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How to Use the 17 Seconds Manifestation to Manifest Anything

by Jason L.
17 seconds manifestation

How would you like to manifest anything? It’s easier than you might think. All it takes is 17 seconds of your time. In this blog post, I’m going to teach you how to use the law of attraction and manifest anything using the 17 seconds manifestation technique. This particularly powerful method has been used by law of attraction experts and manifestors for years to manifest anything they want.

What is the 17 seconds manifestation technique?

This 17 seconds rule is a law of attraction and manifesting method that takes about 17-seconds to complete. When completed, your subconscious mind will allow you to attract anything you want into your life based on the power of vibration. The spiritual law of attraction states that like attracts like so if you set out positive intentions with thoughts grounded in love and joy then what do we have left is nothing but success!

When using this technique for the first time it may seem difficult at first since most people are not used to doing something new or different than they normally would, however once mastered it becomes second nature.

This Technique was discovered by Abraham Hicks

All of us saw the movie” The Secret” which was made by the famous Abraham Hicks. In this movie, he just wants to show that anything we want or anything which we are imagining comes our way either by hook or crook. For instance, If you are addicted to coffee and you didn’t get it one day your mind will not accept it even your body didn’t so it’s all about our mentality our desires our prospectus and our dreams.

Another example is if you have happy feeling and memory about a particular person this must help you to achieve your goals, thus there are so many examples which are described by Abraham Hicks. Mainly he gives initiation about the law of attraction due to which all the manifestation occurs.

The goal of this technique

  • The reason behind this technique is to make you think only for 17 seconds of pure thought. This desire will become stronger till it reaches 68 seconds as your vibration expands.
  • Each of these 68 seconds is stronger than the previous one, creating a truly powerful force of attraction.

Why is it 17 seconds?

  • 17 seconds of pure thought is the ignition point of manifestation, according to Abraham Hicks.
  • If you hold an idea for 17 seconds, you will activate that manifestation at the very moment.

How To Use the 17-second rule step by step:

Set a timer: First, you will set a 17-second timer.

Think of a happy memory or good feeling: Before activating the timer, you have to seize into a positive headspace, high vibration, evoke happy memories or cause good feelings. I love to utilize the sensitivity of deliverance in this approach. The universe conspiracy put me where I am now, and everything is fine. For me, relief is often a very strong sense of vibration.

Choose a single thing to manifest: When you start feeling good, commence the timer and start focusing on the one thing which you really desire to create your dream life. For example, manifest money.

Now you feel good, when you think about your wishes, you should feel better. Don’t be distracted during these 17 seconds, and don’t let conflicts ruin your performance and vision in your mind.

Bonus: Now set it to 51 seconds, when your timer gets off. You will regain the feeling of happiness again. You will start with your original desire, and then make this idea more detailed and powerful in the remaining 51 seconds.

Start a rally and it officially comes to you. Now you have to thank the universe for bringing it in and letting go. Take care of yourself, continue your day, do things well, and keep busy.

Steps To Ensure Your manifestation will happen

1. Firstly fix your aim

The most important part of life is to fix an aim or a goal , because without that, your law of attraction will not work. You need to know what you want to manifest, and how much of it. Know exactly how much of it you want, and why. A good way is to start with your initial desire.

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2. Have belief

For law of attraction to work, it requires trust and belief in yourself or the universe. If you have been feeling an overwhelming sense of doubt about your ability to manifest anything, then it might hold you back from manifesting it.

3. Be happy

The law of attraction is the law that states what we think about and feel, will draw similar thoughts and feelings into our lives. As mentioned earlier, it says: “like attracts like.” That means if you’re having negative thoughts or emotions, they will attract more negativity to your life.

But when we replace those negativity with positive thought, then positivity can easily flow into all aspects of our lives. The key here is being happy with what you have right now because this law only applies to things you are thinking about at any given moment in time. So don’t worry about something in the future just be content with where you are now!

4. Dream board

dream board

Your dream board is a good idea and place to start practicing manifesting as this will help you sharpen your thoughts about your aim and dreams. This will help create a picture of your desired future and manifest things that you want. Whether is it you want to manifest money, relationship or health. Put them into your dream board.

After you have created your dream board, the next thing to do is read it every day and focus on what you want manifesting in your life. This may take a little time but will be worth it as you start turning your dreams into reality!

It can also help if while reading through your dream board, bestow gratitude for all that has been manifest so far by saying thank you or sending love outwards from yourself. Remember just because things are not manifest yet doesn’t mean they wont manifest one day soon with more focused intention directed towards them.

5. Intentions

An individual’s intentions plays a significant role in the manifestation technique. Most of the time we find ourselves captured in disappointment without actually knowing that we are not intent on something unique. You can write a manifestation list which can be written once a day, week or month, depending on you. You can also practice it according to the ritual if you want to practice it once a month for example: with the new moon. Make sure that your intentions are as high as you want your values and good feeling to be.

6. Imagination

Another technique that supports this powerful manifestation practice is “the letter from your future self” which simply means imagining your future and the place where you will stand by following the path of your aim. The technique basically means that you need to imagine the path and the way you need to follow and make a reflection of yourself and then convey it to you now. It is up to you, how far you want to imagine yourself in future whether 5 years or ten. Work with a truly powerful point.

7. Visualization

Visualization takes manifesting to the next level. This process is all about taking your thoughts off of paper or screen, and putting them into reality with as much detail as possible. Use every sense you have when visualizing: You should be able to smell what they’re cooking in their kitchen (even if you don’t know what that smells like) and hear any sounds going on around them. You want this experience to feel so real, people would think they were really there!

You should find the manifesting process much easier when you’re using visualization because it’s just so darn enjoyable! That doesn’t mean that manifesting becomes easy; in fact, many people have found this technique to be difficult at first. You’ll need to work on strengthening your imagination and focusing all of your thoughts on manifesting what you want.


In conclusion, it can be said that 17 seconds of manifestation affects you mentally and emotionally in extremely high vibration feeling. Your manifesting power will be greatly increased and manifesting in your life becomes much easier which can change your life forever. When using this technique, remember to apply manifesting with intention, manifest only what you want and manifest in a way that is aligned to your highest good.

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