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How to Manifest a Text Message Fast: A Complete Guide

by Jason L.
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Are you looking to learn how to manifest someone to text you? If so then this article is for you. How to manifest a text message and how long does it take to manifest a text are some of the questions I often get that prompted me to put together an actionable guide to teach readers of this blog how to manifest a text message with the Law of Attraction.

The reality is that we’re constantly manifesting things even though we’re may not be aware of it. The Law of Attraction states that you will always attract into your life whatever you direct your focus, attention, and energy to. You can use this law to manifest anything.

What’s the Key to Manifesting a Text?

Ever wondered why manifesting a text isn’t working? Or what are signs your manifestation is working? Perhaps you’re not doing it the right way.

Have you ever experienced a situation like this:

You’re deeply thinking about someone or you were busy recalling an enjoyable event you were with them, and boom, you get a text or call from the same person.

Sounds crazy, right?

If this happens then it means you actually manifested that text or call even without knowing it. As we manifest, the Universe pays attention and delivers exactly that. The key to manifesting anything is to put some intention and energy behind your thoughts while ignoring negative beliefs so you can attract what you want.

When you direct high-vibe energy into the Universe, you attract what you want. Equally, when you direct low-vibe energy to the Universe, you attract negative experiences or outcomes. In short, the Universe delivers according to our vibrational frequency.

This is why it’s important to be aware of your energy and thought while manifesting. We’re going to teach you how to manifest someone to text or call you in a moment, but before that, let’s understand a few things.

Manifesting A Text Message With The Law of Attraction

Manifesting A Text Message With The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction states that we are all creating our own realities and like attracts like. This means that as long as you believe what it is you want, then the Universe will provide for your needs in perfect timing. You can start manifesting a text message fast by visualizing what you would like to happen before going to bed at night and believing with 100% certainty that your wish has already come true.

Visualize yourself receiving an email or text from someone close to you telling them about how amazing life’s been since they last saw each other. Feel the excitement build up inside of you when this person replies back “I am so happy for you! I’m coming over tomorrow!” The next day, not only does this person show up at your door, but they bring you a gift to show their gratitude and appreciation for all of the happiness that has come into your life.

You can also start manifesting text messages by first thinking about who it is that you want to text with feelings of love and compassion then writing out what you would like them to know in an email or text message so it’s ready when the Universe provides this person in perfect timing. These are just two ways on how to start manifesting a message fast!

Can You Really Manifest A Text From Someone Specific?

manifesting a text from a specific person

Getting text messages from someone specific might seem like a difficult task, but manifesting them can be very possible. The simplest way to get text messages from someone specific is to start with texting yourself and then asking the Universe for some help in return when you’re feeling especially lonely or bored.

What You’ll Need:

– Your phone’s contact list (or your preferred messaging app)

– A strong desire to text someone specific back

Turn on your favorite song that makes you feel relaxed and happy, close your eyes, and visualize this person being there next to you as if they were actually sitting right beside you while listening too. Send them an email or text message telling them how much it would mean to have just one text from them.

Now, just relax and wait for the text to come in as if it were a gift on its own due to your pure intentions of wanting someone’s company.

What It Means:

This is most likely because they feel similarly about you or would like to be friends with you too but are scared that since they came into your life later than “the others” then maybe there’s something wrong with their place in your heart now. So just try talking with this person when you’re bored and lonely by yourself, not expecting anything back at all, and see what happens! If nothing does happen after doing this five times straight then stop texting them or emailing them altogether so they know how much it hurts without any response too.

How Long Does It Take To Manifest A Text Message?

How Long Does It Take To Manifest A Text Message

People ask “how do you instantly manifest a text message?” Or ‘how long does manifesting a message take?” The reality of manifestation is that you’re entirely at the mercy of the forces of the universe where you might not have total control over the process. So you have been sending out high-vibe energy and clean signals into the universe but your text hasn’t manifested?

You’re wondering how long it takes to manifest a text message. The reality is that different people see different results at varied times. For instance, some people see results within minutes while others can wait for days.

If your text hasn’t manifested after a long period of waiting, you can always try out another manifesting technique. Granted, manifesting a message doesn’t demand a lot of assistance or universal power for you to see results. This means that you can manifest a text within hours to a few days.

Once you create the connection with the person you want to get a text from and your vibrational frequency is in harmony with them, they will feel the urge to text you. However, if it has passed one week and your text hasn’t arrived yet, something could be preventing your connection with the other party.

Your belief could be obstructing the connection from happening or they could be blocking the connection. You can try a different manifestation method to enhance your vibrational frequency and connection.

Lastly, your faith, belief, emotion, and patience matter a lot when it comes to manifesting from someone. For experienced manifesters, it can take minutes for the power of attraction to work while a novice can wait for about a week(s) to see results.

Why it May Take Time to Manifest a Text?

Why it May Take Time to Manifest a Text

When manifesting a text using the law of attraction, think of the process like planting a seed. During manifestation, the seed grows into the text you want to manifest.

But here is the thing:

When buying seeds, what is written at the back of the seed packet is an estimation of the results and not the exact schedules. For instance, in some seed packets, the duration it takes for the seed to grow is put within a given range like 3 to 4 months. When manifesting a text message, you don’t have full control over the universe.

