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How To Use The 2 Cup Manifestation Method To Manifest Anything You Want

by Jason L.
2 Cup Manifestation Method

Ever heard about the 2 cup method? What about the Law of Attraction?
Ever heard about any of the two? Don’t worry…because you’ve been using the law of attraction to manifest things without your knowledge.

In this article, we’re going to talk about the 2 cup manifestation method and how to use it to manifest anything you want.

Granted, when you hear about the manifesting ritual for the first time, you will doubt its ability.

See, the 2-cup manifesting ritual is based on science. Its powers to help you manifest will depend on how prepared you are.

If you acknowledge the Law of Attraction then you should be able to manifest anything with this manifestation technique.

Sounds good?
Alight, let’s get rolling.

What Is The 2 Cup Manifestation Method?

The 2 cup manifestation method is based on the theory that whenever your life changes, you have shifted dimensions. This applies no matter how big or small your life changes.

The manifestation ritual uses two cups, with one demonstrating your current situation and one representing your desired situation. You can call one cup poor or single and another one a billionaire or married/in a relationship.

Your current situation is represented with a cup filled with water, which is then poured into the cup representing your desired reality before you drink it.

If you’re learning about the 2 cup method, it might sound silly to you but when you learn how to use it to manifest anything you want you’d be surprised by the potential this manifesting ritual has.

See, the reality is that your desired reality will happen, has happened, or is happening at the present moment but in different mini-universes.

This implies that there is a reality where you’re married if you’re currently single. And one where you’re a billionaire. Or one where you have purchased your desired car.

This is possibly happening in a different dimension. Even though you can shift dimensions involuntarily, the 2 cup manifesting method helps you to do it consciously. It helps you change your current situation in life.

That said, let’s get into the meat of this blog post.

How To Use The 2 Cup Manifestation Method to Manifest Anything You Want

Albeit being an unknown manifestation method, the 2 cup manifesting technique helps you manifest by shifting dimensions from your current reality to your desired reality.

Let’s see how this manifestation method works in summary then we will dive deep into it later.

But before that:

What You Need to Use the Two Cup Manifesting Ritual

  • One empty cup
  • One cup filled with water
  • Tiny pieces of paper or labels with tape
  • A pen

How it works


Label the two cups:

The cup with water represents your current reality, and the empty one represents your desired reality.

For instance, if you’re manifesting a relationship, label the cup representing your current situation as ‘single, looking for a healthy relationship’ and your desired reality cup should be ‘married, I have a beautiful wife/husband’ or whatever you want to manifest.

Sit with the cups:

While sited with the two cups, meditate for a few minutes on how each situation feels; start meditating about your current reality then shift your focus on how your ideal desired reality will feel like.

Pour the water into your desired reality cup:

While focusing on your desired reality, pour the water into your desired reality cup.

Stay present:

Feel the moment when you’re pouring the water, hear it, focus on the sound of the water you’re pouring into the desired reality cup. Sounds silly but envision the sparkles that form when pouring the water and a bright future happening to you.


Once you have poured the water from the current reality cup into the desired reality cup, meditate on the state of the cups. That’s how to tune into your desired reality. The sparkles of the water into the cup represent your vibrational frequency with feelings of gratitude, happiness, and joy. Contemplate what you’re manifesting now.

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Drink the water

While focusing on the positive feeling of having achieved your desired reality, drink the water you have poured from the current reality cup into the desired reality cup and feel excited as you drink the water.

Take out the label:

You can either get rid of the current reality label and remain with the desired reality label now.

Live in your desired reality:

Now that you’re aligned with your desired reality, live as if you have achieved what you wanted. Stop mourning your current situation, forget about the sorrows and keep your focus 100% on your desired reality.

That’s the summary of how the 2 cup manifestation method works.

Now let’s see how to use the 2 cup manifesting ritual in five simple steps.

Prepare Your Two Cups

First things first, prepared your two cups. It’s good to use glass cups that are transparent so you can see the water while emptying it into the other cup.
With your two cups, add water to one cup until it’s full. Use some tape or a piece of paper and label the two cups.
Label the cup filled with water in your current situation. If you’re jobless, you can label the cup; ‘jobless, looking for a job’, then label the empty cup your desired results. In this case, you’d label it ‘employed, and happy to work in mention the company or boss here’

Visualize Your Desired Reality

With your two cups; one filled with water and another one empty (all labeled), visualize your desired reality.
Look at the cup filled with water and feel into your current situation. Allow negative emotions to come up until you start to feel low vibrational thoughts then shift your focus to the empty cup and visualize yourself having achieved your desired reality.

Paint a picture of yourself having achieved whatever you want in life in your mind and welcome the high vibrational feelings that come with it. Allow the vibrational energy to take over your body, mind, and spirit in a few moments.

Pour the Water Into the Empty Cup

While still holding the feelings of having achieved whatever you want in life, pour the water from the cup labeled with your current situation into the cup labeled with your desired situation.

The pouring of the water represents a shift in dimensions, where you move your mind, body, soul, and spirit from the current reality to the desired reality.

Abolish all negative beliefs and feel the shift in thoughts, feelings, and beliefs while pouring the water from the filled cup to the empty one.

Up to this step, you have shifted dimensions from your current reality to your desired reality.

Drink the Water

Now that you have filled the cup labeled with your desired reality, drink it. This implies that you’re welcoming a new reality into your life. Once you finish drinking the water, you’re now in vibrational alignment with your desired reality. Your positive energy is now attracting what you want to achieve.

Get Rid of the ‘Current Reality’ Label

Now that you have shifted dimensions, the current reality label is no longer useful to you so you can discard it. You can either throw it away, burn it, or do whatever gives you good feelings.
Keep the ‘desired reality’ label close to you so that you can be reminded of your new reality every time. You can always look at the label every time you feel low vibrations in your energy.

What Are Some Real-Life Examples of Successful Manifestations Using the 2 Cup Method?

You can read this article for some real-life 2 cup manifestation method success stories. People have reported significant positive changes in their lives, such as landing dream jobs, finding soulmates, and improving health. By utilizing this simple yet effective method, individuals have harnessed their intent and shifted their realities, ultimately manifesting their desires.

Why the 2 Cup Manifestation Method Works?

The idea behind this manifesting ritual is that when using it, we’re changing the vibration of water in the cup using conscious and visualization processes. The transfer of water from the cup labeled with your current reality into the cup labeled with your to-be reality symbolizes a shift in dimensions where you move your mind, body, and spirit from your current situation to the desired situation. You can read some success stories on the 2 cup method here.

When you drink the water, you’re taking it the vibrational energy which aligns you with your desired reality.

It’s worth noting that the 2 cup manifestation method isn’t magic. You have to put in the work of following the steps outlined above correctly to manifest anything you want.

Happy manifesting!

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