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How To Manifest a Job and Get Hired Fast

by Jason L.
manifest a job

Are you tired of your current job and are wondering how to get a new one? Or have you been looking for a new job or try starting your own business without success? You have come to the right page.

In this article, you’re going to learn how to manifest your dream job and get hired fast.

Sounds good?

Alright, let’s get moving.

Oftentimes people get stuck in jobs they don’t enjoy or work on things they don’t value. You don’t have to. If you’re familiar with the Law of Attraction, you can use it to manifest your dream job.

Using Law of Attraction To Manifest a Job

You must be wondering to yourself “How do I use the law of attraction for a job?” The reality is that humans are always manifesting. It’s only that we’re not aware of it. For instance, that house you built that you had been thinking of and working for, you have been manifesting it for all that long.

The Law of Attraction can help you achieve anything you want to manifest in life as long as you know how to use it. This guide will teach you how to manifest your dream job and get hired fast. Here are some basic steps before you get started:

Own Your Mind: Be clear on what you want and work towards that goal

Provide Social Media Features: Use social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn as tools to connect with friends and potential employers

Stay Focused: Stay focused on your goal and stay motivated

1. Decide Exactly What Job You Want and Why

“Hi there, how do you manifest to get hired? I’ve tried techniques but it seems I’m not attracting any potential employer. Please help.”

This is one of the emails we received from one of our readers. Now the law of attraction doesn’t work as you wish when you’re unclear or unsure of what you REALLY want to manifest. When manifesting something, you have to clarify what it is and why you want it.

The first step to manifest your dream job is to be crystal clear on the job you want and why you want it. Yes, you have to be as specific as possible about the type of job or position you’re manifesting. To achieve this, you should make a list of specific things you want from the job.

The more specific you’re the easier it will be for the universe to deliver your desires. I want to manifest a job that I can be working 40 hours per week instead of 80 hours is a more specific intention than I want a job that allows me to work a few hours per week.

Think about as many aspects of a job as possible to send clear signals to the universe. If you’re unsure about the job you’re looking for, ask yourself:

• Why you care about your dream job.

• Will a new career bring joy to yourself and the people around you?

• How can you add value to others if hired for the new job?

• How will the new job make you feel?

• What sacrifices are you willing to make.

2. Recognize and Remove Limiting Beliefs

You cannot manifest a job when you already have the feeling that it’s hard to find a new job. If you’ve tried to manifest a job without being successful chances are that your beliefs are blocking you or you still don’t know your limiting beliefs.

Limiting beliefs and negative thoughts are those underlying assumptions that reside in the subconscious mind that make you feel like it’s not easy to get the job offer or you aren’t qualified enough to get hired. They prevent you from sending high vibrational frequencies into the universe.

If you have these negative beliefs and negative self talk, you can’t make the most of the Law of Attraction. Before you do anything else, you should acknowledge such beliefs. Some common blocks when manifesting a job are:

• I’m stuck in my current position.

• It’s not easy to find a new job.

• Interviews are hard for me.

• The other candidates are better than me.

• I don’t have the required experience for this job.

Try to write down as many limiting beliefs you have as possible and figure out where they come from and why. For instance, you might realize that your thoughts that you’re no better than other candidates is because when growing up, your parents or people close to you used to tell you that you’re not better than others.

Sometimes your limiting beliefs aren’t a reality. They are assumptions of things others have or think about you that have stuck into your subconscious mind. Once you recognize them try to eliminate them. As you manifest, try to replace your limiting beliefs with positive affirmations and positive thoughts every time they come up.

3. Show Gratitude

To manifest your dream career you must express gratitude. Remember that the job you already have or many of the things you already have were delivered to you by the universe. If you’re not thankful for that, it might be hard to convince the universe to deliver your dream job and a career change.

Manifestation work by sending out positive energy into the universe. When you express gratitude, you keep your vibe high. This can be achieved when you first focus your attention on the things you have instead of agonizing about what you don’t have.

Start by feeling good and loving the job, position, duties, responsibilities, and everything about your current career. The reality is that no matter how bad your current job is, there are things you can appreciate. You don’t need a lot of things to appreciate. Just list a few that make you love your current career.

If you don’t have a job think about your skills or whether there are new skills you can learn to improve your resume. Be grateful for the connections you already have and the skills you learned as well as the experience no matter how small it is.

4. Visualize Yourself Working in Your New Job

Visualization is one of the powerful law of attraction manifestation practice. The law of attraction states that our feeling and energy attract reality. This is where visualization can help enhance your manifestation. When you visualize yourself taking up the new opportunity, career, or getting promoted to a higher position you send high vibrations to the universe.

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Take a moment of deep breaths and create a mental image of yourself thriving in your new job or career success. Visualize yourself in your new position or office interacting with your coworkers, clients, or handling company projects. Visualize as many things as possible about your dream job to get the feeling of that dream job.

