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How To Attract Money Using Mind Power In 6 Steps

by Jason L.
attract money using mind power

Are you tired of waiting for your money to come in? Maybe it’s time to take things into your own hands and start creating wealth that you desire. How does one do this and achieve financial success, you might wonder?

Well, luckily there are a few steps that can help change your mindset in order to attract wealth and gain financial success into your life. These are the 6 steps on how to attract money using mind power.

1. Think of a specific amount of money you want to attract

calculating how much money you desire

At this point, you should have a specific amount in mind that you would like to attract. How much is not important – it can be anything from $100-$150,000. Think about how wonderful it will feel when you attract money into your life and all of your needs are met without any worries!

Now take out some paper or open up a new document on your computer so that you may begin writing them down. Your thoughts and mind power create energy vibrations which are picked up by the universe which respond according to our own feelings with regards to the similar vibration we receive (i.e., the thoughts we think).

When you send out thoughts of just money, the universe replies with those same vibrations and sends them back to us. When you focus your attention on what it is that you desire, riches for example, then in a short time period (weeks or months; some people may manifest money within days) other areas of our lives will be affected so as to bring about the manifestation of wealth.

How this happens varies from person to person based on their individual desires, beliefs and attitudes towards life. This process works best when coupled with positive feelings such as gratitude, appreciation and faith.

2. Spend 10-20 minutes each day visualizing yourself with all the money you desire

visualizaing how much money

The second step on how to attract money using mind power is by visualizing. Visualization is a powerful technique of using your mind power to attract money. The key is consistency: spend 10-20 minutes each day visualizing yourself with the desired amount of money in your bank account, and you’ll gradually start attracting more things into your life.

How much should I visualize?

Aim for $100-$200 per day as it is enough so that it feels almost real but isn’t overwhelming.

How will this help me attract wealth?

Visualization can also help you get a better job, negotiate higher salaries or achieving financial freedom. Visualizing your desired outcome for an extended period of time will help you feel like it is achievable, which increases the probability that you’ll achieve it.

If I’m visualizing myself with $500 in my account one day but then don’t attract more money into my account the next day, how can visualization work?

It’s important to keep going even if there are days when nothing seems to change: this resistance simply means that the goal isn’t far enough away yet so visualize at least another five weeks before achieving this goal. Eventually (within three weeks) what initially felt impossible or unfeasible will start feeling much closer than ever before!

For those who want to manifest a specific amount of money, the key is to visualize yourself spending that exact quantity.

It’s also important to remember not to go for a particular dollar figure- instead, try visualizing and feeling exactly what it would feel like if you were already there with $130,000 in your account. How do I know this will work?

Because when we imagine something vividly enough as though it has already happened (known as ‘imagining our desired outcome’), studies have shown that the brain starts working towards making those things happen!

3. Take steps to improve your life and make it more attractive for money

Paying off your debt and getting rid of clutter are a few things you can do to make your life more attractive for money. The idea is that, when it comes time to attract more good fortune into your life, or even just have a higher probability of being lucky, having less distractions and fewer responsibilities will help you feel freer and give the universe an easier chance at taking care of other aspects in your life.

You can also try to improve your attitude. How do you feel about money in general? How does it make you feel when somebody tells you that they’re rich and what’s the first thing that comes into your mind? Do these thoughts have a negative connotation or are they just neutral? It is important to be more open-minded so that good things may come to you.

If you’ve noticed any patterns with how much money has been coming into your life, take note of them – maybe there are certain times when luck seems particularly on your side and others where those chances seem slim. This could be due to external circumstances such as the season, or it could be due to you. How are your thoughts during these times?

How do I change my attitude toward money?

If you want to change your attitude toward money, start by being more open-minded about it. If the first thought that comes into your mind is negative or pessimistic in any way, then consider rewiring those thoughts so they can be more positive and encouraging of good things happening to you.

How do you go about doing this? It’s a lot easier than most people think – all it takes is repeating certain affirmations over and over again until they become ingrained in your subconscious mind.

4. Be open minded and think creatively about how you could earn extra income

The next step on how to attract money using mind power is to have an open mind. If you are open minded, there is a lot of creative ways that you can think about to making money and achieve financial success. If your current job isn’t giving enough on the money aspect of your lifestyle, then perhaps it’s time to explore other options.

How could it be possible? What kind of salary would I need if I wanted this type of personal life and what does an entrepreneur have to go through with starting up a new project or company?

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How many people find success when they start out as self-employed entrepreneurs versus those who get rejected from jobs all the time because applicants don’t meet requirements (even though there may not even be any)? How do these risky ventures turn into success stories? How can you work on your finances so that you are prepared to take risks should the need arise?

Here is a thought: instead of always looking for ways on earning money, why not look at how much money there is all around us and then create opportunities where we use this abundance in creative ways. We will be talking about the power of mind as it relates to attracting wealth into our lives.

