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10 Powerful Writing Manifestation Techniques That Works

by Jason L.
Writing Manifestation Technique

The Law of Attraction is not really complicated. If we stay focused on our dreams and maintain a positive mindset in connection to them, it is possible to manifest what you want. The first step is to plan a successful manifestation technique that work towards your goal.

But, at times, moving from the state of dream to the state of experience can seem to be a little hard and long. It is then when a simple exercise can prove to be helpful. And this exercise is writing or scripting our manifestation.

Now, before we learn how to do some manifestation writing techniques, we first need to understand the benefits of doing it. Since once we are aware of the power of this manifestation method we will be able to give it our full selves and thus attract our desired outcome super fast.

Using Law of Attraction To Write Our Manifestations

To us, who are new to this world of Law of Attraction, an exercise like writing manifestation can appear to be simple and also insignificant. But, the fact is, it is a strong medium that works at various levels and helps us realize our dreams.

Words work magic

Words are magical and powerful, and they thus can inspire, uplift, or even crush our beliefs and hurt us. If we select the right words, they will open the doorways to the power of the universe. And then, it will help us attract positive energy and the right elements that we need to manifest our desires.

It brings clarity to our feelings and desires

Many of us get confused regarding what we really want in life. We keep changing our desires and dreams. This only messes up with our focus and even confuses the energies that we are trying to send out to the Divine, to the Universe.

If we want manifestation to happen, we need to be focused on our desire and be consistent. When we write our manifestation we enjoy this clarity.

Our subconscious is activated

Also, when we do manifestation writing on a daily basis, it unlocks the great potential of our subconscious mind to find the solution to challenges and obstacles that may come in the way of fulfillment of our desires. And eventually, our desires are sure to get fulfilled.

Steps To Writing Manifestation Method

Steps To Writing Manifestation

Now that we are aware of the benefits, let us get to know how we can start writing.

Well, writing a manifestation is quite easy, and all we need to do is follow the simple tips suggested below.

1. Get a manifestation journal or notebook

The first thing that we need to do is to create a physical space for the exercise we are about to practice. And that is, to get a pen and paper or notebook where we will be writing.

We should ideally use this journal solely for the purpose of writing manifestation. If we keep it separate, then it becomes easier to enjoy a clear mind and focus on our aims.

2. Clear our head

The next thing that we have to concentrate on is to clear our heads. It will be a great idea to meditate for about 5 minutes before we begin creating our list. Meditation helps release negative energies or resistance that we may be carrying and gives us a good chance to get aligned with our intuitive energy.

As our minds get calmer, it will be easier to focus, and then, we can think about our desires with an open, clear mind.

3. Imagine our wish is already fulfilled

Once our head is calm and clear, we need to gently start imagining our dream. When our goals begin moving into focus we can get clearer about them. Details start emerging, and we gradually start feeling excited and delighted about the possibilities that are before us.

It is okay if we are not yet being able to capture such images. With time, we will be able to feel the potential and purity of our dream.

4. Writing down details of our visualization

After we have spent at least a couple of minutes fantasizing about our goal, we can start writing. This is a kind of automatic writing, where, our conscious thoughts help us write down details of our manifestation.

Once we are ready, we need to write down each thing that we see in our vision. We can take as much time as is needed and not force words out.

If we feel we are not being able to see the details as clearly, then we need to close our eyes yet again, take a few deep breaths, and then enjoy the beautiful energy that we had a while ago. Once we are ready, we can begin writing again.

5. Writing in the present tense

While writing, we need to write in a way that it already is ours, or so to say, in the present tense. For instance, if it is about a new bed, we can write “I love my new bed. My back feels a lot better every morning. I enjoy the feel of my mattress….”

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6. Feeling thankful and expressing gratitude for our visualized outcome

When you express your gratitude for what’s going well, it helps to shift your perspective and create an opening in which more good things can come into your life. A lot has been researched on this topic already with great results!

