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How Using Scripting Manifestation Can Help Create Your Dream Life

by Jason L.
scripting manifestation

We all picture our ‘dream life’ from time to time, either when we’re waiting in traffic, in the shower, or perhaps even before bed at night. Our ideal lives may include having such things as a huge house, fancy car, wonderful career, or the perfect partner. But often, these dreams fade away as we go about our day. We go back into our reality, figuring that our fantasies will probably just remain just that and nothing more.

But what if these dreams don’t just have to be dreams?

That’s where manifestation and law of attraction comes in. It is something that has risen in popularity in recent years, though it is always being redefined as it evolves. In the simplest way, we can define manifestation or law of attraction as the practice of attracting what we want in life using our thoughts, emotions, and energy. We can manifest the most important aspects of our life such as a dream job, a person, relationship, health or wealth which we already talk about on manifestrich homepage.

There are many different kinds of ways that individuals practice law of attraction and manifestation. Some do it by simply sitting quietly and visualizing what they want, while others like to verbalize it. While these are effective, one type of manifestation has become more and more practiced around the globe: scripting manifestation.

What is Scripting Manifestation?

Scripting manifestation or also known as law of attraction scripting is the practice of writing out your life exactly as you would like it to be, as if it has already happened. Scripting is a simple technique that anyone can learn to use if they want to manifest their dreams faster.

You can use scripting to manifest anything you wish. It’s like creating a wish list, or as some call it “manifestation on paper.” It’s not hard, and you don’t need any special training or skills to do it. Scripting takes about 20 minutes per day for five days in order work its wonders. In other words, if you spend just one hour every evening after dinner from Monday through Friday this week writing scripts for your dream life (five hours total), then by the end of next weekend you’ll have created 15 new things to look forward to over the following year.

If we think about our lives as continuing projects with unlimited possibilities or more accurately limitless potential then law of attraction scripting is like a brainstorming session that systematically creates specific and tangible results.

Why Scripting To Manifest Is A Powerful Method

Scripts are simple to manage, because they take the form of “I would like _____.” For example: I will have enough money in my bank account by November 11th. This script has just one element for us to create the amount of cash we want to find in our checking account on or before this date.

There’s no need for any other information at all. Law of attraction scripting simply focuses your intention and provides you with an opportunity for making something happen when it might not otherwise get done (for instance if you didn’t write anything down).

If someone asked what you wanted out of life, how much would come up? Would there be certain things you want for yourself, such as a dream job or to be more creative?

Scripts are an excellent way of setting intentions. When you have something in mind that you would like to manifest, law of attraction scripting is one technique that can help make it happen.

It’s not about the words. Scripting only need one element, the thing we want to create. It might feel awkward at first because anything could come up and out of our mouths when scripting (sometimes even things we don’t really mean). The point isn’t what comes out of your mouth during this exercise rather, it’s about focusing your intention on what you’re trying to manifest with no other distractions blocking the energy flow between who you are and where you want to go.

When most people think of what they want out of their life, they may think along these lines:

“I would love to have a big house with many rooms…”

“I really want to score that huge promotion and run the company…”

“I wish I could find my dream girl/guy!”

The problem with this kind of thinking is that it remains wishful thinking, coming out of a place of neediness and not out of belief. When we use language such as “would,” “want,” or “wish,” we are actually limiting ourselves in what we will be able to get out of life because we don’t believe we have it or are even worthy of it. Instead, the house, car, or partner will remain forever out of reach, as we are conditioned to believe it should. Therefore, there is only one way to actually receive what you’d love to achieve: by believing that you have already acquired it.

For those who have never practiced manifestation, this may be a difficult idea to digest. How can we act like we have that amazing sports car while we’re still driving our twenty-year-old Toyota to work every day?

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Luckily, this is where the fun part comes in!

How Law Of Attraction Scripting Gets Us What We Want

scripting law of attraction

We all know there is the conscious brain and the subconscious brain. Our conscious mind only takes up 10% of our brain’s power, but it is the part of the brain that contains our everyday thoughts, feelings, and desires. Meanwhile, the other 90% of our brains are our subconscious mind, never at rest. Instead, it is constantly working on ways to solve problems, remember things, and control how we face the world around us.

The subconscious works with what the conscious mind brings it. Therefore, if we have continuous negative thoughts and demonstrate self-limiting behavioral patterns, our subconscious mind will take the cue and continue to produce those for us as we expect it to. Our whole lives become a cycle of negative thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and even desires.

That’s where law of attraction scripting and manifestation comes in and changes everything for the better. When we begin to retrain our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors to focus on the positive of getting what we want, our subconscious mind begins to work from that and provides us with answers and opportunities to achieve those things.

How to Practice Scripting Manifestation

So we understand that we should change our language when we are thinking or talking about what we want. How do we actually go about to start scripting our manifestations?

1) First things first, take the time to sit down with a pen and journal and spend time really thinking about what the dream life would look like using present tense. There’s no need to write anything using new vocabulary or phrases here. Even just writing down one word answers will work great.

Common questions in the law of attraction scripting manifestation look like this:

What is your job?

Where are you living?

What is your partner like?

What kind of car do you have?

What do you look like?

These are just some questions to consider, but our questions may differ depending on our future dream life. The point of this first step is to get clear answers to what we want out of life. The more specifics, the better the scripted manifestation will go.

Once the specifics are outlined, the real fun begins.

2) When we’ve gotten clear on what we want, it’s time to manifest it. In this next step, we will write out our dream life in the present tense to begin to increase our positive intentions, energy, and vibrations.

A present tense scripted manifestation may look something like this:

“I love driving my brand new, sleek Mercedes Benz to work every day. Getting into work in my big office and bringing home a big payday makes me so happy and grateful for my life. I enjoy coming home every night to my beautiful, wonderful partner and playing with our incredible children.”

As we write these words, our mind creates the scene for us, making us smile, feel energized, and feel really, really good. Our subconscious will take note and work vigorously to produce more good thoughts and feelings. You will send out good vibrations into the universe, which will take note of it.

Use Scripting to Manifest Your Dream Life

Scripting to Manifest Your Dream Life

Scripting our dream life starts by scripting what we want to create in the future. The law of attraction states that if you can imagine it and believe it, then you will manifest it into your physical reality. In other words, what is going on in your head shapes how events unfold before you in real time!

Script: I am a successful entrepreneur who has created an amazing product that does not have any competition in the market

Result: We are able to focus on our business full time and can take all of the risks we want because it is unlikely anyone will come up with something as good or better than what we’ve already done before they see us coming. There’s also no need for external funding since so many people purchase from us each month, which means there is always enough money in the bank account at any given moment.

Use scripting as a way to focus your intention on what you want to create and write it.Don’t get hung up on the idea that law of attraction scripting needs perfect grammar or vocabulary with no misspellings. Sometimes there are right ways of saying something wrong, too! The point isn’t how eloquently we speak when scripting but instead all about staying focused without any distractions blocking us from connecting who we want to be.


The law of attraction is present all around us, and the best way to manifest it into our lives is by scripting out exactly what we desire with focus on how we feel as if that thing had already happened. You can use scripting to manifest positive thoughts and feelings that lead you towards living a more fulfilling lifestyle. This could also help alleviate anxiety because scripting helps visualize what we want instead of focusing on what we don’t have right now.

After practicing law of attraction scripting for just a few minutes every day, you will begin to notice that you have a different outlook on everything in your life. By changing your attitude, you will begin to attract more of what you want and less of what you don’t. Positive attracts positive and negative attracts negative. Once we shift the world inside of our mind, we will see the world outside of it shift as well. All your dreams and desires will start manifesting.

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