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Can Manifesting Someone Backfire On You: Manifesting Mistakes to Avoid

by Jason L.
Can Manifesting Someone Backfire On You

In this article, we’re going to look at how the Law of Attraction can go wrong. See, manifestation is a powerful tool that can improve focus and attract great things into our lives yet on the same note, it can easily backfire on us. This is because manifestation cannot distinguish between bad or good. It attracts what we focus our thoughts, emotions, actions, and beliefs on.

This implies that if we aren’t cautious when practicing manifestation, we might find ourselves in situations we didn’t want to get into. Manifesting can also be dangerous as well if used improperly. That’s why it’s important to understand the Law of Attraction.

So to answer the question, yes manifesting someone will backfire on you if you do not apply Law of Attraction correctly.

Read on to understand why.

Why Manifesting Can Go Wrong

If you happened to manifest or tried to use the law of attraction manifestation and attracted the wrong or undesirable results, there are high chances that you made these common law of attraction mistakes either without knowing or thinking that you’re doing the right thing.

Law of Attraction Mistakes that Cause Manifesting to Backfire

Not Really Sure What You Want

Can manifesting backfire on you if you’re unsure of what you want?

This might sound confusing- because before you think about manifesting, you already know what you don’t want, right?

This is one of the law of attraction manifestation mistakes that make manifesting backfire.

Many people aren’t pretty sure about what they want. This makes them try manifesting things without focus. The Universe can’t guess what you want for yourself. You have to be super-focused and sure about what you want. Otherwise, manifesting won’t work for you.

To avoid this mistake, begin by determining what you really want, and why.

A good rule of thumb is to narrow your focus on one desire that you can connect with instead of manifesting things randomly.

It’s normal to have too many desires but you need to demonstrate your dedication by focusing your energy and effort on one desire before you move onto the next.

Your Desires Are Too Big

Having big goals is great. After all, who doesn’t want big things in their lives?

However, dreaming big could set you up for failure. This doesn’t imply that you can’t dream and achieve big things.

As long as your dreams are achievable, you can manifest your reality. But when starting with the Law of Attraction, you’re still new to the Universe.

Trying to manifest big goals could be disastrous to your manifestation because deep down, you might have doubts or disbeliefs about your dreams coming true.

Start small. Start dreaming small or manifest small goals/desires and go big as you explore your manifesting powers.

You can’t just start your manifestation with wanting to become the next Jeff Bezos when you don’t have the money or job to reach there.

Your beliefs and manifesting blocks will make manifesting backfire on you.

You Are Inconsistent

This is not only a manifesting mistake but it cuts across in all aspects of life.

See, when you want something badly, you must pursue it badly. This doesn’t mean being forceful. It means being consistent with your thought, beliefs, effort, etc. toward manifesting your goal.

For instance, if you’re manifesting a successful career, your thoughts, actions, and everything should be consistent to support your desire.

Make positive choices every day that align you with your desire and keep pursuing your dreams consistently and persistently.

Bad days are inevitable but don’t allow them to throw you off track. Embrace each day the way it is and ensure you’re not focusing your attention elsewhere but on your desires.

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Lack of Self-Awareness

Not practicing self-awareness is also another manifesting mistake that could make the law of attraction go wrong.

Granted, self-awareness is crucial for personal growth which is an essential element of the Law of Attraction as well.

If you aren’t aware of your behaviors, thoughts, beliefs, and feelings it’d be hard to tell when you’ve drifted away from the alignment with your desire.

When you are aware of yourself on a deeper level, you become more conscious about your abilities, energy and effort thus you can manifest effortlessly.

To avoid a lack of self-awareness, write down your thoughts and feelings to understand yourself better and on a deeper level.

Showing Desperation When Manifesting

Ever heard the adage “if you chase the cat, it will run away?

This philosophy applies when it comes to manifesting.

You already know what happens when you chase a cat vs. when you sit near it relaxed and in a warm manner.

In the same way, when manifesting while being desperate, you push your desires far from where they have been.

It’s a good idea to allow your desire to come through freely into your life. Don’t push, force, or act so desperate.

First off, determine whether you’re too desperate towards your desires. If so then you need to learn to let go, read books about the Law of Attraction and mindset, etc.

Granted, it’s normal to feel desperate for something you really want, but this can make manifesting backfire on you.


For humans, especially in today’s world, when we want something, we become impatient if things aren’t happening the way we want. However, this is another law of attraction mistake to avoid at all costs.

See, when manifesting, the Universe has control over when our desires will become a reality.

Unfortunately, many people expect their manifestation to happen immediately.

You can’t manifest to be a millionaire or buy your dream car and expect to get your desire the next day.

Of course, you shouldn’t expect your desires to take long to manifest.

You need to have faith in the universe and be comfortable and being grateful for what you have.

Here are a few tips to help you if you’re being impatient with your manifestation:

Not Taking Action

Without action, there is no law of attraction. After all, you can’t expect to land your dream job if you don’t manifest and apply to suitable opportunities.

You can’t buy your dream car or build your dream house if you don’t look for a job or money.

With the law of attraction, your actions must be inspired from within.

For many people, this step is optional or they don’t take inspired actions towards their goals or desires.

The reality is that when it comes to manifesting materialistic things, we must take action.

Granted, manifesting spurs inspiration, new ideas, and motivates us to try something that can help us achieve our goals.

Being Surrounded by the Wrong People

Take a closer look at the people around you- your friends, colleagues, workmates, family, etc. Do they inspire you positively? Are they helping you in any way to achieve your desires?

Having the wrong people in your circles can dampen your vibrations, kill the energy in you and keep you from getting aligned with your manifestation.

If most of your friends like gossiping, poking fun at people with positive ambitions or talking behind other people, you better break that friendship.

It’s better to stay alone and stay aligned with your goals than to stay with friends who will keep you from achieving your goals.

Focusing on the Negative

Chances are that you’ve tried to achieve your goals but things seem not to work. Or perhaps most of your aspirations fail to actualize. Focusing on all this when manifesting could make you attract the wrong thing or something you didn’t anticipate.

As a rule, you should focus on the things that you REALLY want. If something didn’t work out as you had anticipated, let it go. Focus on the now and not the past.

Final Thoughts

Awareness is vital when it comes to manifesting with the law of attraction. When you’re aware of the common law of attraction mistakes that people make, you can attract what you desire effortlessly.

We hope this article has answered your question of ‘can manifesting a person backfire on you”?

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