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How to Manifest a Best Friend Back

by Jason L.
manifest a best friend back

Tides go low sometimes, and the friendship spark goes out quite unexpectedly. Most times, it comes to a sudden and painful halt, and the aftermath to this is taking the distance to recapture. But as you expect it to work out in the short term, it sometimes extends into a deepening abyss between you and your best friend.

Often, perhaps it lingers you and keeps you wondering whether they’ll give you a call asking you back. However, it somehow ends with you staring at your phone on end, waiting. You may have done everything to get them back in vain, but have you ever considered manifesting? Here are steps on how to manifest a best friend back.

Forgive and forget, if possible

If nothing bad had happened between you and that you only decided to edge away from one another for no apparent reason, then there’s no need to be apologetic about anything. However, not all long-term or deep and authentic friendships end well, and it takes something worse to break the bond that holds the fabric. And while it’s commendable to take some time away from one another, it reaches a point where you both need each other.

Holding strong resentment over your friend, even if they wronged you, won’t help, and so, forgiving them makes more sense if you need them back. Or, if it was you who took them over the edge, the only possible thing to do is ask for forgiveness.

Visualize both of you being together

Visualization is all about imagining things before they happen, and it can help as you manifest your best friend back. In this regard, visualizing is a jack of trades since it feels so gratifying having vivid imagery of what you long desire and similarly paves the way for the universe to work miracles.

Imagine your friend calling and engaging you in hearty conversations over the phone. Or, think about the two of you having fun in the park as you used to before. Visualizing creates positive energy within your mantra and dissipates it as vibrational power to match what you desire.

Create an affirmation

Say it to yourself that you’ve received and you have your friend back, and everything else is as it used to be – or even better. Be sure that it plasters a smile on your face as you say it and ensure that you infuse the right emotion. Be sincere with yourself and keep away distractions from the dark past that made you edge away from each other.

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Be thankful

The universe appreciates gratitude and works better if you feel thankful. Therefore, find it within your heart, the speck of thanksgiving. Remember, you aren’t grateful because it’s certain that you’re going to receive what you wish for but as a result of believing that the universe has the potential to make it happen. A good affirmation will help you achieve that pretty easily, and so, make the right call.

Let it go

You don’t have to dwell on your wish after all. Letting it go releases you from the shackles of being over-optimistic or having high expectations. If you’ve manifested right, shun doubt and trust the universe to deliver rightly.

Can the Same Manifestation Techniques Be Used to Break Up with a Best Friend?

When operating within the realm of friendships, manifesting a break-up without hurting can be a sensitive and challenging task. It may not be advisable to utilize the same manifestation techniques as in romantic relationships. Open communication, empathy, and honesty can help navigate the process with kindness and understanding, ensuring mutual growth and healing.


When manifesting a best friend back, it would help to stop ruminating about your dark past, which led to your profound friendship ending. Please stay in the present and practice mindfulness once you’ve let it go. That will prompt the universe to deliver rightly and in no time.

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