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What Does Abundance Mean Spiritually and How Does It Manifest?

by Jason L.
What Does Abundance Mean Spiritually

Are you wondering what abundance means spiritually?

Wonder no more because, in this article, we’re going to talk about the spiritual meaning of abundance and how you can manifest it into your personal life.

For most people abundance means a lot of money, a good lifestyle, however, abundance isn’t only about having big money or physical possessions.

There are more meanings of abundance than what many people think.

For instance, abundance can mean plenty of trees, animals, or even a cluster of stars in the Universe. In fact, you’re also abundant.

In a nutshell, abundance has different meanings to different people.

In the Bible, the New Testament describes abundance as being very highly, more, more than what you would anticipate or exceedingly.

So what does abundance mean spiritually anyway?

Keep reading to learn more.

First off, let’s get the meaning of abundance according to two different dictionaries:

The  Merrian Webster dictionary defines abundance as an ample quantity.

The Macmillan dictionary tells us that abundance is a very large quantity of something.

On the other hand, the Cambridge dictionary defines abundance as a situation in which there is more than enough of something.

That said, let’s understand what is abundance in the spiritual realm.

What Does Abundance Mean Spiritually?

The simple meaning of abundance is having more than enough of what one wants at all times.

In the spiritual realm, abundance is when your higher self is knottily connected to the abundant universe, the source of everything we desire.

Having abundance is when you don’t want anything in your life.

Generally, what many people think about this idea is that abundance is when they meet all their material things, which is quite normal.

When you think about this idea beyond your physical possessions and material things you get to fully understand the real meaning of abundance spiritually.

You probably have a huge list of things you believe are missing and want them in your life.

The only drawback about acquiring things and stuff in your life is that you’ll always be wanting more and this creates a state of a never-ending cycle of wanting more so you’ll never feel the abundance in your life.

True abundance is when you don’t want anything more than what you already have. It is the never-ending cycle of wanting more that creates a sense of lack.

It’s only when you start shifting from wanting things and stuff that you can see the true meaning of abundance.

At this stage, your life will have started taking on a more spiritual approach to abundance.

Being abundant conscious is when you feel that you have anything you want even when you don’t have because you’re already part of the abundance.

In this case, you acknowledge that you’re ultimately a spiritual being with human experience but spiritually, you don’t want for anything since everything is available for you. After all, you’re intricately connected to the Universe, the source of everything you want in life.

The secret to starting seeing, feeling, and experiencing abundance is to shift your energy and attention away from wanting the things and stuff you think you lack.

When your direct your energy and attention on the things and stuff you already have instead of what you don’t have, you become abundant.

To start attracting wonderful things you lack fast, start acknowledging and noticing the wonderful things and stuff you already have.

Typically, abundance takes on multiple forms. For instance, you can have abundant love, joy, family, friends, or simpler things like freedom, sunshine, and more.

If you’ve tried to attract abundance without success, chances are that you approach it from the perspective of lack and the things that are missing in your life.

If you want to manifest anything, whether money, health, love, or abundance into your life from the standpoint of not having enough of it then you will struggle to manifest true abundance.

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What Does Wanting Abundance, Having Abundancy, and Being Abundant Mean?

What does abundance mean spiritually when you‘re spiritually aligned but you still want more physical possessions and material things?

Most people strive to attract what they think abundance is into their lives so that they don’t want anything more. However, this isn’t true abundance.
As stated above, true abundance is when you don’t want anything more even when you don’t have everything you desire.

In reality, wanting something implies that you lack or don’t have enough of the things you desire or are missing in your life.

The state of wanting something more creates the energy of lack.

Spiritually, and according to the Law of Attraction, wanting more of anything will attract the opposite because of the energy you’re emitting into the universe.

When you’re attracting abundance from the standpoint of lacking, you send low vibrational energy or signals of lacking thus you attract the opposite of abundance.

That’s why the law of attraction teaches us to focus on what we already have to create a state of abundance and not of lack.

That means that abundance isn’t something you can acquire but is something you can tune into.

In other words, abundance isn’t having everything you want in terms of physical possession but it’s having the mindset and a deep understanding that you lack nothing at the highest level.

Wanting abundance in terms of physical possessions, whether it’s fame, money, success, or any material thing can never attract true abundance into your life.

Do You Really Know What You Want?

Sometimes humans strive for things they don’t really want. Trying to float around aimlessly is a recipe for being unhappy and unsatisfied no matter how many things you get.
This is where goal-setting becomes helpful.

When you understand the true meaning of abundance spiritually, then you will realize that all the goals you set in your life aren’t goals at all but are just ideas programmed into you. For instance, having a nice car, a well-paying job, a good house isn’t a goal but ideas that everyone aspires to have.

Now, try to examine your list of the things you want to manifest in your life. Does the list capture exactly the things you want or are they just things you think you need?

Take an item in your list and ask yourself “do I really want this?” and if so, “why do I want it?”

Repeat the same for every item in your list to ensure that it contains only the things you REALLY want.

For instance, assuming you wanted to manifest a good job why do you want that job badly? Is it so that you can live the life you want?

When you shift your focus from superficial goals to the raw emotion around what you deeply desire to have then you tap into a more genuine spiritual power in your life. Until then, you will have answered the question of what does abundance means spiritually.

Abundance= satisfying your soul’s needs instead of wanting things and stuff you don’t have.

How Abundance Manifest into Your Life

In what ways or areas of life does abundance manifest?

As mentioned above abundance manifests in many ways.

Below are just a few ways abundance manifest into your life:

  • As plenty of love.
  • As abundant of friendships.
  • As plenty of opportunities
  • As plenty of fun.
  • As plenty of food.
  • As plenty of wonderful ideas.
  • More energy.
  • As plenty of water, trees, and other natural things.
  • As plenty of time to do what you wish.
  • As plenty of handsomeness, prosperity, and more.

We hope this article has answered your question about…what does abundance means spiritually.

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