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What is the 369 Manifestation Method From TikTok

by Jason L.
369 manifestation method Tiktok

In recent years we have become aware that we are individuals capable of creating our own reality regardless of the circumstances we are experiencing. Social networks and the media have spread various methods of manifestation that serve to materialize our desires.

One of the most talked about procedures is the 369 Manifestation Method on TikTok, the most popular video sharing app, which has generated a lot of success around it. We are all intrigued and wonder: what is the 369 Manifestation Method on TikTok? The reality is that this technique has an excellent knowledge base, which guarantees a great success by using Law of Attraction. Here is everything we need to know about the 369 manifestation method TikTok.

A manifestation method for fulfilling wishes

The 369 Manifestation Method serves for each one of us whatever we trying to manifest: a sum of money, an ideal love relationship, a job promotion, etc. The technique consists in choosing a desire, writing it three times in the morning, six times in the afternoon and nine times at night. This procedure should be repeated between 33 and 45 days in a row. Finally, this desire must be released, that is to say, let the universe manifest our desire naturally.

Writing down our wishes enhances the effectiveness of this method. Through scripture we are affirming the actual manifestation of that desire in earthly reality. That is why it is convenient that we write clearly our desire, so that the universe receives a specific order from us.

This procedure is inspired by the inventor Nikola Tesla (1856-1943), born in Croatia and later naturalized American. This talented scientist worked on the patterns that govern the numbers 3, 6 and 9 to make discoveries. Tesla claimed that the numbers 3, 6 and 9 possess high vibrations, which allow the achievement of great goals. Therefore these three numbers can be perfectly applied to the attainment of desires.

How the 369 manifestation method works using Law of Attraction

The 369 Manifestation Method has a series of steps that must be followed correctly for everything to go well. The key is to be enthusiastic about this manifestation technique because it is really effective as this is the power of Law of Attraction. Then we must be disciplined in the application of the method, so that our work is well done:

1) Clearly define the desire

This first step is the most important because it is the concrete order that we are going to give to the universe. It is convenient that we take the necessary time to define what we want. This desire must be deeply desired, so that it manifests faster. That is why it is so important to be sure of what we want to manifest.

2) Choose the right affirmations

We must create a positive affirmations for the realization of our desire. This affirmation must be clear, concise and well defined. For example: “I am abundant in money”, “I enjoy my perfect marriage with…”, “I am happy working as a doctor, actor, teacher…”. Your affirmation sentences should be at least 17 seconds long to make the 369 method even more powerful. This 17 seconds manifestation technique was created by Abraham Hicks.

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3) Writing the desire

Once we have chosen the desire and have created a positive affirmation for its manifestation, we must write the desire on a simple piece of paper. We should write it three times in the morning, six times in the afternoon and nine times during the night. We repeat this procedure between 33 and 45 days in a row. We will probably use several sheets of paper, which we should keep in a small box.

4) Liberate the desire

This means that we must fully trust the universe and the Law of Attraction because our desire will inevitably manifest. The best way to release a desire so that it becomes concrete is to focus on a thought at the present time. We can also let go of our desire through meditation, as this mental exercise brings us inner peace. Another good option is to create a “Manifestation Journal”, so that we can write down our desires and express what we are feeling during this process. This option is effective because we reserve a special moment for ourselves, forgetting the context that surrounds us.

Knowing that the best is yet to come

Once we have followed all the steps of the 369 Manifestation Method we will discover that we will immediately feel better about ourselves and our environment. We will also see various signs that indicate that our soon to be materialized on the physical plane.

  • We feel a high level of physical and mental energy. We feel enthusiasm for all the activities that we carry out daily.
  • We look aesthetically more attractive, which raises our self-esteem.
  • A predictive ability is awakened in us, we know what will happen in the future.
  • We see angelic numbers such as 111, 222, 777, etc. This happens because we attract the presence of our spiritual guides.
  • We develop fabulous ideas that are functional to our desires.
  • Finally our dreams manifests in physical reality.

Keys to success

The Method has several keys to success that ensure its effectiveness. Let’s keep in mind the following ideas so that everything goes as expected.

  • Define what we want. We can have thousands of wishes, but we must know how to select what we want among the many options that exist.
  • Choose one wish at a time. This focuses our mind correctly on a specific goal. The universe will easily manifest it on the earthly plane.
  • We have to believe that our desire is already a reality. In fact that desire already exists vibrationally. Our job is to “bring it” into physical reality by asking the universe for it correctly.
  • Let’s have faith in the universe, let’s release the desire to be fulfilled in our life.
  • Let’s keep a good state of mind during the whole process. Good vibes facilitate the manifestation of our dreams.
  • Let us pay attention to the signs of the universe, to receive our manifestations with the greatest joy.

Conclusion On The 369 Manifestation Method Tiktok

The 369 Manifestation Method from Tik Tok has a great efficacy when trying to manifest our desires. Basically we must know clearly what we want and maintain a powerful faith throughout the process. Once our wish is fulfilled, we can move on to the next wish, the process is always the same.

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