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How to Remove a Third Party Using Manifestation

by Jason L.
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When it comes to interpersonal relationships, having a third party involved can be incredibly challenging. This individual may be an ex-partner of yours or your partner’s, a rival vying for their attention, or even just someone hindering your relationship’s overall contentment and satisfaction. But fortunately, there is a method that can possibly help you rid such a third party from your relationship: manifesting.

Manifesting is the practice of utilizing thoughts, feelings and ideas to shape your own reality. Through harnessing energy and focusing it on attaining employment, one is able to draw desired experiences into their life. Here are some tips to help you through this process:

  1. Identify Your Desired Outcome

The first step towards using manifestation is pinning down exactly what you want to occur. Is it for the third party to leave your partner alone? Is it for your partner to ultimately choose you over them? Get as specific as possible with this intent.

  1. Visualize the Outcome

Close your eyes and see what you wish for in vivid detail; really take the time to mentally imagine the third party leaving or your partner opting for you. Sink yourself into this envisioned outcome and focus on all the physical sensations associated with it. You’re not just imagining what could happen – instead, sense what will transpire in reality.

  1. Utilize Affirmations

Repeat positive affirmations to yourself over the course of the day that always work to reinforce the given outcome that you want to come about. An example of this could be “I am in a beautiful, healthy relationship with my partner” or “The third party has been eliminated from having any bearing on our connection”. Believe these statements wholeheartedly and speak them aloud with conviction; absolution lies within vocalization!

  1. Eliminate Negative Thoughts

Abandon any jealousy, rage or bitterness you may possess against either the outsider or your significant other — concentrate instead on optimistic thought patterns like gratefulness for this relationship of yours and absolute self-assurance that manifesting will result in success overall. These lesser emotions will only prove detrimental towards achieving fruition if allowed to fester within consciousness.

  1. Pursue Action Inspired by These Exercises

Manifestation stands out as a powerful dynamo – but parallel needs applying when going after outcomes sought; have an candid talk with your partner about annoyance/annoyances caused by this ‘third party issue’, set boundaries when engaging them, seek ways toward intensifying communication between each other.


To put it succinctly, you can employ manifestation to take back control over your relationship and restore harmony within. It necessitates taking a deep dive into yourself and requires recognizing your emotions, beliefs, and desires, along with eschewing anger in lieu of optimism.

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By paying attention to your own joy and good health, and believing in the Universe’s capacity for assistance, you will be able to manifest the kind of love you are aiming for. It is essential that you be persistent in your inner work, continue to move toward your goals, and stay open for out-of-the-blue chances parallel to your current journey. With sufficient effort and patience, there is nothing stopping you from creating the relationship and future life you want.

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