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10 Steps On How To Manifest A Home

by Jason L.
How To Manifest A Home

In recent years, we’ve come to understand that we are capable of constructing our preferred reality through the use of the Law of Attraction. We know that there are countless methods out there through which we can attain the things which we desire the most and among them, having a dream home ranks top of the list.

We all complete ourselves when living in a comfortable yet spacious place alongside our beloved, and it is possible to exist in this reality as long as you put your heart into it and are aware of your power to live the life you’ve always dreamed of. Now, let’s explore how to access the hidden strength of Law of Attraction in order to succeed in manifesting your dream home.

Manifest Your Dream Home In 10 Simple Steps

manifest a dream home

1) Clearly define exactly what we want

Defining exactly what you want is the first step to manifest a dream home. Now we must define what we want that dream house to look like. For example: “a modern style house with four bedrooms, garden, swimming pool, playroom”, etc. The more specific we are, the better.

Start by writing down what it is that you want and define exactly what it means for this to happen—the who, what, when/time frame of completion, where the event will take place (i.e., a specific location), how others will be involved in the process (if appropriate) and why are you wanting this outcome now? Write all these details out as clearly as possible so that nothing gets missed.

Our subconscious mind and the universe will work together to find the perfect way to manifest a home or manifest money in our earthly reality. To facilitate this task, it is helpful to write down on a piece of paper the exact description of the home we want to have.

2) Ask for a dream house

Now that we have clearly defined what we want, we must ask the universe for the manifestation of our dream house. Each one of us can ask for our wish in the way we see fit, the key is to have faith. We must be certain that we will indeed manifest the house of our dreams.

We can say a prayer to make that wish come true, we can meditate and have in mind the dream house we want, we can also write our wish and read it every morning until it manifests. Lastly, we can also write out positive affirmations, reading them daily and also create a vision board of your amazing home. Any technique chosen will be valid.

3) Encourage to feel

We must dare to feel the happiness of having that home now, even if it is not part of our earthly reality at this moment. For example: we can imagine how nice it would be to sunbathe in the garden of our home, our children playing all over the house, etc. The sensation of feeling now that this desire is a reality accelerates the process of manifestation of our home.

We can use a vision board to help us feel like we have our dream in hand. A vision board is a collage of images and words that represent what you want to manifest within your life. It can be framed or just taped up on an easel, for example—whatever brings the most joy out of it! This manifestation practice helps focus your intention because you’re able to look at what you want without having any distractions around.

4) Ignoring the current reality

We do not have the home of our dreams at this very moment, but we must be aware that this dream home will indeed manifest in our earthly reality. During this process we will see obstacles that prevent the manifestation of our dream home. In the face of that circumstance we must reiterate our intention to manifest a perfect house. In this way our mind “manipulates” reality and will find a way to manifest that dream house however it can. We should not bend before the reality that we see, since it is something temporary.

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5) Keeping the faith

We have already asked for a dream home from the universe, God, angels or whatever one wants to call it. From now on we must relax because that home we desire so much will manifest in our earthly reality unfailingly. Let’s trust in the universal harmonious process, our dream house will manifest at the perfect moment.

6) Inspiration

We have already ordered a house. From now on we must be attentive to the signs of the universe. Surely we will receive job proposals, innovative ideas, unexpected financial income, etc. All these ideas will facilitate the manifestation of our home. This is about inspired actions: an inner force tells us to do that and not the other. We must follow our intuition. For example: applying an avant-garde business idea will surely generate the money we want to buy our home.

7) Recognize our progress

As time goes by, the manifestation of our home is closer due to the progress we are experiencing. We should express gratitude for our success, which will accelerate the manifestation process of our home. It is also appropriate for us to record our accomplishments, whether large or small. The important thing is to be clear about the positive changes we are experiencing. Let us encourage ourselves to experience the joy that our progress brings us despite our imperfect manifesting skills.

8) Keeping our vibrational energy frequency high

During the manifestation process of our home, we must keep our energetic vibratory frequency high with positive energy to attract success in our life. Basically that means being optimistic and believing that we will only experience positive events. We must keep in mind that a high vibrational frequency is also achieved through healthy habits.

During this attraction method process, we should eat right, exercise, not smoke or drink alcohol in excess. A healthy life aligns us with the frequency of success. We should also be vigilant of our thoughts. We are what we think and feeling is but a by product. This will help us focus on positive energy in order to attract more positivity into our lives which helps raise vibrational frequency.

9) Identify your limiting beliefs

Limiting beliefs and self doubt are a result of years and decades of conditioning. If you want to manifest your dream life or a new house, you have to start by changing the way that you think. Your mind is like an entity all onto itself with its own voice inside of it telling you what is possible or not for yourself in this world. That’s why positive affirmations are so powerful. They can help shift negative thought patterns into positive ones if used correctly.

During our process of manifestation of our house, limiting beliefs that question our creative power will appear in our mind. For example: “you won’t get that money”, “that house is too expensive for you”, etc.

We must quickly identify these harmful limiting beliefs and eliminate them from our mind. Then we replace them with positive beliefs: “I already have the money”, “I already live in the house of my dreams”, etc. In this way the negative energy is neutralized and eliminated from the mind.

10) Assuming the existence of our home and not just any house

We are now aware of our creative power and know that our desire, a home, will unfailingly manifest in our earthly reality. That is why we can plan from now on how we are going to live in our new home. We can imagine how we want to paint it, decorate it, furnish it, etc. We must ignore the aspects of the external reality that tell us that this house does not yet exist. That is a lie, because the house of our dreams exists in our mental reality. Our creative capacity will make that home manifest in our life.


The process of how to manifest a home can be revealing. We have an innate creative capacity that serves to experience the life we want to live. The first thing we must do is to become aware of this inner power when starting our manifestation journey. The 10 steps described above to manifest a house serve to work with this innate talent that we have always had. If you want to learn more in depth, you can read about Midas Manifestation.

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