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How to Manifest Someone to Like You

by Jason L.
manifest for someone to like you

We all have a special someone we so much want into our lives. And while it all starts as downright imagination and food for thought, it somewhat molts to one of the deepest imaginations and desires only perceivable in the wildest of dreams. Sure to say, everything else plays a part, including looks and body language. But what if they don’t seem to capture enough attention? Enter manifestation. It’s a go-to option and a perfect master weapon in your arsenal.

5 Steps on How To Make Someone To Like You With Manifestation

1. Decide who and what you want

Your reasons to want someone are apparent. And perhaps somehow, using other conventional means to capture their attention seems much like searching for the needle in the haystack. The glad tiding is, you don’t have to put yourself through the humiliation – or at least, try it a little bit, but not too much. Instead, pull your focus into figuring out what you want and what you’d like from them. If it’s the love you’re looking for, be clear and more straightforward with it. If your thoughts and intentions are clear, the universe will align you to your vibrational match pretty effortlessly. And if they aren’t, you’ll only be brazing for a wild goose chase.

2. Visualize

Vivid imagery helps create a surreal scenario of what you aspire. Nevertheless, that won’t come easy in doubt. Since visualization is all about thinking in anticipation, you need to be straightforward with what you want first. That way, you’ll formulate your objectives quite effortlessly and be able to use them as the epicenter of your visualization. Create a picture and infuse emotion into it; feel excited about them liking you and sticking by your side. Or, if feasible, imagine them being more permanent in your life – if that’s what you primarily aspire to.

3. Reciprocate the energy

Reciprocate the energy to the person you want them to like you. Although it’s not easy imagining them doing the same, especially if they’ve given you red signs lately, it’s still pretty achievable. Imagine them manifesting the same, giving their all to make you like them. It seems silly and infeasible, but doing that enables you to dissipate positive vibrational energy with a vigorous frequency that’ll hypnotize their minds into getting attracted to you.

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4. Align your actions

Pretty sure you understand how essential taking prompt action is in capturing one’s attention. So, you’d probably hate to see your effort vanishing with the wind. Undeniably enough, you’ve put your energy and time into manifesting, but getting the special someone to like you won’t just come in a silver platter. You must act right, channeling your body language and forging the most suitable conversations that’ll hook them. Enchant them with your actions, and they’ll come around pretty quickly.

5. Let it go

After putting that much effort, you need to detach. But how do you do it if, after all, all that hassle was about attaching to your aforethought person? It’s never simple but would prove worthy in the long run. How the universe seems to work is quite subtle. It only would attract what you aspire to you if you let it do the rest. If someone you want them to like you is an ideal fit as the universe perceives, you will capture their attention pretty effortlessly.


Manifesting someone to like you isn’t a walk in the park, but once you master the art, it would surprise you with how effortless it feels. However, you must be clear in mind, visualize properly and finally let go to allow the universe to do the rest! Here are also some signs from the universe to know if the other party is thinking of you.

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