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Wealth Genome Reviews – A Legitimate Program to Attract Wealth?

by Jason L.
The Wealth Genome

Are you fed up with living paycheck to paycheck and longing for financial freedom? The Wealth Genome may be the solution. This program claims to activate your “wealth gene” in your DNA through specific sound waves, which supposedly attracts infinite money into daily life. But is The Wealth Genome legit or just another scam? In this review we’ll investigate all the features and advantages of The Wealth Genome so you can make an informed decision.

What is The Wealth Genome?

The Wealth Genome is a program that claims to activate the “wealth gene” that exists in every human being. By listening to audio files provided in the program, users can attract infinite money into their daily lives. The concept behind this work relies on Niels Bohr’s and Nikola Tesla’s cosmological concept that energy, not matter, makes up the cosmos. Utilizing Mozart’s golden ratio frequency (1.618 Hz), which the program claims activates this gene responsible for attracting wealth and success into their lives.

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Where Does the Inspiration Come From?

The Wealth Genome was inspired by the ancient Vedic chakra system, which dates back at least three thousand years. Dr. Thomas, one of its co-founders, determined that chromosome 2 contained the root chakra or energy channel connected with wealth gene activation. By studying Vedic text fully and applying frequencies that mold reality they believe activate this gene; for instance, Mozart’s use of golden ratio at 1.618 Hz produces desired effects due to its capacity for joy and harmony it elicits.

How Does the Wealth Genome Function?

The Wealth Genome audio track utilizes the idea that sound waves affect snowflake shapes to activate your genomic “wealth gene.” They used 1.618, which corresponds to the Fibonacci ratio, as the frequency for activating this gene. By listening to recordings for just five to ten minutes daily, users can turn on their “wealth gene.”

What Are the Potential Benefits of Utilizing The Wealth Genome?

The Wealth Genome claims users will begin to accumulate riches they never imagined possible when they activate their “wealth gene.” Hundreds have been freed from living paycheck-to-paycheck and now have the freedom to save money and pursue fulfilling careers. According to the program, only the top one percent (also known as the wealthy) have this gene activated; once activated, users will start taking on some of its traits.

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What Is Included in The Wealth Genome?

In addition to The Wealth Genome audio track, participants will also receive these bonuses for wealth building:

Bonus #1. Millionaire Money Experiments

The Millionaire Money Experiments manual provides seven simple experiments designed to help people activate the wealth gene faster. These exercises aim to foster millionaire attitudes in everyone by strengthening one’s connection to the universe and eliminating any current negative thought patterns.

Bonus #2. Automated Money Creation Guidebook

The second bonus provides several income streams that generate passive money. Tim believes automating cash flow and activating the wealth gene will present limitless possibilities and provide peace of mind.

Bonus #3. 10 Profitable, Easy Businesses to Start with No Money

The third bonus provides insights on ten businesses anyone can start with little or no capital. Tim assures people of his direct availability if they wish to speak with him directly.


After reviewing and testing The Wealth Genome program, we can safely say it is a legitimate program and not a scam. It provides an innovative approach to wealth creation by activating the wealth gene through sound frequencies and chakra activation. Tim and Dr. Thomas have conducted extensive research on this subject and have compiled their findings into an easy-to-use audio program.

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