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16 Manifesting Money Techniques That Works Fast

by Jason L.

Are you having trouble manifesting money in your life even after reading tons of success stories out there? If so then you have come to the right page. In this article, you’re going to learn how to manifest money in 16 steps.

Generally, different people have different reasons for learning the Law of Attraction. However, attracting money is one of the top reasons for most people, followed by manifesting love and developing a new career.

But can you really manifest more wealth? Or what do you say to manifest money? The truth is that there is a lot of information on the internet about how to manifest money fast.

But does manifesting something actually work? Well, not all the manifestation exercises work but some do work. Here is one of the manifesting money success stories by a GVU member.

The Law of Attraction states that you can attract whatever you consistently manifest. When money manifesting, you’re actually using the Law of Attraction to attract financial abundance in your life. If you want to manifest more wealth in your life but you’re wondering how to do it, this article is for you.

What Is Manifesting? 

In other words, what does it mean when a person is manifesting?

Manifesting is the act of visualizing your desire and harnessing the power of your thoughts to make it happen. When you manifest something, you become clear of what you want, how you want it to happen and what it actually looks like.

Everyone can manifest anything they want in their life. You can manifest financial abundance, success, love, career development, good health, etc. You just need to learn how to do it.

…which is exactly what I’m going to teach you in a moment.

At the end of this article, I’ll also share with you some common money manifestation mistakes that keep people from achieving their desire.

But first, let’s learn a few things.

Get Rid of Any Blocks Before Manifesting Money

Before Manifesting Money

If you have any money blocks in your mind, then you’re going to struggle on how to manifest money fast. In fact, all your efforts may go to the drain. So, before you start manifesting, you need to clear out any blocks that could keep you from actualizing your dream.

Different people have different money blocks. For instance, some people believe that money is the source of evil and troubles. Some people think that they don’t deserve financial abundance.

And some think that being successful makes them a good target for robbers. There is a ton of limiting beliefs about money out there. A good rule of thumb is to identify your specific money blocks and remove them before you start manifesting.

The truth is that you’re going to face challenges and obstacles during the manifestation process. The good news is that with perseverance, you can overcome them.

Money and the Law of Attraction

Money manifesting and the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction states that we can use the power of our thoughts to change what’s in our minds when it comes to achieving financial abundance.

This means that we can attract what our thoughts and energy focus on. So if we focus our energy and thoughts on negative thoughts we block ourselves from attracting money.

Becoming The Attraction Of Money

As promised, in this article, you’re going to learn 16 money manifestation techniques you might never have read or heard anywhere (that actually work).

Remember that manifesting wealth isn’t a get rich quick scheme. Just make sure you practice these habits consistently and clear out the limiting beliefs and blocks you have around money.

Typically, the secret to become attraction of money is in how you view money. If you view it as a source of unlimited abundance, you will attract more of it. Equally, if you view money as a source of evil and troubles, it won’t come.

In a nutshell, your mindset can make or break your desire to attract money in your life. Change your mindset and see the abundance and prosperity of money in your life to make your money manifesting effort work.

With that, let’s get into the meat of this article:

How to Manifest Money Fast

Here are the 16 uncommon ways for manifesting money fast.

1. Change Your Money Mindset


As stated earlier, before you begin your journey to manifest wealth, you need to identify your limiting beliefs and money blocks. These are thoughts that we have created about money that we’ve made to believe are true yet they aren’t.

For instance, since childhood, I was meant to believe that only older people can own a car. You must have heard the quote by Matshona Dhliwayo that “Money doesn’t grow on trees, but grows on intelligent minds.”

Does it mean that only intelligent people can have money?

Of course, no.

“No one in our family is rich. Even my dad is poor so I can’t be rich.”

You must have been thinking the same if the situation above applies to you. Another limiting belief that you perhaps think it’s true up to now is that rich people aren’t good people.

With all these beliefs, it’s not easy to attract anything let alone money in your life. Once you start seeing money as being a good thing to have or something you can use to benefit your life, it’d be much easier to manifest and actually acquire it.

2. Remove the Money Blocks and Limiting Beliefs

Once you have identified what’s keeping you from manifesting money, it’s time to clear it away. The first step to getting rid of limiting beliefs around money is to start loving it without thinking it’s a source of evil and trouble.

If you’ve been thinking that money isn’t easy to acquire since childhood, you should start telling yourself “I can acquire money because as long as other humans have it, there is nothing that can keep me from having it”.