There’s a lot more than just having an idea or starting out with nothing but pure ambition. How do we first identify what kind of lifestyle we want before taking steps towards achieving them? What does it require from each one of us – both financially and spiritually- if we’re going to attract everything that has become attached to these desires over the years? How do we make use of all the money and resources that are all around us, waiting to be used in creative ways?

It’s difficult not to notice how abundant life is. But sometimes it takes a while before you can appreciate these things because first you have to let go of fear, doubt and guilt – which often manifest themselves as financial challenges.

We need to learn how to work with manifesting abundance instead of creating obstacles for ourselves by looking at what we don’t want instead. We will only attract more of the same energy if we focus on feelings like lack or limitation: How about focusing our mind power on attracting everything that has become attached over time!

This may sound counter-intuitive but people who think they’re lacking in anything, find themselves lacking everything.

And it’s not enough to just think about it – you have to feel the feeling of abundance and imagine what that does for your life. How much better can this be?

I’m sure there are a lot of people who would say they’re already living abundant lives! How do they know that? Well because their mind power is focused on the things they DO want instead of the ones we don’t like: And as our focus shifts so does our reality – all good things come to those who decide and act accordingly.

It doesn’t matter how many times you make mistakes or when something gets away from us but rather how quickly we move on without dwelling over it too long by simply taking it as a lesson and moving on.

If we focus too much on the negative, then that’s all we will see in our lives! How can you attract anything when your mind is set to such an unproductive state?

I wish I could tell you how wise it feels just being able to simply acknowledge what happened without feeling guilty about it – knowing full well that no matter what has occurred, good things are still happening every day because of me (and them).

What amazes me most is not only attracting money but also getting rid of debt. It truly astounds me how quickly my life improved by doing nothing more than shifting my mindset from fear-based thoughts to ones based around love and gratitude for everything I have already been given.

I truly believe that if you keep your mind focused around these thoughts (love-based thoughts) rather than fear-based ones, then they’ll gradually become permanent fixtures within their own right. This means not only attracting more wealth but also feeling much happier after doing so as well!

5. Remember that attracting money is about having enough so that you can live comfortably without worrying too much 

The first thing I did was mindfully thank everything that has already been given to me, from my health and family to all of the money I spent on food this week. This helped set a really positive tone for my day, which made it much easier for me to resist any fear and based thoughts about financial hardship that might otherwise creep into my conscious mind throughout the day.

I also took some time each morning while meditating (in between visualizing) just go through every single one of these love-based thoughts again – not only about how lucky I am but also specifically thanking myself for all those little things that make life so wonderful too! Doing this at least once a day has really helped put my mind in a positive place throughout the day.

I also set an intention to receive all of this money and love during each meditation session, as well I would visualize myself being surrounded by all types of beautiful things like plants, flowers, animals – whatever felt good to me. And lastly, I started asking for help on social media from friends/family members who might be able-bodied enough (or just have a connection) to lend some assistance with other aspects of life that aren’t working so smoothly at the moment. This has been amazingly helpful when it comes to connecting with others too!

You can try what I did or come up with your own strategies to attract wealth using mind power and see how you feel.

6. Give back by volunteering at a charity or donating goods to thrift stores

giving back to attract money

Donating and giving back what you have to others is a great way to attract money into your life. How could you give back?

– Volunteer at a charity organization or thrift store so that you can help other people in need.

– Donate goods such as clothes, household items, and more to charities or secondhand stores if they are still usable for someone else.

– Make an investment of time by mentoring younger students about finances or budgeting (or another topic) through an afterschool program like Big Brother/Big Sister. Get creative with ways to donate! How do we think the world would be different if everyone acted this way?

How has giving back helped me get rich? I feel happy when I’m volunteering because it’s productive and rewarding. I have more energy and focus to spend on my own business.

How could this benefit me? Volunteering is a great way for me to network with other people who are trying to better themselves, while also helping them succeed in their endeavors! It helps make connections that will lead somewhere professionally but also socially as well! How might others be able to do the same thing through volunteer work? The world would be a different place if everyone acted this way!


These are the steps you can apply and learn how to attract money using mind power. You will start manifesting abundance, prosperity, financial success, wealth and achieve your money goals. Most of these techniques are reference from James Goi Jr., the bestselling author for personal development and self help books who is also known as The Attract Money Guru. You can check out our recommended books here.

The next time you are faced with a financial challenge or opportunity, use this knowledge about how to attract money using mind power by focusing on what you need all the money for.

Remember that our subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between reality and imagination so always keep positive thoughts in mind! If you do not believe me try repeating these positive affirmations two times daily: How can I be happy today? How can I make my day joyful? How can I be successful today? How will today bring great success into my life? Then watch as opportunities come knocking at your door. It really does work! So start attracting more of those dollars now with this information on!

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