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Burning Bay Leaves For Money And Prosperity: Complete guide

by Jason L.
Burning Bay Leaves For Money And Prosperity

In this guide, we are going to go over burning bay leaves for prosperity and money. Bay leaf burning can bring in good luck because of the burning smell it produces. The burning of bay leaves is still practiced today as an act that brings wealth and prosperity to the one who burns them. Burning bay leaves is an old tradition that has been around for centuries and continues up until today!

History of bay leaves burning

In the west, burning bay leaves was believed to be a way of warding off evil spirits. It is said that when you use a bay leaf and burn them, it will not only keep ghosts and witches away but also help those who suffer from nightmares or insomnia. By burning them before bedtime it’s thought they’ll have pleasant dreams instead of scary ones.

However, in some cultures such as India where Hinduism still prevails (in various forms), burning bay leaves during worship is considered “pious” because these plants are sacred for many reasons including their association with Lakshmi, goddess of wealth.

Bay leaves carry other associations as well and provide some spiritual benefits. In the past burning bay leaves was said to be a way of producing money and prosperity, in some cases being even substituted for gold or silver coins on an altar table.

Does burning bay leaves really attract money and wealth?

Popular way of using bay leaves is by burning them for money and riches, as they are believed to attract wealth. Bay leaves have been used historically to ward off evil spirits, bring healing properties to certain ailments or even cleanse areas from negative energy that can accumulate.

The burning process helps with prosperity because they release their fragrance into our home which creates feelings of luxury. Bay leaf come in many different varieties but typically we recommend using bay laurel when it comes to bringing about good luck and money attracting properties. There are tons of success stories online that show how burning these leaves has helped people achieve financial stability and abundance just by creating this ritual over time.

Mostly burning bay leaves can be a wonderful way to attract positive energy and manifest money into your life. It is a process that you should start doing on the full moon so if we are currently in the waning phase of our lunar cycle it would make sense for me to wait until next month’s new moon before burning these leaves.

What You Will Need For This bay leaf ritual?

  • Dried bay leaf
  • A burning bowl (a deep dish, plate or even a saucer will work)
  • Pen or marker
  • Tweezers
  • -A candle, if you prefer a more spiritual approach to burning the bay leaves.
  • Matches and/or lighter*

*Tip: If you are using matches it is best to use the long matchsticks. It can be difficult to light bay leaves with standard size matches because they could easily get lit on fire before you place them in your burning bowl.

For this bay leaf spell or ritual I recommend using one leaf per burning bowl; however, feel free to experiment with various numbers of leaves for different results. It is ideal that each person in your family have their own bay laurel tree so that they can gather fresh leaves as needed throughout the year.

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Especially during waning phases when it may not be possible to find them at local grocery stores because many people do not tend gardens like we used to! Keep dried bay laurels on hand for burning in your bowls during waning phases.

Where To Get Bay Leafs?

Bay leaves can be found at most grocery stores or you may prefer to grow your own bay laurel tree. Bay laurel trees grow readily from seeds and need to be kept in a pot. Growing your own bay laurel tree can also improve the feng shui of your home.

Bay laurel tree care is not difficult, they are drought resistant but do require some sunlight so placing them near a window or outside during the day will work well. Bay leaves can also be purchased online if you wish to avoid the grocery store all together!

Writing On Your Bay Leaf

To write on your bay leaves, you will need a black marker. Place the fresh or dried leaf in front of you and hold it securely with one hand at the stem end near its base. Use your other hand to trace over the leaf surface lightly three times from top to bottom (from left to right). Keep your strokes light so that they do not bleed through their veins onto the backside of the leaf where writing is less visible.

What To Write On Your Bay Leaf To Manifest Money And bring prosperity

To bring money and prosperity, write the following words onto your leaf:

  • “money”
  • “prosperity”
  • I am worthy of receiving wealth.

If you know the specific amount of money you want to bring in, write the number on your leaf. If not, do not put a specific amount of money as it may manifest too large or small an amount for your needs. You can also write other things that you desire such as “love” or “success.”

How To Burn Bay Leaves

Once you have completed your writing, use a lighter to set the leaf on fire. Hold the burning leaf with one hand near its base at the stem end. Keep it over your heat source until all of the ashes are gone from its surface; this should happen within a few minutes or less, depending on how hot your flame is. Keep burning it until it is completely consumed and all that’s left is a pile of ashes.

What To Do After Finish Burning Bay Leaves

These are the 3 different ways you can do after you burn the bay leaf to dispose them. There is no correct way of disposing the ashes. Just do what you feel that resonates with you.

1) Bury It

Bury the burning bay leaves in a hole at least three inches deep. This is symbolic of burying your worries and letting go of anything that might interfere with prosperity or good fortune, especially if you are trying to get rid of bad luck.

2) Release the ashes in the wind

Blow all the burning ash and cinders into the wind. This is symbolic of releasing anything that might hinder your good fortune, such as bad luck or curses put on you by people who are envious of your success.

The ashes will be carried away to dissipate in the air and become a part of nature again so it can no longer do any harm.

If there was an intention behind burning bay leaves for money and prosperity than this will help balance out what has been done with something positive instead of leaving things open-ended or unfinished which could lead to regret later down the line when you may not have enough time left to undo some misconception about yourself before it’s too late.

3) Throw it away

You can also throw the ashes if you want to. Throwing the ashes away is a way of symbolically removing one’s financial troubles away.

Video Guide On This Bay Leaf Manifestation Spells For Attracting Money

Final Thoughts

You can perform these bay leaf manifestation rituals for prosperity, luck and money any time. The amount of bay leaf you burn will affect how much energy is sent out into the universe as well as what type of energies you want to attract in return. It is also important that burning a bay leaf incense be done on a daily basis. Try this ritual today and you will see how your financial life changes for the better!

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