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The Spiritual Meaning of Smelling Lavender

by Jason L.
Spiritual Meaning of Smelling Lavender

Lavender is an herb that has its roots deeply entwined in several cultural arenas. From Aromatherapy to Cosmetics and Cooking, lavender has been widely used for centuries due to its beautiful purple flowers and distinct aroma. Beyond its physical properties, lavender holds powerful spiritual and metaphysical meanings. Here we will be exploring the spiritual connotations of smelling lavender and how it works wonders for your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

What Is the Spiritual Meaning of Smelling Lavender?

The alluring essence of lavender has, for centuries, been employed in countless spiritual rituals and practices; its fragrant aroma, known for being so tranquil and soothing, is reputed to have a lasting effect on the mind, body, and soul.

The third eye chakra, centered at the middle of your forehead, carries the power of intuiting, understanding and becoming spiritually attuned. If balanced, it enables one to establish a solid connection with one’s inner consciousness and access the power of intuition.

Smelling lavender is a wonderful way to open up the third eye chakra and further encourage spiritual enrichment. It is known for having remedial effects in alleviating stress and uneasiness, conditions that could impede spiritual growth. The spiritual symbolism of inhaling lavender is meaningful in itself – connecting deeply with your own spiritual being and drawing out precious internal knowledge. Let us take a closer look into these meanings:

Relaxation & Serenity – The calming scent of lavender helps the person leverages spirituality by releasing stress, anxiety, fear, and other negative emotions. It is mostly used in meditation, prayer or other spiritual practices to provide an inner harmony sensation towards the individual.

Cleansing & Healing – Lavender is also linked to purification and healing. Its cleansing essence helps eradicate any negative energy not just from the body but also from the mind, resulting in a feeling of balance and joined energies with the surrounding aura.

Romance & Love – In some cultures, lavender is seen as a token of love, passion and romance. It is often used in rituals related to seeking soulmates or cheering existing relationships.

Spiritual Awakening – The sweet fragrance of lavender evokes higher senses within individuals which grants them a connection towards their higher self; thus helping them understand life more deeply with greater wisdom and comprehension.

How to experience the spiritual benefits of lavender

There are different ways you can incorporate this herbaceous essence into your life for experiencing its spirit-uplifting properties:

 Smell Lavender Essential Oil – The simplest option among all! Add few drops of Lavender oil in your diffuser or smell it straight out of the bottle to enjoy its tranquilly rewardings or even better apply it on skin like perfume! 

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 Bath Time – Nothing like relishing your bath tub with Lavender essential oil or dried out flowers; helps to cleanse aura while connecting you with your higher self while reducing stress levels!

 Burning Incense – Burn lavender incense before indulging yourself in meditation or yoga; helps to purify ambiance while providing an inner peace sensation.

 Perfume Yourself – Spruce up your dressing table with some droplets of Lavender essential oil as a perfume or enlightened yourself with jewelry pieces containing Lavender stones for feeling the full potential of love and positivity around you!

 Meditate Like Monk – Chakras chanting followed by meditation guided by Lavenders spiritual power that helps enrich intuition, psychic abilities & unlocking far greater insights into reality!


Ultimately, the spiritual significance of lavender is an intensely individual experience that can amplify your spiritual path and help you find tranquility within. For many centuries, lavender has been acknowledged for its potent medicinal and spiritual characteristics including its recognizable smell which has been utilized in aromatherapy, meditation, and varied other spiritual practices to spur mental and physical well-being.

Further, it is often known for its capacity to aid with relaxation, quietude, and emotional steadiness. Whether your perception of the soothing aroma of lavender is of a relaxing fragrance or a symbolic representation, it can serve as an encouragement to pause, take some deep breaths and reconnect with your inner being.

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