5. Observe Signs Of Your Dream Job

Sometimes the things we want or our desires are just one step ahead of us- only when we open up our minds is when we can see them. When manifesting a job, be open-minded about signs you may have found your dream job. You might be manifesting a certain job then another one comes up.

Don’t ignore it because it could be the stepping stone to your dream job. The universe sends signs in different ways when you’re manifesting a job using the Law of Attraction.

Take note of everything you come across when manifesting- the job posters, adverts, networking events, job search and invitations you receive. All these are signs that you’re close to landing your dream job.

6. Make a Plan

make it happen

You don’t manifest a job and then sit there waiting for the universe to deliver. You have to make concrete practical steps thereafter. While manifesting, make a clear and true list of the steps, actions, or commitments you need to get your dream job.

You can start by writing the bigger steps or difficult actions you need to take then break them down into smaller and more achievable or easier ones. For instance, you could start by enhancing your CV by applying for some internship or volunteer work, attending relevant conferences, etc. You can work out your plan with friends and like-minded colleagues as well.

7. Use Affirmations

Now that you have written down the steps you’d need to make or actions you need to land your new job the next thing is to incorporate them into your daily routine. If your first step is to enhance your CV by applying for some internships or volunteer work, ensure you do it regularly until it happens. The job interview will eventually come.

8. Relax

Relax and manifest

You can’t manifest a job successfully when you’re stressed, desperate, or frustrated. You will send the wrong signals into the universe. If you feel frustrated or stressed, relax first then come back to manifesting later. Feelings of stress, worry, fear, desperation or negative things can corrupt visualizations of your new job.

Remember that what you send into the universe is exactly what you will attract into your life. If finding a new job is a stressful situation for you then you will end up landing a stressful job. The same applies if you already have a stressful career and you get up every morning feeling negative and uninterested in it. The universe will begin to associate your manifestations with unhappiness.

9. Let Go and Surrender

Remember that when manifesting, we don’t have full control over the universe, or what it will deliver to us. Oftentimes many people try to control or force the outcome hence they send frantic, needy, or commanding energy. You cannot command the universe.

Manifestation works by allow the universe to produce it for you. Just focus on what you want and trust that the Universe will bring it to you. If your thoughts are clear, relaxed, and concentrated on what is wanted with no other thought intruding, then the law of attraction may be operative in bringing about results.

10. Acting Confident During Interviews

Be confident during job interview

You can dress for success by wearing a suit to your interviews and not dressing too casually. Act confident in the interview. Your confidence will be felt, so act as if you already have the job. Be poised and make eye contact with everyone throughout the room, while asking good questions about the company’s culture & future goals of their business. Our behavior can also help manifest more opportunities into our lives!

Your own mind: It is what we think that creates our reality because thoughts are energy and they exist outside time or space. If we constantly worry or fear something then those things might happen even though we don’t want them. Instead focus on positive thoughts like how great everything has been going!

11. Don’t Be Afraid to Brag 

During your actual interview, you want to show the employer why they should hire you!

Your strengths: So be sure to have a list of what is it that makes you uniquely qualified for this position? Just remember not just say “I know how to do xyz” but instead talk about past experiences where we excelled at said skill.

Your passions: Make sure an interviewee tells them what their interests are and then speak passionately about those things. This will help employers decide that they would like someone who also has goals outside of work too.

And if possible, mention something funny or quirky from our life. Anecdotes can really bring personality into interviews. For example, maybe tell them a story about when I was in school being really good at math but then I had a hard time and got really frustrated.

Your personality: one of the most important things is to make sure an interviewee can demonstrate their personality in the interview. The employer needs to be able to see you as someone they would want on a team because it’s not just about skills, it’s also heavily about what type of person you are for example, if they’re asking “what kind of work environment do you like?”. This could mean that working for them will entail long hours or being very social all day and so knowing where we stand on these subjects before accepting an offer will help determine whether or not it’ll be worth our while.

12. Remember Everything Happens For a Reason

Things happen because of the decisions we make and these decisions take place in our thoughts, which are always changing. So in other often times we can’t see the reasons for what’s happening in life because they’re not readily available.

But when you look back, it all makes sense and there was actually a reason behind everything that happened. It may be difficult to believe now but over time, as the pieces get put together please remember this: “everything happens for a reason.”


Once you have done all the above, the final step is to let the Universe take the lead and it will happen. Know that the Universe has your back. Even if your new job may not manifest as fast as you had hoped or in the way you expected it to manifest, have trust in the power of the Universe.

It’s your life, and you have the power to manifest what you want in your career. So go out there and get what you deserve. A career that fulfills all of those big dreams for yourself, while living up to everything this amazing planet has given us as well. If you need a manifestation coach to accelerate your success, we highly recommend you read about this program.

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