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How To Manifest Hair Growth Through The Law of Attraction

by Jason L.
How To Manifest Hair Growth

Most may think that learning how to trigger hair growth can be difficult and confusing. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be! Manifesting hair growth through the Law of Attraction is something that you can easily do. It’s all about focusing on the positive things in life and how they make you feel, which helps to raise your vibration frequency and allows you to create the reality desired — beautiful and healthy hair.

Keep reading as we break down each step that will help you manifest hair growth.

Declare What You Want and Why You Want It

When it comes to manifesting hair growth with the Law of Attraction, your first step is to clarify why you want to grow long hair.
Remember that the clearer you’re when clarifying your desire the better the chances the Universe will respond according to your desires.

To be clear about what you want, you can write down every detail about your desire.
When asking the universe, you must be specific lest you get a different response from it. For instance, if you ask the universe for more hair, you might end up getting it in a different place than you had wanted.

Be clear about the type of hair you want to grow and your anticipated timeframe.

Ask the Universe For Hair Growth

The next step is to go ahead and ask the universe for what it is that you desire! If not asked for, how would it know what you want? It’s important to be specific when asking for growth as this will help ensure that the universe responds according to what it is that you actually want — beautiful long hair or a full head of locks!

Visualize As If Your Hair Has Grown

Once you have asked the Universe for hair growth, the next thing to do is to visualize. Your manifestation will take place if you visualize regularly.

Since you have written down your desires including what you want and why- in this case, you want your hair to grow with a certain timeframe- the next step is to imagine having grown your hair as you had desired and how it makes you feel good.

How to visualize hair growth isn’t as difficult as many people think.

Follow the steps below to visualize as if your hair has grown:

  • Sit in a quiet place devoid of any distractions.
  • Keep yourself calm and comfortable and close your eyes then take a few deep breathes through your nose making sure your focus is undistracted.
  • While focusing on your breath, imagine how you’d feel having grown your hair.
  • Spend at least 10 to 15 minutes each day visualizing yourself with long hair and feel the happiness that comes with it.
  • Keep yourself excited about your hair by looking at pictures of people with beautiful long hair.

You can do anything else apart from looking at pictures of other people with long hair as long as it creates the illusion that you’ve already grown your hair as you wanted.

Visualizing yourself having long hair sends powerful vibrations into the Universe which triggers a quick response.

You can visualize throughout the day or during your free time at work. Just ensure you dedicate at least 15 minutes for visualization each day.

Believe It’s Possible to Grow Your Hair

How to manifest hair growth won’t work if you still hold the belief that it’s not possible to use the Law of Attraction to achieve your desires.

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You must believe it’s possible to change your thoughts and feelings.

What your mind believes in is what will happen. If you believe that it’s impossible to do something, it won’t happen or it might take long before it happens.

Ever seen or heard of people who have got their diseases cure for just believing they were just fine (albeit being seriously ill) and going on with their life acting healthy as if nothing is happening in their lives?

The truth is that your whole body listens to your emotional requests. If you feel defeated your cells will react to your feelings and make it harder for you to achieve what you want.

If you feel more energetic, unstoppable, and healthy, your cells will respond and change accordingly.

Stop Focusing on Your Lack of Hair

Now to eliminate the doubts about growing your hair, you should stop focusing on any resistance or disbelief.

The reality is that when you expect to grow your hair, all that you can do is to feel angry and frustrated when you look in the mirror and realize that nothing is happening.
Don’t let these feelings get the most out of you. Instead, focus on other things you love.

For instance, you could focus your thoughts on your beautiful face or the color of your skin.

Just shift your focus to the things that you love about yourself that make you feel good and ignore your hair situation. This will help to raise your vibration, get rid of negative emotions, and keep you in manifestation mode.

Acknowledge Any Limiting Beliefs

Fact: No matter how hard you try to manifest hair growth, you will face negative beliefs. Your friends or family members are going to discourage you and you’re going to believe that it’s impossible. With these beliefs, you will think that it’s not possible to grow your hair as you wish.

Try to cover up these beliefs can do more harm than good to your desire.

As stated above, when you believe something is not possible, it becomes impossible because your whole body including cells and senses will work against your desire.

Even though how to manifest hair growth with the Law of Attraction isn’t easy, just relax and believe that your hair will grow no matter what.

Use Products That Stimulate Hair Growth

Manifesting hair growth won’t take place if you don’t take an action. Once you have mastered how to manifest hair growth through the Law of Attraction, the next step is to use external care to support your hair growth.

Different products are made for different types of hair though so you need to find products that will help you grow your hair. Start applying castor oil, massage the scalp, etc. regularly.

Use Affirmations for Hair Growth

Reciting affirmations for hair growth can help raise your vibrational frequency, and get rid of negative thoughts and beliefs.

An affirmation is a positive statement you can recite over and over until it becomes a true belief in your mind.

You can recite the following positive affirmations daily when you get up or before you go to bed- or during your free time at work:

  • I thank the Universe for giving me beautiful, healthy, and thick hair.
  • My hair grows shiny and smooth each day.
  • My hair grows one inch each week.
  • I’m so happy and grateful for my healthy hair.

Can the Law of Attraction Really Help in Curing Cancer?

The belief in the power of the law of attraction and cancer has gained attention in recent years. Advocates argue that positive thoughts and visualization can influence healing. While maintaining a positive mindset surely helps to cope with any illness, it is vital to remember that cancer treatment requires medical intervention and professional guidance. Understanding the mindset’s contribution to overall well-being is crucial, but it should not replace evidence-based medical care and treatment.

Let Go and Relax

The last step of how to manifest hair growth is to let go of your manifestation and allow the Universe to act.
Remember that you cannot dictate what and when the universe should act. Once you have manifested hair growth, detach yourself from the outcome and let the universe do its thing.

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