Think about the positive or good things that come with being rich.

For instance, you could say to yourself “money helps me to have everything I need in life without having to struggle”. Or “I can go everywhere I want as long as I have money”. In a nutshell, to get rid of the money blocks and limiting beliefs, start saying positive words around money.

3. Have Clear Goals


No one can manifest prosperity just for the sake of having it unless you don’t have needs to meet. Everyone wants money to sort out something.

So you want to identify that which you want to solve with money. Having clear goals in mind will help to keep you motivated and enthusiastic as you try to manifest money now.

Different people have different reasons for wanting money.

You could be needing money to:

  • Buy a car.
  • Build or buy a new house.
  • Pay off your student loan.
  • Travel abroad.
  • Start a business.

Make a list of the things you want to achieve once you have money and determine how much money you need for each item. Having clear money goals helps you to learn how to use it when you have it.

So when you know what you want to achieve with the money you’re manifesting, you will be able to consistently manifest until you get it.

4. Visualize Your Money Goals Happening


Assuming your money goal is to buy a new house or whatever your goals are, have a picture of yourself in mind, opening your house, or sited in the coaches watching your favorite TV program.

This will help to keep you motivated during the process.

5. Take an In-depth Look Into Your Life


You don’t need anyone to tell you when your pockets are empty. In everything that happens in your life, there is a reason behind it.

When your pockets run dry, there could be somewhere you’re not doing things right or there could be some issues with your life. For instance, having a pre-existing medical condition or an unhealthy relationship could block you from manifesting money now.

Sometimes your issue couldn’t be related to money at all. So when it comes to how to manifest money fast, evaluate your life to see whether something is blocking you.

6. Think About Every Possible Way You Can Make Money With


If you lack money, you might think that there is nothing you can do to have it, especially if you have tried everything possible in vain. However, the truth is that you can work around things and get the money you need.

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That’s why when it comes to manifesting money; you need to think about every possible way to have it. This will help you focus on how you can work towards having the money you need.

Otherwise focusing on your lack of money will drain all the energy and motivation you have.

Some of the ways to make money you can think of include:

  • Selling items you have that you don’t need- electronics, old clothes, etc.
  • If in business- trying to adjust the price or change your advertising strategies to attract more customers.
  • When looking for a job– applying for contract work or letting your friends know that you’re job hunting.

Remember that most of these things might not bring in money (or you might not achieve what you wanted) fast, but will stir your energy making it easier for you to manifest prosperity.

7. Create a Money Board

Stick images of money on a board with images of the things you want to do when you have the money…and keep the money board in a place where you will see it every time.

You could put the money board in your office, bedroom, or sitting room. This will help to motivate you while you manifest.

8. Mind Your Thoughts

Your thoughts can make or break your effort to manifest wealth. If you believe you can manifest money quickly, you will be full of energy and motivation during the manifestation process.

So, start by believing you can manifest more money.

9. Act and Live as If You Have Attracted Money


The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like. That means that you cannot attract money if you still have a poor mindset. Act and live as if you have already attracted money.

Imagine yourself having all the money you’ve been looking for. This will help to keep your mind more receptive to financial gain. Remember that you’re imagining how your life would be after your desire has been realized.

When starting, you will feel like you’re daydreaming. But once you keep on visualizing, you will start having a feeling of actually having the money you need.

You could make a visualization schedule so that you do it every time you wake up or before you go to be. You can also make a schedule that works better for you.

Just make sure you’re undistracted as you visualize money. This will help to keep you motivated so you can keep going even if things seem not to work.

Live as if you’re rich. You don’t have to spend more money, but just make sure the mindset of a poor person doesn’t hold you back when manifesting. This will help you become the attraction of money and be manifestrich.

10. Appreciate The Money You Already Have

Studies suggest that people who appreciate what they have are happier and less stressed. Unfortunately, most of us are focused on what we want to achieve but forget what we have achieved already.

The Law of Attraction dictates that when we appreciate every aspect of our life, we start to see the things that we desire happening.

Look at the things you have already. It could be a small house you have built, a desktop computer that sometimes doesn’t start, or perhaps you might have traveled from your village to the town, and feel grateful for that.

Even if you don’t have anything to smile about, you could feel grateful for having tried your best so far. Gratitude is a vital thing when it comes to manifesting money.

If you can’t remember the things that money has helped you to acquire, take a pen and paper then write down everything so you can be looking at your list.

You can then use your paper to stir your motivation whenever you’re down.

