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Does Manifestation Comes with a Price?

by Jason L.
does manifesting comes with a price

Manifestation is one way of achieving what you want, tangible or intangible if you think and believe it. Lots of books, such as ‘The Secret’ have been written around this concept on how dreams turn into a reality through the law of attraction. However, like any other spiritual journey, this one does not come without obstacles on the path. Therefore, manifestation also comes with a cost. Here are the proactive steps and anything else you have to do to achieve your desires:


They say that before you approach manifesting, it is essential that you have clear goals and be sure of precisely what you want. If possible, write the goals down on paper as a reference point. According to some videos, the 369 method of writing your goals in the morning, afternoon, and night for 33 or 45 days is also effective. From then, you have to work towards your goals as no results will come to you without action. This is one of the prices of manifestation you have to pay. If you face an obstacle along the way, work around it and emerge a victor.

Live a spiritual life.

Our daily lives and spiritual lives are not separate but the same thing. Whatever challenge or actions we do on our daily encounters will have a similar consequence on our spiritual lives. The key to manifesting is gratitude for every little thing you receive towards what you want. To do it efficiently, have a book or a journal to write down something that has happened during the day, assisting you in reaching the bigger goal, however small it is.

As mentioned above, this is a journey like any other with numerous obstacles. Therefore, it is good that you learn how to let go of limiting beliefs and resistance you may face along the path. These include negative self-talk and fear. You must identify the limiting beliefs before you figure out how to eliminate them. Start telling yourself that you deserve that which you feel undeserving. Even though this may not seem like a cost, spirituality is a simple price you must pay for success.

Embrace Flexibility

You must embrace flexibility and see the bigger picture if you want to manifest. For example, looking at the situation before acting or refusing to act will give you options to choose what is right. Additionally, you must constantly check your energy and change it when necessary. The energy we put into our actions is precisely what we reap from the results. It is infrequent for negative energy to give you a positive outcome in the end. Cultivate joy, happiness, and overall positive energy by beginning your day with a yoga or meditation session. You can also volunteer, donate, or help a family member to change your energy.

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Is the Unmanifested Related to the Concept of Manifestation?

The concept of manifestation is intricately connected to understanding the unmanifested. Manifestation refers to the act of bringing something into existence, while the unmanifested represents the subtle, unseen potential that exists before manifestation occurs. Exploring this relationship can deepen our comprehension of how the intangible transforms into tangible reality.

Final Thoughts

It is possible to manifest almost anything in this world. This includes money and love. However, you must understand that it is a journey, and there will be obstacles. The cost you have to pay is knowing how to overcome each one rather than avoiding the challenges. Nothing good comes to life without a price.

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