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5 Manifesting a Crush Success Stories – How They Manifested Their Crush

by Jason L.
Manifesting a Crush Success Stories

Do you feel stuck and helpless when it comes to finding inspiration on how to manifest your crush? If so, you have reached the perfect destination! In this article, we share five success stories of people who attracted what they desired. Take a step forward and be inspired to attain the same!

Success Story 1 – Mark & Emily

Mark had always battled with his self-confidence issues, especially in regards to his external appearance. He had a love interest in Emily, someone he’d met through mutual acquaintances, but felt he appeared too plain for her to look twice at him. Emily was stunningly attractive, intelligent, and amiable; Mark could not imagine how anyone like him would ever be able to catch her attention.

Still, he decided to test out the power of manifestation to assist his love hopes with Emily. He began affirming that he was deserving of love, no matter what his exterior looked like; and that soon enough, Emily would discover him for who he truly was beneath the physicality. He pictured himself and her as a happy couple in each other’s affections; and envisioned her seeing him for all of his honest traits.

Subsequently, Mark noticed differences in himself; not just his mentality and actions, but in his self respect as well. He began to feel more at ease with himself and felt empowered about his own gifts beyond aesthetic qualities – such as being compassionate, witty and clever.

Eventually Emily worked up the courage to profess her affection for him. She explained to Mark it wasn’t just about looks with him; she appreciated and adored every detail of who he was as a person – from his understanding nature to his humorous disposition. This awakened something inside of Mark – it served as a confirmation that manifesting had done its part and it had been successful!

Proudly and confidently, today they are still going strong together – with Mark growing into the best version of himself before ever imagined. His momentary preoccupation over physical beauty became overshadowed by the truth – genuine beauty came from within. His manifestation did more than just helping him attract the woman of his dreams; it showed him the undying strength within himself during those insecure moments that felt sometimes unshakable.

Success story 2 – Sophie & John

For months, Sophie had a burning infatuation towards her neighbor, John, but her lack of self-esteem made it seem hopelessly out of reach. One day, her wise and trusted friend brought forth an innovative idea – manifesting. And so, with a heavy heart and determined spirit, Sophie ventured on this path.

Everyday, Sophie intensely visualized their future together – walking hand in hand, laughing and loving. In addition to this, she turned to the great power of affirmations written from the heart which grew ever so electrifying with each passing moment. To complement these efforts of reimagining her life with John, she dared to take a few small steps as well – a friendly smile here and there or a simple wave when spotting him from afar.

Finally, what seemed impossible became somehow tangible within a heartbeat – John initiated the conversation befitting not only of the shy girl but also the courageous one who took action! Their initial spark soon blossomed into amazing mutual understanding and devoted love was kept strong right till the end.

Concluding this miraculous journey of love and self-confidence building, Sophie realized that manifesting is more than just getting your desires; it’s about believing in yourself and taking action should you find your courage waning.

Success story 3 – Mike & Jenna

Intimidated by her intelligence and beauty, he was convinced that she was out of his league. But despite this thought, Mike could not suppress his feelings and chose to apply the law of attraction to his situation.

Thus, he began by writing down what he wanted in a relationship and visualizing himself being with Jenna. He enriched it with positive affirmations and belief that they were fated for each other and she was equally interested in him. In addition, he also worked upon himself striving for personal growth -right from exercising to dressing better in order to boost his self-esteem.

To Mike’s astonishment, Jenna too seemed to return the vibe – striking conversations and making conscious attempts to be around him more often. Eventually, their bond culminated into a date and the two shared an intense connection from the beginning. As their togetherness evolved, they started developing deeper feelings for each other culminating in them being now happily married.

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Looking back at his journey of manifestation, Mike realized that it was not just about attracting Jenna but becoming a better version of himself as well. He understood how positively impacting his mindset with the law of attraction assisted him in obtaining the relationship he desired with Jenna – one that was full of affection and joy.

Success story 4 – Tom & Rachel

Tom and Rachel met at a social gathering and hit it off immediately, despite the fact that they had a significant age difference of almost 20 years. Tom, who was in his early 40s, was drawn to Rachel’s youthful energy and zest for life. Rachel, on the other hand, was attracted to Tom’s maturity and stability.

However, they were both hesitant to pursue a relationship due to their age gap. Tom had concerns about societal judgment and Rachel worried about their future together. But they couldn’t deny their chemistry and decided to try manifesting.

Rejecting the notion that their age difference would be an issue, they were confident that they were meant to be together. Committing to generating happiness and contentment in their relationship, they chose to concentrate on the positives: their shared interests and values.

Their conscious alignment of intentions led to the growth of their bond — and a realization that any difference in age was inconsequential in the grand scheme of things. Fueling each other’s ambitions and dreams, they encouraged one another to reach for the best version of themselves. Their story became an uplifting testament that success-in-love is possible despite any age gap.

Tom and Rachel realized that manifesting their relationship was not just about attracting each other, but also about overcoming societal stereotypes and judgment. They believed that love knows no boundaries and that age is just a number.

Today, Tom and Rachel are still happily together and continue to manifest their future together, despite their age gap. They are proof that manifesting can overcome any obstacle and that true love knows no bounds.

Success story 5 – Maggie & Jake

Maggie had a secret admiration for her co-worker, Jake. She was hesitant to take the plunge and approach him due to her insecurities regarding her body image. Years of experiences had taken a toll on her self-image, making her doubt whether someone like Jake could ever find her attractive enough. But despite it all, Maggie had determined to make something out of her wishful thoughts.

To engender her intentions, she started affirming her worth as an individual and that Jake could see that as much as she did. She conjured up dream scenarios of them going on dates, laughing all the while and feeling intimate in each other’s company. Maggie then took it upon herself to help her cause with a healthy diet and regular exercise – for self-improvement rather than for weight loss.

Little by little Maggie’s sense of esteem increased and she began to feel more at ease with Jake’s presence. Seemingly out of nowhere, Jake asked Maggie out on a date – much to her delight!

The date was absolutely phenomenal and Jake expressed his admiration for Maggie’s confidence, humor, and intelligence. To top it off he lovingly returned that no matter what size she is, he found her beautiful unconditionally.

This momentous event eventually led to Maggie overcoming her struggles with body image and becoming more confident, hence attractively manifesting the one person she wanted in her life all along. Right now, Maggie and Jake are more than blissful together which proves that true beauty really does come from within!


It’s obvious from these manifesting-crush-success stories that, with the power of positive thinking and visualization, you can have anything you wish for. Whether it’s about facing your fear of approaching the person you’re crushing on, or being burdened with negative thoughts and self-doubt, manifesting can be a useful way to bring about the romantic relationship that you desire.

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Ultimately, it comes down to setting goals and visualizing your ideal relationship while affirming in yourself that it will soon materialize. Once armed with this mindset as well as the right tools, there’ll soon be no limits to how much love you can draw towards yourself.

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