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How To Do The Water Manifestation Technique Step By Step

by Jason L.
water manifestation

Have you heard of the water manifestation technique? This is a technique that has been used for centuries by yogis and mystics to attract what they want into their lives. The water manifestation technique may sound complicated, but it’s not at all! In this blog post, I will be going over the water manifestation process and technique in depth so that you can learn how to do this amazing technique.

What is the water manifestation technique?

According to the law of attraction, your thoughts are aligning with what you want. The water manifestation technique will help manifest money and whatever it is that you desire in life. It’s a practice where one visualizes their desires as they drink from a glass of water or over still water in the morning. You can also use this technique during meditation sessions while sitting by some calm body of water like a lake or ocean too!

The idea behind visualization and using such an object as the cupful of water is that when we see our desires manifested in front of us, we feel more connected to them and thus attract those things into our lives faster than usual. Using water as a representation of our desires is also advantageous because water is a substance that gives life to all things.

When you drink the water, envision whom or what your desires are as if they were in front of you and remember what it would feel like to have them. Think about how good it feels for these desired outcomes to be manifested into reality and visualize this feeling.

Does water manifestation really work?

Water symbolizes bringing things to life so when you drink it and imagine your desires in front of you, it will help manifest those desires into reality faster than usual. The human body is composed mostly of water and this is what sustains life so when you drink it, the desire to manifest those desires will be amplified.

The law of attraction also states that what we give attention to grows stronger in our lives. So by drinking this water, envisioning our desired outcomes as if they were already there with us and feeling how good it feels for them to come true, makes everything happen even more quickly because we are giving these events all of the power over our minds we can muster up!

How do you manifest with water using Law Of Attraction?

This is one of the Law of Attraction techniques that works by using visualization so that we can start manifesting what we want into our lives. You may have heard about people going on vision quests or heading out into nature where they are left alone with their thoughts and inner desires. The water manifestation technique provides us with an opportunity to do this right at home while also reminding us how much power water has over all living things.

Using the water manifestation technique step-by-step

  1. Take a glass of water and fill it up
  2. Think about what it is that you desire
  3. Visualize that desire into that glass of water
  4. Start drinking water from the glass and imagine that desire flowing throughout your body
  5. Finish the glass of water and feel the desire already manifested into reality

Do this whenever you drink water. In a matter of days, you’ll start to notice changes in your life that reflect that exact desire.

How do you set intentions with water?

The water manifestation technique is also a perfect way to set your intentions for the day and feel more in control of your life. It’s easy, simple, and will leave you feeling refreshed!

Just think of the intentions when drinking the water. For example:

  • I will be healthy and energized all day.
  • This is the perfect day to do what I set out to do!
  • It’s a great time for me to get more done today, with less stress.
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After you drink the water, say “thank you” as if it was given to you by someone else. Then take a deep breath in while slowly exhaling completely from your nose or mouth – whatever feels natural.

If you really want to have an even deeper connection with your intentions, set them at night before bed. Think about what you’d like for the next day; keep these things in mind: it can be big or small, but it needs to resonate with you.

On waking up in the morning, drink some of that same water first thing (or as soon as possible). You’ll notice how much easier it is to set those intentions when they’re fueled by intent right from the start of your day.

Tips for success with this water manifestation technique

Make sure you are in a relaxed and creative state of mind. The water is a physical representation of your desire, so it can only manifest what you are feeling.

Focus on the water, feel its energy and allow yourself to come into alignment with it. Take a few deep breaths, visualize your current desires in this form, and be open to receiving them into yourself!

After you finished drinking, feel the positive energy flow throughout your body. Then feel as though your desire has completely manifested and live with it as if you already have what you want. For best results repeat every day until you receive what you are wishing for (or create an intention to manifest something new).

Two cup manifestation method

The two cup technique is a variation of the water manifestation method. It is based on the concept of quantum or dimension jumping. The idea is that when you drink the water and envision your desires, you are crossing into a new dimension. When you jump to a new dimension, you can create a new reality.

Scientist have actually proved that quantum jumping is possible. There are many cases of people having out-of-body experiences and what they see in the other dimension can affect our physical world here.

The first cup represents your old reality or current situation. So before you drink it, take a moment to think about how things were just one minute ago when everything was relatively the same as it usually is because this will be where you jump from (this is why some practitioners say “jump” instead of “drink”).

The second cup symbolizes your new desired reality. Make sure you know exactly what you want before using this method.

What you need?

  • 1 cup filled with water
  • 1 empty cup
  • Labels or tape
  • Pen or marker

Step-by-step on the two cup method

  1. Think of your current reality and a specific desire that you want
  2. Write out your current reality on 1 label and another on your specific desire
  3. Stick the label with your desire on the empty cup and the other on the cup filled
  4. Take a moment and start visualizing your desire becoming a reality
  5. Take the filled current reality cup and pour into your desired label empty cup
  6. Drink the water and feel the desire manifesting within your body
  7. Live as though you are already in the new desired reality

The two cup method will help ground any new thoughts or goals into your present life by representing them with tangible objects (the cups). This helps bring together these ideas so they may manifest more easily in your life that will aid into your manifestation journey.

Water manifestation success stories and results

There tons of water manifestation success stories where people have achieved their goals using this technique. Here is a video showing many testimonials that manifesting with water does give great results:

Does the Water Manifestation Technique Have Any Negative Consequences?

The Water Manifestation Technique, although powerful, does come with manifestation’s potential drawbacks. It is essential to understand that manipulating water energies requires caution. Improper execution can result in unintended consequences like flooding, unpredictable weather patterns, or imbalance in natural ecosystems. Responsible practice, mindfulness, and respect for nature are crucial to minimize any negative impacts that may arise from this technique.


This simple yet effective water manifestations technique allows you to visualize any goal and attract it into your present life by combining visualization techniques and positive affirmations.

It is a great way to use the law of attraction to manifest your goals and desires. It’s important that you are positive about what you want, both internally as well as externally, because it will be attracted more readily without any negativity mixed in. If this technique seems like something that could work for you or if you have some other goal in mind then give it a try!

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