One study found that participants who took part in a program designed around expressive writing showed significant improvements in physical symptoms as well as psychological wellbeing, while another research project found that people who journaled about deep personal loss experienced less depression just six months later than those who didn’t write anything down at all!

Expressing gratitude is very important for manifesting desires in every technique. It helps us write from a positive viewpoint, and attracts more similar results. So, we must always feel grateful and express our gratitude.

7. Let go

Once we have completed writing our manifestation, we need to let go or forget about it. If we keep thinking about the list then the logical part of our brain starts working. It will create an obstacle by raising questions in our minds about the possibility of fulfillment of our wishes. And, this will prevent us from enjoying the most amazing results that the Universe is about to offer.

8. Write our Affirmations

Writing our affirmations 3 times in the morning is a perfect way if you want to manifest them into reality. It tells our subconscious mind that we are serious about what we want and deserve it, which means it will help us with manifesting. The more you write your affirmation every day, the sooner your desires will materialize into reality!

This is why people use this affirmation technique to manifest things into their lives such as a new job, or even a big event like a house. Something else that works well for manifesting through writing is using positive words when describing your desires because they have more power than negative ones since they attract energy rather than repel it.

Lastly, make sure to practice gratitude daily! Writing down three things each day that you are grateful for can be an excellent way of strengthening both the energy of your desires and the connection you have with those things.

9. Repeat your affirmations

Repeat your affirmations every day to get into the habit of believing them. If you want a certain thing, say it over and over again until you believe that this is what will happen in reality. This law of attraction manifestation technique is one of my favorites because I find it so easy to do. The more times an affirmation is repeated, then the more power you give it.

How often should we repeat our affirmations? That depends on how much time and energy we are willing to invest each day in manifesting things for ourselves like achieving goals/wants etc..

For example; if someone wants something very badly but they only have five minutes per day to think about their desires everyday before going to bed, then they may want to repeat their affirmations five times each day. If they have more time, then it is better for them to say the affirmation or goal 20-30 times per day so that it can really sink deep into your unconscious mind and manifest itself in reality.

10. Visualize achieving what you want as if it has already happened

Visualization is another powerful manifestation techniques in existence. Why? Visualization is a way to focus your attention on what you want and can draw it closer towards you. The more focused attention we give something, the more likely we are to manifest its reality into our lives.

Visualize achieving what you want as if it has already happened and notice that how good this feels right now! If there’s anything about these experiences that doesn’t feel great, let go of those thoughts and feelings by reminding yourself why things will be different when they come true for real (e.g., “I’m getting out of debt because my finances have never been better.”)

Also notice how other people respond to your success like telling others about their amazing results or offering to pay you for your services. Notice how good it feels when someone recognizes what a great job they did and offers them more opportunities because of their success.

You can also manifest with affirmations, visualizations, and hypnotic scripts that are specifically designed for this purpose! Write down the things you want as if they have already happened in present tense:

“I am debt-free.” “I am healthy and full of energy!” Etc. Repeat these phrases out loud until you believe them on a deep level. Then notice how much better those feelings feel than any thoughts about lack or limitation and make sure not to give too much time or attention to anything else but what’s going well right now!

After Doing The Writing Manifestation Technique

Once we have completed the writing manifestation techniques, there are a few other things that we need to do to make sure our dreams indeed turn into reality and quickly so.

Have Faith

We must have faith in the manifestation process and there should be no doubts at all. In case we have a doubt, then affirmation exercises can prove helpful.

Maintain High Vibrations

Our vibrations must always be high to match the strong positive energy of the Universe. To make this possible, we can do acts of kindness, exercise regularly, eat right, and be grateful for everything that the Universe already has blessed us with. This will help to raise your vibration.

Work Towards Our Goal

Yes, we must not think about the outcome of our dream, whether it will happen and how. But, we certainly need to works towards it. If we are trying to manifest a partner then we need to work towards being the kind of person we want to attract. Always remember, it is not what we want but what we are that we attract.

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