11. Give What You Have Freely

You must have come across this quote: “what you give you will get back tenfold.” Unfortunately, we think that giving is only reserved for the rich.

Sometimes all we need is to give what we have freely to others for us to receive. We tend to hold onto what we have lest we need it when it’s gone, and this is perhaps why we lack.

When we give the small we have, we open up opportunities to gain more into our lives. You don’t need to give out everything you have anyway.

Just give a small percentage of what you have to people and watch as it comes back tenfold.

12. Smell Money

SMELL MONEY to Manifest Money fast

I find this method of manifesting money weird, ridiculous, and crazy but it actually works. This one also works much like the visualization method I shared above.

And it helps tune your mindset and send a clear message to the Universe about your desire. Money has a unique smell you can’t find anywhere else.

When you smell to manifest money, you connect the wires in your brain. You start to feel money is close to you. Ensure to have positive thoughts when smelling money.

For instance, you could say some words like “I appreciate having my $20 and I’m going to get my $100 after two days.” How to do this money manifestation technique is simple.

Take out your note or coins, then close your eyes and smell it as you say your words of affirmation.

13. Count Money

crazy money manifesting technique

This is also another crazy money manifesting technique that works. Just as you smelt money, you can also count it. But this time, you’re counting it in your mind’s eye.

Imagine yourself settling all the bills, buying your new house, or even paying your air ticket. I recommend doing this manifesting exercise three times each day, especially before bedtime.

Just before you sleep, relax, and imagine yourself counting money or having attracted the wealth you need.

14. Be Optimistic

A pessimist will always complain as an opportunist sees the opportunity in every difficult situation. The truth is that no matter the manifesting habit, things are going to be difficult.

You might not achieve your desire. That means that you’re going to struggle with hopelessness and frustrations but only when you give in to these feelings is when manifesting wealth will not work for you.

So when things don’t work, relax, and feel comforted by the things that worked. Just don’t make the feelings of defeat hold you back from manifesting money.

15. See Money Falling Around You From Heaven

This manifestation method works like smelling money, counting money, and visualizing success. You could do this exercise in the morning or before you go to bed.

Just sit in a relaxed position and close your eyes then see mountains of money raining around you and in the whole room. You can do this exercise for at least 60 seconds or two minutes three times a day to manifest money for the long-term.

16. Take Good Care of the Money You Already Have


The way you treat those around you will make people want to associate with you. The same applies to money. How you treat the money you have in your wallet or home can affect how much you’re going to manifest.

Remember your wallet is the house where your money lives. It needs to be cleaned and everything inside organized. Take a look at your wallet and see how overstuffed it is with credit cards and other stuff.

By taking care of the money we have, you confirm to the universe that money is important and you will take care of it when you get it.

So there you have it; sixteen money manifestation exercises that work.

But before you start manifesting money now, here are some common mistakes people make that make them think manifesting doesn’t work.

Common Money Manifestation Mistakes

While it’s true that the manifesting exercises above do actually work, many people have run into a few hiccups during the process.

Here are some common mistakes most people make when manifesting money into their lives.

Not Focusing on the Right Thing

While you might be passionate when it comes to manifesting money, part of the reasons why you’re not seeing any success could be because you’re not focusing on what you want (or perhaps you don’t know what you want).

Because you don’t know what you want, you aren’t sending a clear message to the universe. Ensure you’re sending the correct message to the universe when manifesting.

Giving in to Obstacles

While it’s possible to overcome challenges and all the obstacles around manifesting money, I can tell you for sure, it’s not easy.

Besides, we have been wired to think about all the possible reasons why something can’t work or we can’t get what we want because of situations best known to us.

That’s why it’s not easy for us to accept the truth. To become the attraction of money, you need to know that obstacles are there and navigate around them.

Final Thoughts

In summary, you can manifest money now using the following manifestation exercises:

  • Change your money mindset
  • Remove the money blocks and limiting beliefs
  • Have clear goals
  • Visualize your money goals happening
  • Take an in-depth look into your life
  • Think about every possible way you can make money with
  • Create a money board
  • Mind your thoughts
  • Act and live as if you have attracted money
  • Appreciate the money you already have
  • Give what you have freely
  • Smell money
  • Count money
  • Be optimistic
  • See money falling around you from heaven
  • Take good care of the money you already have

Note that, manifesting money with these exercises works when you’re in the right mindset, and you have a clear goal.

Happy Money Manifestation!

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