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How to Manifest Anything on Paper and Get Great Results

by Jason L.
How to Manifest Anything on Paper

Are you looking to learn how to manifest anything on paper and get great results?
If so then this article is for you.

Did you know that you can manifest anything you want with the Law of Attraction? With the law of attraction, there is no limit to what and how much you can manifest.

Learning how to manifest on paper isn’t as complicated as many people think. The manifestation technique involves writing down, seeing, and touching your goals or desires as if they have happened.

The Power of Writing Something on Paper By Hand

Writing is a powerful process backed by multiple scientific studies. Neurophysiologists conducted a study in 2011 to understand the differences between writing and typing.

The study exposed some captivating facts that explain why teachers prefer students to write by hand than typing.

The motor actions of writing and the sensations of holding pen and paper send some feedback to your brain.

Granted, when you want to learn something, you engage your brain actively. Since the brain is engaged during writing, it becomes more focused than when you observe things passively.

In the 2011 study mentioned above, participants were asked to write an unfamiliar alphabet. Those who did write it down learned the alphabet faster. This is because of the activity, of writing down something, the motor action, as well as the visual action that involves touching the paper and holding the pen.

Learning how to manifest anything on paper starts with understanding how to write down ideas and thoughts on paper.

Why Manifestation Works When We Write Down Something on Paper

Why do experts recommend writing down something you want to manifest on paper? Granted, goal setting is a practice that has been there for many years.

Carrying ideas of something you want in your subconscious isn’t a good idea. They can evaporate easily hence the need to write them down on paper.

When you write down your ideas and thoughts, you lock them in a way that they can’t evade your consciousness.

To manifest something effectively, you need to identify and write down your desires, your manifestation intentions, and goals on paper.

This will help speed up your manifestation.

In other words, an idea that’s written is an idea that’s half actualized.

That said, here are several reasons why writing down something on paper can help speed up manifesting:

Improves Clarity and Intention

The process of writing down your desires helps to reinforce what you want to manifest in your subconscious mind which improves clarity. Remember that gaining clarity on what you to manifest is the first step to improve success with your manifestation.

When you write down your ideas and thoughts, they get clear both in your head hence you create an intention. Learning how to manifest anything on paper begins with understanding what you want to manifest- something you can achieve when you write down your ideas and thoughts on paper.

Writing Down is a Powerful Visualization Technique

Visualization is an important aspect of manifesting. Words form images in your mind.
While some people try to visualize their desires by closing their eyes and imagining things, this can be hard.

Some use pictures from magazines and create vision boards. This one can also work but the mind knows that the pictures aren’t yours.

Visualizing using words can be powerful. When you read something either on paper or anywhere else, words, you build an image of the words in your mind hence they come to life.

The process of writing involves thinking visually hence it helps to manifest anything you want faster.

It’s a Powerful Technique for Reprogramming The Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind controls all our activities including our thoughts. While you may want to manifest a better job consciously, your habitual thoughts might be different and the subconscious mind will be going back to these habitual thoughts.

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You can reprogram this through repetition. Granted, humans learn and unlearn things through repetition. Affirmations repeated in the mind can work but writing them down on paper can speed up your manifestation.

Unlike using pictures from a magazine, when you write down what you want to manifest, the subconscious mind recognizes your own handwriting as something that belongs to you.

It Improves Focus

Sustaining the focus on something that we want to manifest long enough is one of the challenges manifesters face. Unfortunately, sustained focus on what you want and do is the secret to manifesting anything you want.

Learning how to manifest anything on paper makes you focus on your ideas and thoughts which helps to get rid of distractions that could cause disbelief in what you want to manifest.

It Helps to Keep You Committed

An idea that exists in the mind is just an idea. When you write it down, it becomes real. When you keep ideas in mind, they can easily evaporate. The moment you write them down and create an intention, you commit.

Even though writing down ideas and making a commitment doesn’t guarantee that they will manifest, it’s a crucial step when learning how to manifest anything on paper.

That said, here is how to manifest anything on paper and get great results:

Use Repetitive Writing

Repetitive writing is an effective manifesting tool. Studies suggest that learning through writing not only helps to improve learning 3 times but also helps to retain information longer and in more detail. How to manifest anything on paper using repetitive writing helps the mind to keep focused on a single idea. When writing an affirmation or intention, you block all other thoughts that might be running through your mind during that moment. When you focus your thoughts this way, you get into the state of turning your idea into reality.  You can use the 55×5 method or other variations that use the same strategy- repetitive writing.

Use Scripting Technique

With scripting, instead of journaling about things that already happened, you journal about things that you want to happen.
When using scripting to manifest anything on paper, you assume the role of a scriptwriter. In this case, you’re the one to decide what you want, how you want it to happen, in every detail.

How to Make Your Script Better

Here are a few attributes of a good script to maximize advantage from scripting.

Write in the present tense

When manifesting, no matter the technique you’re using, you should use the present tense. Granted, you want to achieve your dreams, desires, or goals in the future.

Nevertheless, when scripting, think as if it’s happening. As if your manifestation is happening.

This helps to trick your mind that what you wish is already happening.

Keep the script clear and descriptive

As a rule, you should make your script clear and include as many details as possible. When you create a descriptive script about your future, you enhance the mental connection with it.
It also helps to send clear signals to the Universe about what you want.

Write down your thoughts, feelings, and emotions

Your emotions, feelings, and thoughts are crucial for your manifestation success. Unfortunately, we aren’t honest to express our emotions, feelings, and thoughts. Describe them and how you feel about achieving your goals.

Practice gratitude

When you feel grateful, you increase your energy vibrations which help to manifest your desires faster. When scripting, practice gratitude. To introduce gratitude in your script, describe how your life feels after manifestation. Thank the Universe for delivering your desires.

Create Manifestation Lists

Creating a manifestation list is yet another powerful step in learning how to manifest anything on paper.

With this technique, you create and keep a list of the things you want to manifest into your life. Think of it as a bucket list you create when doing your shopping. The idea is to ensure you don’t send confusing requests to the universe.
Remember to keep the list with you at all times so you can look at it and read it daily.

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