to write your affirmation on paper or anywhere you want and put it beneath your pillow before you sleep. This manifestation method is said to be effective as it helps to streamline your thoughts as you sleep.

It also helps to actualize your last thoughts or desire. That means that if you desired to buy a house before you slept the previous day, you’re going to wake up with positive thoughts when you practice this manifesting technique.

This method also helps you to stick to the intention you have.

6. The Give More Method

How this method of manifestation works is simple. When you give to others, you feel good. Your vibration, energy, thinking ability, etc. is also elevated thus you can do more to achieve more.

You don’t need to give out more or everything. Besides, no one has ever become poor for giving out. The good news is that you don’t need to give to friends alone. You can give to anyone- animals, the environment around you, etc.

If you’re unsure what to give, here are some inspirations to help you.

  • Donate small amounts to charitable organizations.
  • Teach someone a skill you know.
  • Volunteer to clean an animal shelter.
  • Motivate someone who is feeling down.
  • Do a cleanup exercise from your local market.

You could decide to visit the nearest hospital and pick up litter to keep the place clean.

7. The Vision Board Technique

A vision board, also known as a dream board provides you with a picture of what you want to manifest.

With this method, all you need is to pick a flyer or any other printable material then using your writing tools, glue, scissors, and other materials, make an art of the things you want, the lover you want, etc.

The clearer you are on the things you want the less likely you’ll struggle to manifest.

8. The Prayer Practice Method

Prayer Manifestation

You can simply ask the universe for help with what you want in life. This is what the “Prayer Practice Method” entails. You see, part of the reasons why you haven’t achieved your dreams could be that you’re not asking the universe for help.

When you pray, you’re sending a message of your intentions to the universe. The good news is that it’s simple to do this manifestation method. Besides, you can do it anywhere.

All you need is to find a quiet place free from distractions then spend around six minutes telling the universe your desire silently. You don’t need to be religious or spiritual while doing this manifestation practice.

9. The Permission Practice Technique

Did you know that the reason why you aren’t achieving your dreams could be that you haven’t permitted it to happen? You see, when growing up, we tend to think that some things aren’t meant for us.

For instance, the belief that only employed people can buy an expensive house or car. What are the beliefs you have been having when growing up? There are many.

Some of these beliefs keep us from pursuing our goals. The “Permission Practice” manifestation technique implies that we can achieve what we want or get to the destination we wish to be only when we permit ourselves.

By the way, whose permission are you waiting to succeed or buy your new house? As adults, the only entity that can grant us permission to achieve or do what we want is ourselves.

You can do this manifestation exercise by repeating any of the following affirmations:

  • I permit myself to buy my new house by the end of this year.
  • I’m open to working as a banker.
  • I can become rich.

10. The Cup Manifestation Exercise

This is one of the craziest yet effective manifestation methods. All you need to practice this method are 2 cups of glasses and water. Now what you need is to drink water using a cup labeled with your desire.

To do this manifestation method, follow the steps below:

  • Pick two labels.
  • On one label, write down your desire or what you wish to manifest, and then on the other label write down your current status.
  • Stick the two labels on two different cups then fill them with water.
  • Now drink the water with the label with your current status as well as that with the desire you wish to manifest.

It’s that simple!

Keep yourself in the right mind when doing this technique.

11. The Scripting Technique

This involves writing down things you wish to manifest as if they have already happened. It’s crazy and hilarious!

At the end of the day, write down things you did. Keep yourself in the perfect mind and thoughts before you get started with this method.

You could start with a visualization session, listen to soothing music, or go for a walk.

12. The Manifestation Box Practice

Think of the “Manifestation Box” as the way you send a direct mailbox to your friend or colleague but this time, you’re sending it to the universe. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a written message. It could be objects or images that resemble the things you wish to manifest.

You can make your box from any material as long as it allows you to put something inside. All you need to do after creating your box is to write your message or draw a picture of the car or house you wish to buy then put it inside the box then wait as the universe sends your desires to you.

This technique helps to clear any resistance that could hinder you from manifesting. Some of the things you can put inside the manifestation box include quotes, photos, scripts, gifts, etc.

13. The Acting As If Manifestation Exercise

The ‘Acting as if’ or pretending method involves living as if you have achieved your desires. This method implies that you attract what you are and not what you want.

So live as if you have bought your new house then wait as the universe actualizes your desires. This technique is childish and fun because the things you’ll be doing are those that kids do in most cases.

You must have seen kids building a house out of things they play with. Or driving cars with anything they find. The reason why this exercise is great is that it helps to raise your energy to the level that matches the person you want to become.

Practical Tips to Manifest Faster

Like any other thing, you can speed up your manifestation process and manifest your desire faster. After all, no one wants to wait for their big dreams to come true.

Note that, however, even though everyone wants to see their dreams coming true fast, if you’re not in a good state of mind, your manifestation process will take longer before things happen.

And sometimes we haven’t permitted ourselves to achieve our desires or perhaps we aren’t ready for success.

The tips below will help to keep yourself ready.

Know What You Want Clearly

You really need to get clear on your desires if you want to manifest them faster. Often, people who ask “does manifestation work?” are those that aren’t clear on what they want.

If you don’t have a picture of the house you want in your mind then it will be difficult to manifest it. If you have goals to manifest then you need to make them as specific as possible.

It’s recommended to manifest one goal at a time. You don’t need to be as specific as possible but at least have a clear idea of things.

Manifest With the Right Tools

When it comes to manifesting your dreams, there is a ton of Law of Attraction tools out there. However, you don’t need them all- you need the right ones for your specific desire or dreams.

You also need to use them correctly to help you manifest faster. Another important thing to understand is that these tools are just meant to provide you with manifestation support.

You can choose one or a combination of the tools depending on the desires you wish to manifest. Some of the tools include a vision board, visualization techniques, manifestation journals, etc.

Get Rid of Your Abundance Blocks

Those negative inner beliefs, feelings, thoughts, people you spend time with, the environment around you and many other things are hindering you from manifesting faster.

To manifest your dreams faster, you need to be in direct connection with the universe. Often, these blocks could create some resistance when manifesting. They can make you feel or think that you aren’t destined for success.

Clearing these blocks doesn’t mean you’re going to become successful straight away but at least it helps to keep you focused and determined.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it: 13 powerful manifestation techniques that actually work- and some practical tips to help speed up your manifestation process.

Which one do you think you can try?

Remember that while all of these methods of manifesting are great, one thing that can make a difference between successful manifestation and unsuccessful manifesting is your intention.

How you think, feel, act, your beliefs, etc. encompasses your intention. Deciding what you want in life isn’t enough.

What you do afterward is what matters. Use these manifestation practices as tools because the driving force in your manifestation process is inside you.

You can choose to explore a single manifestation exercise such as the 17 second manifestation technique or try as many as you can. You might not see great results in your first trial but the more you practice, the more likely you will achieve your dreams.

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