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Changing Your Appearance Using the Law of Attraction

by Jason L.
changing appearance using the law of attraction

Many people have been ridiculed for their looks since their childhood days. This has led to anger and resentment towards oneself. But even for those who haven’t experienced such, there is a lot of pressure from society to conform to some beauty concepts and standards, which can lead to severe mental issues.

So many people are suffering from low self-esteem and negative self-image. As such, you can’t blame such a person if they wanted to change their appearance. Botox treatments, plastic surgeries, and other cosmetic procedures have become a part of our lives.

But what if changing your looks is as easy as making a wish and developing positive thinking? There are many law of attraction beauty success stories that prove to us the possibility of changing our appearance through manifestation.

Read on to learn more about whether you can change how you look using the law of attraction.

Why Does Our Physical Appearance Bother Us So Much?

People say that looking good makes you feel good. Even in social situations, good-looking people often have an advantage. Appearance gives you an edge in relationships, at work, and in most situations that require interaction.

Can the Law of Attraction Help You Change Your Appearance?

Well, the answer is it depends. If you want to use it to replace beauty treatments and procedures, you’re missing the point. However, if you use it as a way to feel beautiful, you can benefit from it.

The law of attraction encourages one to develop and maintain a positive mindset that helps them achieve their goals. In terms of beauty, it means that you learn to accept and love yourself the way you are. That means embracing your appearance.

As long as a person has a poor self-image and thinks they are ugly, they fill up their mind with negativity. You need to send the right messages and prayers to the universe. So, start talking highly about yourself.

When manifesting beauty, the first place to begin is changing how you see yourself. Surrendering to the law of attraction can help you change many things about yourself. You then start feeling and looking beautiful in your eyes and that of other people.

Tips to Manifesting Beauty Using the Law of Attraction

The law of attraction encourages a positive mindset that helps attract good things. Having negative energy will only invite undesirable things into your life. Also, in manifesting the law of attraction, you need to believe and trust that your goal will come to pass. Ask, believe and receive are the mantras of the law of attraction.

Here is how to manifest beauty using the law of attraction;

  • Ask the Universe
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Say it out loud. “Universe, make me more pretty.” Or “Universe, bless me with the hips of (insert name).” You can ask the Universe for anything you want. You can also say in the mind or write down or record in audio.

  • Believe It’s Possible and Easy

When we begin to believe in what we are asking, our bodies and mind start to cooperate. Remind yourself that “it’s easy to get (insert your desire). If you think that a goal is difficult, the universe will prove that it is.

  • Visualize

Here, you see in your mind what others would see after manifesting your desire. This fills your life with positivity. Picture your appearance glow up without leaving any details.

You can also say some affirmations to raise your confidence and belief.

Lastly, take action. Manifestation is the most crucial step but not enough on its own. Take action when manifesting beauty. It could be joining a gym, going to a spa, starting a diet, etc. Find ways to pamper yourself and boost your energy, confidence, and self-worth.

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