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What Is The Unmanifested And Understanding It

by Jason L.

What is the dictionary meaning of unmanifested? The unmanifested is absolute. It has no qualities and cannot be named or described. The manifested, on the other hand, can be named and described because it takes form in order to experience itself as something different from what it really is.

Everything that exists within our manifested reality was once unmanifested before becoming manifested through vibration and form in the universe. Lets dive deeper on this word of the day and the definition of it.

Unmanifested is the underlying creative force behind everything before it manifest

Unmanifested, meaning ‘existing before manifestation,’ can be explained as that which does not take form, but rather remains unmanifest until manifestation occur through vibration and form. Unmanifested” is also referred to as “the Absolute,” because it contains all potential within itself.

There are two aspects of existence: Unmanifested (absolute) and manifested (relative). The Absolute cannot be described by any words or thoughts while relative things need descriptions because they have limits defined by their forms. Everything that we experience in our life was once un-manifested before becoming manifested through vibration and form such as an idea bouncing around inside your head eventually becoming a fully formed thought.

It can be accessed through deep meditation and prayer

The un-manifested can be accessed through deep meditation and prayer. This is where we are being in the present moment, without constantly thinking about what might happen next or ruminating on our past. In this space of unmanifested-ness (yes that’s a word), you become aware of who you really are because there is no self.

The unmanifested has no form, but it does have a mind of its own

Unmanifested energies are so powerful that they can create positive and negative influence on the environment around us. Unmanifested is a spiritual concept or universal truth, which has no form but does have an energy of its own.

We are all expressions of the unmanifested

The unmanifested is the energy of all that is, was and will be. We are expressions of this un-manifested reality because we live in a time-bound realm where cause, effect and form dominate everything else in this universe.

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Unmanifesting can also mean to hide or withdraw from view for someone who has been manifested as an expression of un-manifested energies such as you might find with children playing or hiding games at school.

In many spiritual traditions it means bringing one’s awareness back into its natural state when it has become attached to thoughts about objects outside oneself (for example: “I am proud,” “I’m afraid”). It results in freedom from attachments to things which cannot last forever.

When we unmanifest, we cease to exist. Unmanifested is the end of manifestation as a cycle when there is no longer any need for it and all that was manifested returns to un-manifested state again.

Unmanifested also means not manifesting or appearing in physical form such as how some believe thoughts are un-manifest until they become spoken words. There are many ways one can un-manifest themselves from the world around them by withdrawing their energy into deep meditation or silence where they may experience deeper levels of consciousness.

There is nothing outside of us

Unmanifested also means that there isn’t anything outside of ourselves that will bring us true inner peace. If we hope to experience real fulfillment in life, then we must embark on a quest inward. Unmanifested states that we have to search within ourselves in order to be content. Unmanifested is a term that refers not only to the state of being internally whole, but also externally unbound from any external factors or influences.

In short, un-manifested means no longer trapped by false beliefs and expectations based on fears and illusions; liberated as an individual who has found their true self-identity the person they were meant to be all along.

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The unmanifested refers not only to the internal self-actualization process but also externally unbound from any external factors or influences. Unmanifested means being free and no longer trapped by false beliefs and expectations through abandonment of fear and illusion as well as liberated from all egoistic identification with past experiences in this lifetime.

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