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How to Manifest Your Crush to Like You Using 369

by Jason L.
manifest crush with 369

Falling for someone is a natural part of life, but getting them to like you back can be quite challenging. Fortunately, there is a technique known as 369 manifestation method to help make this wish a reality. To unlock its power and manifest your crush to like you, here is a detailed guide that one must follow.

Step 1: Identify Desires

Start the journey of manifesting your crush to like you by listing out your desired outcomes in a very specific manner. What kind of outcome would make you the happiest? Is it them cutting conversations and expressing their feelings? Or do you want them to pay more attention to you? Keep it clear and straightforward for yourself.

Step 2: Write Down Desires

Having identified all the desires, now comes the part where one needs to start writing down their dreams. The same dreams should be written at least three times in the morning, six times in the afternoon, and nine times in the evening. Writing them down in the present tense, assuming they have already happened, will help to maintain positivity throughout this process.

Step 3: Visualize Desires

Submission of written desires isn’t enough; one must also visualize what they desire very clearly. Spend some time imagining yourself with your crush and living through those feelings as if they have already been activated during these moments imagined in reality. The more vivid and concrete these visuals are, better will be the outcome.

Step 4: Trust The Process

Trusting the universe’s power of bringing you whatever you want if you are aligned with your desires is essential at this point. Rely on this power rather than letting self-doubt creep in for any reason whatsoever and believe that expecting something from your crush comes from a place of complete worthiness on your part.

Step 5: Take Inspired Action

To manifest desires with 369 technique, inspired action certainly needs to be taken which perhaps could be initiating conversations or taking further steps for expressing love if norms allow for it. Allowing yourself to take these bold steps towards materialization of your desires will bear fruits sooner than expected.


With some patience and persistence, following these steps could set you off on the path to finding a healthy relationship with your desired crush. The universe will bring good things as long as we put out good energy; trust that it can be done!

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