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4 Manifesting Ex Back Success Stories You Can Learn From

by Jason L.
Manifesting Ex Back Success Stories

So you want to get your ex back using the Law of Attraction but are unsure whether manifestation works? The reality is that you’re constantly manifesting your reality even without knowing.

So, yes, you can save or get back into a relationship with your ex using the Law of Attraction. As the law states, you attract back whatever you give your energy, attention, and focus to.

Still not convinced that you can use the Law of Attraction manifestation to get your ex back? Here are some manifesting an ex back success stories to get you convinced. We also have another article, a full step-by-step guide on how to manifest your ex back using the law of attraction manifestation.

Success Story #1: The Girl from The Humble Oak YouTube Channel

The humble oak youtube

The first successful story is by a girl from The Humble Oak YouTube channel. So this is what happened according to her.

First, she distanced herself from her ex and even made sure she couldn’t interact with him on social media or see him with other girls. If you want to experiment with this manifestation technique, try to distance yourself from your lover, spouse, or partner completely and let it go.

After some time, this girl started visualizing being back together with her ex. She visualized her ex knocking on her door without being obsessive with it.

One mistake people make when they want to manifest is being obsessive with their manifestation. This girl visualized being together with her ex one time a day then let the universe act.

It didn’t take long before her ex knocked on her door.

Success Story #2: A Client Featured in the “Saiha YouTube Channel”

Even after one of no communication, no nothing with her ex-boyfriend, this client used manifestation to get her ex comment “I miss you” on her social media post.

How did she achieve that?

According to her, she stumbled upon a coach who advised her on how to stay on track. It’s worth noting that a coach cannot do the manifestation but can offer you guidance on how to do it the right way.

It’s like having an instructor during your driving training course. When it comes to manifesting a relationship, love, desire, or to get your ex back, you’re the carrier of the emotions. Anyone who can help you will just offer guidance on how you can manifest accordingly but cannot do the manifestation for you.

That means you should put in the work and effort to give your energy, attention, and focus to the university with positive signals of what you want.

Success Story #3: A Client From Veronica Isles YouTube Channel

Veronica Isles YouTube

Veronica Isles is a YouTube content creator based out of Chicago. She has been creating content since 2015 specializing in coaching about healing relationships and all love matters. This manifest ex back success story is for one of her clients, a girl.

The girl had a heartbreak from her ex who went ahead and started having a relationship with another girl. Instead of fighting for her ex-boyfriend, this girl focused on a different thing altogether.

She started reading self-love books that made her feel better. This made her start focusing on herself instead of her ex. Had she continued following her ex, she could have ended up hurting herself even more.

When the girl focused on different things, she started seeing some changes. Yes, her ex started texting her. But things didn’t work as she expected yet.

She encountered another setback, although she had read about self-love so she wasn’t’ shaken that much. Remember that setbacks are inevitable when chasing something that you cherish. In fact, you’re going to encounter more setbacks than you can imagine in your quest to achieve something you REALLY want in life. They are how the universe tests your strength and dedication.

Stay strong and committed to your mission. After some time, her boyfriend started communicating and even asked her to accept him back. There are many lessons you can learn from this manifesting ex back success story.

Here are a few takeaways:

When going through heartbreak, focus and work on yourself

Yes, focus on self-love while finding out what you want. Don’t force things or do the unthinkable. Instead of focusing on her ex-boyfriend, the girl started reading books about self-love. By so doing she discovered that she has more to treasure than she could imagine.

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This made her feel better. She got healed and relaxed to the extent that she couldn’t even feel the heartbreak.

In fact, it feels like even if her ex-boyfriend didn’t come back, she could still live happily. This made her boyfriend start developing interest in her to the extent of telling her to allow him back.

Don’t focus on setback

When chasing after something you want deadly, you’re going to encounter setbacks. Yes, this is something you better prepare for it. However, this is how the universe tests your seriousness and commitment.

If you focus on the setbacks, you lose it all.

In fact, even after the ex-boyfriend showed interest in coming back, the girl suffered yet another setback. But because she had learned how to self-love herself, she stayed strong.

Focus on being happy

When manifesting not only your ex but even other things you want, make sure you’re happy. This will increase the chances of realizing your manifestation.

Success Story #4: A Client From Meghan “Create Your Future” YouTube Channel

Create your future youtube

Create Your Future is a YouTube channel managed by Certified Law of Attraction Coaches who specializes in manifesting a specific person, relationship, and everything lover. This is also another manifesting ex back success story of a girl who manifested her ex-lover back.

According to the story, the girl focused and worked on herself as in the story we’ve shared above.

Something that stands out from these two manifesting ex back success stories is that a lot of soul-searching and healing is needed after a breakup. During sole-searching, the two girls discovered that they have so much to treasure than focusing on the heartbreaks. When you focus on yourself, you attract what you deserve.

How to Get Your Ex Back Using the Law of Attraction

See, the universe always responds when we ask something but you must ask what you want the right way. Generally, when you send out low-vibe or negative energy into the universe, it will respond with negative results.

So need to send out strong, high-vibe, and positive energy into the universe for you to attract what you want.

Wondering how to do it?

These are some basic steps on how to get back your ex fast with the Law of Attraction.

Step #1: Get clear on what you want

First things first, get clear on what you want and why you want. In this case, you need your ex back, why? The law of attraction states that “like attract like”.

The last thing you want to see is seeing another person coming into your life when you’re manifesting your ex. This happens when you send conflicting signals into the universe.

Take a pen and paper and write down all the traits of the ex you want back. You also need to describe the reason why you want your ex back. As stated back, like attract like. If the reason for wanting your ex is because you’re lonely or desperate, the outcome will be negative.

Make sure the reason why you want your ex back is supported by positive intentions such as happiness, joy, etc.

“I want my ex back so that we can be happy together”

“I’m manifesting my ex back so that we can enjoy life together”

Step #2: Visualize yourself with your ex

When it comes to manifesting your ex, your feels play a huge role. Visualization is one of the powerful manifestation techniques.

Find a quiet place, free from distractions, take deep breaths, then picture yourself with your ex-, for instance, you could visualize yourself hold his hand walking in a supermarket or something like that.

Step #3: Acknowledge liming beliefs

The next step is to determine your limiting beliefs. These are manifesting blocks.

That feeling you have when manifesting tells you that what you’re doing or what you’re wanting won’t happen. When you start to feel that you don’t deserve your ex back, that’s a limiting belief. Or when you start to feel that you won’t find true love or you were born to be alone, your manifestation will be in vain.

Once done this, relax and let the universe act as you have requested it to.

Final Thoughts

In all the success stories above, the girls focused on self-love and working on themselves. You see, sometimes the reason why someone may want to distance themselves from you is that you might be stubborn, or perhaps they had some habits their ex-boyfriends couldn’t withstand. Reading more Law of Attraction books like “The Secret” or self-love will definitely elevate your feelings.

When you do some soul-searching and work on yourself, you change and become a better you and that’s how you attract your ex into your life again. Mental health is important. There is nothing more mental-draining than seeing your ex having a relationship with another person.

When the girls distanced themselves from their ex-boyfriends and even removed them from their social media channels, they started to heal. Relax as you manifest. Don’t push things to happen. Visualize and let go. As long as you send clear signals to the universe of what you want, let the universe work on delivering it to you.

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