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Is Quantum Jumping Dangerous?

by Jason L.
Quantum Jumping dangerous

Quantum jumping has been enwrapped in both controversy and the promise of gaining all that one wishes. It does come with a certain underlying amount of danger, but is it worth the risk? To many, quantum jumping has been put on a pedestal with an exciting opportunity to unlock its powerful potential, yet others question if another fad has come to take money out of the hands of those who wish to excel in life.

The Science Behind Quantum Jumping

The idea of something existing in multiple dimensions simultaneously is quite a thought to process. We often think that our lives are divided between past, present and future but quantum physics helps us re-imagine a different perception of life. Exploring further into the concept, Dr Brian Weiss sheds light on vivid dreams which are said to be coming from past or even future lives. It is believed these dreams happen when conscious and subconscious mind is suppressed – allowing subconscious to remain active.

Jose Silva was among the brilliant minds who explored the depths consciousness which lay beyond our everyday awareness, revolutionizing Silva Mind Control methods and creating quantum jumping, an extension of these ideas. Despite this innovative technique being said to hold incredible benefits for someone, it ultimately comes down to them using it responsibly and not pinning their hopes on it too excessively.

Looking Further Into Quantum Jumping

Quantum jumping originates from physics where it demonstrates particles transitioning from one state to another instantly – not gradually like classic science models show; such as ice melting into water, or water evaporating into steam. However, Burt Goldman is the mind behind associating this principle with law of attraction techniques giving people the opportunity ‘jump’ between realities utilizing visualization and relaxation techniques.

As these theories align with those discussed by Jose Silva before him, they revolve around accessing certain parts of our minds which link us consciously or unconsciously to infinite intelligence at times. Depending on ones perspective this may sound like science fiction however quantum physics has revealed some truth behind this and reveals time might just be an illusion – when really past, present and future may just exist at once! When harnessed properly quantum jumping can prove highly beneficial however allowing too much control over one may lead them harm’s way – so understanding how far your limits should reach is key here!

5 Reasons Why Quantum Jumping Is Dangerous

Our soul or higher self remains constant throughout each life experience. Simply put, our lives are a journey for the soul, wherein each experience brings us closer to our core being. Thus, interfering with past and future lives is not impossible– but not the point here. Quantum jumping brings individual consciousness to a higher level by giving a vivid mental depiction of one’s true potential. It shines light on abilities that might have been hidden prior to the jump. An awakening can occur if we open ourselves up to the possibilities quantum jumping offers– this is where potential danger lies. Let’s consider five implications that could cause trouble if you choose to quantum jump:

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1. Reopening Past Life Wounds

Although we might gain insight from quantum jumping into past lives, it could lead to reopening old wounds too. Particularly if there was unprocessed trauma from our past, revisiting it by quantum jumping could bring up some very deep and intense emotions. That’s why it’s essential to have someone trained in assisting us with managing these experiences properly; someone who can help us give context and find the positive in former traumas for current life lessons.

2. Inability to Cope with Radical Change

Sometimes with quantum jumping we can manifest radical changes in our life almost out of nowhere – but this isn’t always beneficial if we’re unprepared for them! Manifestation has a lot more to do with one’s inner work than external change -if we don’t nurture ourselves first these swift outside changes can plunge us into a personal crisis quicker than imaginable– this can be dangerous both mentally and emotionally.

3. Abundance Will Only Amplify What You Already Are Encountering

Abundance through quantum jumping doesn’t always mean positive effects in life as abundance only amplifies who you already are – so if your inner self mainly holds anxiousness, fear or stress then externally more of these feelings will be projected through your existing wealth etc. You cannot hide from your true essence hence manifestation will never fix existing challenges but instead amplify them.

4. Crushed Expectations With Quantum Jumping

The promise of quantum jumping being able to make radical life changes in no time can attract people to it for all the wrong reasons. People hope that it could heal incurable diseases and result in many miraculous outcomes, but it’s important to remember that this is not the case for most people.

If this method is looked upon out of desperation to fix a problem, it can be very dangerous and lead to crushed hopes. Unfortunately, quantum jumping does not work for everyone and a significant percentage of people will find that they get nothing out of it. This does not mean you shouldn’t try it – simply be aware that misplaced ideals can lead to highly disappointing results.

5. Unrealistic Expectations

Similar to hypnosis, some individuals cannot be hypnotized because their conscious minds reject it. Many people become extremely enthusiastic about quickly becoming what they aspire to when engaging with quantum jumping; however, this utopian perception can be hazardous. Believing you can quickly switch from one profession or skill to another without putting effort is untrue and very unreliable.

Burt Goldman likes to cite his success stories of becoming a pianist, artist, and author in a short space of time with quantum jumping; however, he had put countless hours of hard work into all these roles before he was able to achieve every goal he set out for himself. He painted over 100 canvases before he could call any piece his ‘art’. In other words: yes, there are rapid improvements with this practice, but the truth is you must still do your part!

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