The reality is that there is no realistic ways to know how long it can take to see your manifestation results. Generally, the time it may take for your text message to manifest depends on the following factors:

• The thoughts and mindset of the person manifesting.

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• The skills of the person manifesting.

• The willingness of the other party to text.

As you can see, your own limiting beliefs can make or break your manifestation efforts. If you’re doubtful about the other party then you’re going to block your manifestation. Another thing that can make or break your text manifestation efforts is when you start doubting the power of the law of attraction.

You have to believe that the law of the universe works. You also have to be confident in yourself and the process. Remember that as much power as there is in the law of attraction, it doesn’t override someone’s free will. Therefore, if the person hasn’t sent a response text to you, it means they are willing to message you.

That said, let’s get into the real topic:

How to Manifest a Text Message in 7 Simple Steps

How to Manifest a Text Message in 7 Simple Steps

Step #1: Get Clear on What You Want

How to manifest a text message will work fast if you tell the universe exactly what you want. The last thing you want to do is to send confusing messages out to the Universe…and this happens when you’re unclear of what you want.

Besides, if you’re unclear, you might get undesired results. Take your manifestation journal and write down the person you wish to get the text from and the text message you want to manifest and appear.

Step #2: Recognize Your Limiting Beliefs

Once get clear on what you want, recognize the negative thoughts and beliefs that could block your way to manifesting. Limiting beliefs could block your effort to manifest a text message by draining your energy and vibrational strength.

While everyone could have their own limiting beliefs, the common blocking beliefs are:

• I’m not worthwhile to them.

• They won’t text me.

• They aren’t interested in me.

• I have no friends.

• I’m not sure how to handle relationships.

Sometimes these limiting beliefs could be caused by your past experiences, although they aren’t true. Recognizing them will help you overcome them and stay positive.

Step #3: Visualize The Person Messaging You

Visualization is the act of creating a mental image of the anticipated results. Remember that your feelings attract reality. Out of the many manifestation techniques out there, visualization is the most powerful one which you should exercise. Take a few minutes, close your eyes and take deep breaths and think of the person you want to get the text from. Imagine yourself getting a text message from them.

Feel the physical sensations while visualizing. For instance, imagine yourself having a nature walk with this person. The beautiful climate around, the warm sun beaming down, the scent coming from them, etc. When you build this type of mental image, you will start to feel excited, optimistic, and happy. All these are high-vibration emotions.

Practice visualization often especially when you start to feel some limiting beliefs creeping in. Visualization will help to raise your vibration.

Step #4: Visualize Yourself Receive the Text

Another way to practice visualization is to imagine yourself receiving the text message. This time, create a mental image and see your phone ringing or vibrating and when you pick it, you get a text from the person you are looking to get a message from.

Focus on the message and your feelings after reading it. Feel the happiness, the sweetness, the butterflies in your stomach and let your emotions raise your vibration then send your visualization into the Universe.

Step #5: Write Your Affirmations

Affirmations are a technique used in a variety of self-help books and therapies to increase one’s feelings of happiness, love, confidence, or overall well being.

So for this exercise we’ll be using the power of positive thinking by writing affirmations on text messages you’ve received from that person. Fill them out when you’re feeling down about not hearing back from someone texting you today but know they are probably just busy with schoolwork or work projects. If it helps then write these text message affirmations over your own number so every time you look at what is said there will be no doubt left in your mind as to how much they care for you!

-Start off by stating “I am worthy” because if you don’t believe something yourself then how can you expect others to believe in it too.

-Next, write “I am happy” because if your text message affirmations are anything but positive then what is their point? If the person knows they make you feel bad or sad and that’s why they’re not talking to you then all this exercise will do is ensure future avoidance of contact with them!

-Write about how much they mean to you so every time something triggers a negative thought, just take out the phone from your pocket and read these words instead. It may seem like a lot of effort at first when writing these text messages for manifesting someone new into your life but soon enough it’ll become second nature because even though we might be far away from each other, that doesn’t mean we’re not always connected.

Step #6: Text Yourself and Imagine the Message is From Your Crush

This is where the “act as if’ manifestation technique comes into play. If you have two sim cards, save your own number under the name of the person you wish to receive the message from. You can also save the number with her photo if you have one.

Now, write down the exact message you want to receive from them then send it to your own phone number. Once you send the message, focus on other things for like 20 minutes without opening it then come back and open it as if you’re seeing it for the first time.

If your phone doesn’t allow you to send a message to your own number, imagine yourself receiving a text from the person. This technique works because of the feeling you get when you open the message and feel “wow (insert the name of the person here) has just texted me”

It tricks the subconscious mind into thinking that you have already achieved your desires. This allows you to create a real connection with the person you want to receive a text from.

Step #7: Respect Their Free Will

As stated earlier, the law of attraction powers cannot override the free will of the person you wish to receive a text from. Recognize the fact that everyone has free will and to let go of a relationship. You must accept that the person you want to receive a text from has the free will to make their own decisions and choices.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it. 7 simple steps to manifest a text message fast. Remember that these steps can be applied whether you want to receive a text from your ex or a new crush as long as you focus your energy on the mental image of receiving the text from them.

Text messages are a form of communication that can be manifested in order to gain someone’s attention. It is important to set an intention for the text message before sending, and then take care not to overstep boundaries. This will allow you more time talking with this person if they seem interested but scared due to your newness and their history. Remember to stay positive and you should see great results.

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