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Abraham Hicks Law of Attraction Tips to Manifest With Ease

by Jason L.
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Manifesting doesn’t have to be hard. Abraham Hicks has used his wealth of expertise in the area of the Law of Attraction and manifesting to provide us with helpful tips to make it easy.

In this article, you can find 8 easy strategies shared by Abraham Hicks so you can start manifesting with ease. Let’s jump right in!

1.   Instead of Asserting, Attract

Granted, when it comes to manifesting, we tend to push to make things happen our way. We practice all the manifestation techniques we know and put a lot of effort into manifesting. We try to declare. This is something every manifester does.

This isn’t how we’re supposed to manifest. In fact, according to Abraham, when we assert, we manipulate.
Trying to asset or manipulate a manifestation into happening is a waste of time. You won’t achieve your goals.

According to Abraham, to manifest with ease, you should not assert but sit back and attract your manifestation.

While it’s recommended to use scripting when manifesting, Abraham argues that since all that you want is in the Vortex, you just need to allow it to happen. That means that there is no need to script every day.

To attract your manifestation, you need to do things that make you feel happy to align yourself in the right vibrational frequency to attract it.

2.   Negative Beliefs Aren’t Bad

It’s human habit. When we’re so much focused on achieving something good, we tend to think that negative thoughts aren’t healthy.

In many of his workshops, Abraham talks about ‘contrast’. In this case, when you encounter something you don’t want, figure out what you WANT. In other words, if a bad situation happens to you, think about the opposite. Contrast helps us to understand what we really want to keep us focused on our manifestations.

When you focus on what you really want, you place what you want into your Vortex. Note: Abraham uses the term Vortex, to make putting your manifestation in the state of happening.

3.   Avoid Calibrating to Unstable Things

According to Abraham, humans are known to calibrate unstable things. In this case, it means humans tend to calibrate to other people rather than calibrating to our inner being.

When we calibrate to other people especially with a low vibe, we also lower our vibrational frequencies. For instance, when you’re feeling good or happy and you meet someone experiencing a bad day, you’re most likely going to be affected by their feelings and emotions. This means that your vibrational frequency will be lowered to match theirs so instead of feeling good and happy, you will start to feel like them- sad, angry, worried, etc. 

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Always calibrate to your inner being to keep your vibrational frequency high at all times when manifesting. 

4.   Understand Your Vibration

Of all Abraham Hicks’s law of attraction tips, this is the simplest. According to Abraham, we can understand our vibration in two ways: Based on our feelings and based on the way things are happening to us.

In this case, when we calibrate to our inner being, we raise our vibration and feel great.

When our vibe is high, our inner being is full of positive energy. While at this state, if you feel anything else, it’s a sign that you aren’t aligned to your inner being or your vibe is low.

Also, if things seem not to work, you’re probably out of alignment with your inner being.

5.   Memories and Past Experiences Can Keep You From Manifesting

Past emotional trauma can influence your current state thus you need to let go of emotional trauma so you can gain health, happiness, and clarity of thoughts.

In an example given by Abraham, if you were on a train and you reach somewhere where one side is an ocean and the other side a junkyard, would you get rid of the junkyard and focus on the ocean? Definitely, you will choose to look that way.

That’s how memories and the past can be said. Thinking about past emotional trauma and memories is like calibrating to other people with a low vibe.

As stated above, when we calibrate to unstable things, we lower our vibe.

In this case, we need to focus on the now and avoid thinking about memories and the past.

6.   It’s Impossible to Change Other People’s Feelings Toward You

As humans, we’re always in control of our own feelings toward other people but we can’t control how other people feel about us.

In a nutshell, no matter how upset other people are about you, keep in mind that you can’t control them and if you try to control them, you will end up upsetting yourself.

7.   Learn How to Calibrate

If your vibration tries to go low, or you start to feel bad, you can always work things around using the tips below:

  • Pick a notebook and make two columns.
  • On the left column, list everything that’s bothering you and the feelings it comes with it.
  • On the right column, list things that help you to calibrate back to your inner being.

In this case, assuming you said something that upset your friend and it makes you feel like a bad person. On the left column, you can write “I upset my friend when I said something”

On the right column, write “am I a bad or good friend?” then “I’m a good friend” or any other phrase that can help to calibrate you back to your inner being.

8.   Use Meditation

Meditation is a powerful manifestation technique that’s also featured in Abraham Hicks’s law of attraction tips. This technique helps us to connect to source energy and our inner being.

The good news is that meditation is easy and you can do it as many times as you can.

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