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How To Set An Intention For Manifestation

by Jason L.
How To Set An Intention For Manifestation

Are you looking to set intentions for manifesting but are unsure where to begin?

If so then this step-by-step guide is for you.

Learning how to set an intention can increase the chances of turning our dreams into a reality. Unfortunately, not all people know how to set fruitful intentions.

Intentions play a significant role in what we attract into our lives when manifesting.

They drive the law of attraction and can help us manifest anything we desire in life. Intentions help us to focus our energy on the things we want to attract into our lives.

The good news is that you can send intentions out into the Universe by thinking about thought. You can also set intentions in any way you feel is right for you.

Another good thing is that you can say your intentions silently to yourself, write them down on paper, etc.

Read on to learn how to set intentions for manifestation.

What Is An Intention?

When it comes to manifestation and the law of attraction, an intention is a plan or goal that we set and work towards making it become a reality. Remember that an intention isn’t just about setting goals or planning your manifestation. It involves every step of the manifestation process from believing in the process to thinking positively as well as choosing manifestation techniques and more.

What is the Difference Between an Intention and a Goal?

A goal or objective is something specific that can be measured. Once a goal is achieved, that’s the end of the process.

For instance, you could have a goal of starting a new career, saving up some money to buy a car or house, etc.

On the other hand, an intention involves an ongoing action. It’s not specific and cannot be measured. It is an assurance that one makes that helps to guide one’s principle for how to achieve the desires of your heart.

An intention helps to make you aware of how you choose to be and how you want your life to happen.

Even though goals and intentions are powerful on their own, they are more effective when used together. You just need to learn how to set SMART goals and powerful intentions.

When you set goals, you have a clear vision of where you want to go or what you want to achieve in life. Your intention will guide you to get where you want to go or get what you want to achieve. In other words, intentions help to make you stay on track by keeping you focused on achieving your goals.

Why Set Intentions For Manifesting?

Setting intentions is good for conscious manifestation. When you set an intention, you declare your determination and readiness to work toward realizing your dreams.

Goal setting helps to set you off on the path to manifest your desires. An intention is a purpose that helps your mind trust and believes in the process while allowing you to stay positive and prevent negativity.

The Intention Setting Process For Manifesting

You cannot decide what you want or wish for something zealously and the thing that you will manifest it.

This is why intentions are important when you want to work towards your set goals. Setting intentions to achieve a goal keeps you on your path of conscious manifestation.

To increase the chances of succeeding in the things you do in life, you need a plan.

Creating powerful intentions can help to improve your chances of achieving your goals.

In the context of manifestation, setting intentions encourages you to look into yourself more consciously to understand yourself better. This helps to provide you with the motivation you need to achieve your goal.

Keep Yourself in the Mood

To set powerful intentions, you need to set the stage. Never make a mistake to set intentions when you’re not in good mood. As a rule, you should set intentions when your mind is relaxed. This helps you to connect with yourself well, learn more about your mind, and understand your crucial desires better.

Ensure you are in an undistracted mood as well. It’d be better if you set intentions at a time when there are no disturbances or interruptions.

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In a nutshell, keep yourself comfortable so you can focus on your thoughts first. Set the stage with soft lighting, soothing music, and scented candles to trigger a sense of smell.

Know What You Want to Achieve

Once you set the stage, identify the desire. This is like asking yourself “what do I want to achieve?

Your desire could be big, small, or more general. For instance, you could be wanting to buy a car.

As stated earlier, intention-setting is the process of getting a deeper understanding of your mind. So don’t stop there.

Dig a little deeper to get a deeper understanding of the feeling of the desire. It’s good to keep your intention related to a feeling. For example, your desire could be to get promoted at work.

Understand Who You Need to Be

Goal setting is the act of doing whereas intentions are about being what you want to be. When you understand who you need to be to achieve the goal, the whole process becomes simple.

Write down the qualities you want to possess that will help you achieve your goal.

For instance, if you desire to buy a car, you could set intentions like “I intend to use the skills I have to get the money to buy a car”

Get Specific With Your Action Steps

An intention isn’t one-size-fits-all. You need to be as specific as possible when deciding your action steps otherwise when you set your intentions like “being healthier” or “having more money” might mean different things for different people.

Get specific with the steps you intend to take to achieve your intention and stick to them. The more specific you are with your action steps, the higher the chances of achieving success.

For instance, if your general intention is to be more healthy, your specific intention could be to work a certain number of hours per day or week to achieve the general intention.

Steer Clear of Any Limiting Beliefs

When setting an intention, you need to steer clear of any limiting beliefs. Setting an intention with negative beliefs will make it hard to achieve your desires. For that reason, you must shift your mind from the common intention-setting challenges which could block your intention from manifesting.

To help you overcome intention-impeding challenges, you should reframe your mindset to make sure your beliefs align with your desire.

For instance, if you intend to find true love, but you don’t believe it’s possible, try to think about where you’re getting loved already in your life.

Align Your Intentions With Your Goals

As mentioned earlier, goals and intentions are powerful and effective on their own. However, to increase the effectiveness of your manifestation, you need to set intentions that back up your goals.

Set SMART goals then ponder about the energy you need to symbolize to achieve those goals.

You need to determine consistent actions you’d have to take as well as beliefs to integrate to achieve your goals with your intentions.

If your goal is to start a six-figure business, examples of intentions that could support your goals are:

  • I intend to consistently work hard and save money for two years to start a six-figure business.
  • I intend to stick to my vision and purpose to build a six-figure empire.

Set Intentions Around Your Feelings

The things we chase in life are important but how we feel when we get them is more important. For that reason, you should start by getting clear on how you want to feel.

Remember that this depends on your goal. For instance, if you’re looking for a partner, your feelings could be in love, feeling adored, etc.

If you’re looking to start a business, your feeling could be successful, abundant, fulfilled, etc.

Once you have determined the feeling, set an intention around it. The good thing is that a feeling works in the now. The more you develop the feeling the faster you achieve the goal.


Now that you have set the stage and gone through all the important steps above, it’s time to get into the real matter- to start meditating.

Meditation helps to calm and slow down the mind so that you can get clear on your intentions, goals, and limiting beliefs.

Meditation isn’t difficult.

First, sit in the meditation pose and close your eyes then concentrate on your breathing. Focus on the inhalation and exhalation rhythm to keep your mind present.

Your mind may wander away while meditating especially if you’re new to meditation. Don’t worry. Just make sure you bring your mind to present gently if you notice it wandering. The more you practice the more you get better with meditation.

Final Thoughts

FACT: Humans are constantly manifesting without being aware of the process or outcome. And this happens on autopilot in the subconscious mind. You can also take charge of the process and set intentions to allow you to manifest what you wish for instead of things that appear randomly in your thoughts.

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